Kill the Lights

Chapter 1 part2

Kill the Lights by Jangryang

Proofreader/Editor: Kaima, Hwarang

Mason just realized that he didn’t tell Noah when he was getting discharged. When Noah came to visit yesterday, Mason did mention about getting discharged, but then Tony walked and the topic had changed. ‘Did he call because he found out that I’ve been discharged?’ Mason gently smacked his lips while rolling his eyes. ‘First I want to finish masturbating, wash my hands or take a shower and then call him back in a clean state. I feel guilty, as it is to use him for masturbation, not to say anything about answering his call like this… Mason slowly started to move his hand again and bit his lips, as his ears turned red.


Mason quietly mumbled and stroked his slippery penis. The phone rang again. Mason felt the urge to come growing closer and thought, ‘Can’t he think that I’m asleep or something?’ and kept working his hands, while ignoring the call. The phone kept ringing and after a while fell silent. Mason glanced at the notification of missed calls and moved his hands faster. ‘I should quickly finish this, wipe my hands and call him back.’ Even as he was thinking, the phone rang again.


Mason stared at the phone and sighed quietly. Then he suddenly thought, ‘what if Noah thinks that I got discharged without telling him and now purposefully ignoring his calls?’ Mason used his clean hand to hold onto the phone and pressed the call button, in time before the ringing stopped.

[Were you sleeping?]

“Ah. Yes-….”

Mason answered while looking around and listened to Noah’s languid voice. I put the tissues somewhere around here… Mason breathed heavily trying to snatch the tissue that had somehow ended up on the floor and failed.

[I went to the hospital, but you were already discharged. -Are you at home?]

“You went, you went to the hospital? I was about to call you, but then the director and Chase suddenly burst in…”

Mason started to shed cold sweats and glanced down at his drenched hand.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you beforehand.”

[No, now that I think about it, I did hear something like that yesterday. –Perhaps, are you somewhere else other than your house?]

Noah stopped for a second like he was doing something and asked.

“No. I’m home….”

Mason felt slightly nervous for some reason and hesitantly stood up. When he turned towards the door in an awkward pose, with his pants still stuck around his knees, he was positive that he heard a rustling sound from outside.

[Are you in your bedroom?]

“Um. Perhaps. Maybe-…”

Mason felt the cold sweat flow back and forth, behind his back and over his sodden hands and groin. He turned away from the door and was about to ask, ‘Perhaps, are you inside my house?’ But Noah beat him to it and said, [I’m inside your house.] Even though he’d entered someone else’s house without pressing the doorbell or asking permission, Noah continued in a polite voice.

[Are you awake? I want to see your face and say hi….]

“No. If you wait in the living room for a second…”

Mason heard some footsteps outside the room, so he moved as if to run and lock the door. What failed him was that he forgot about his pants stuck around his knees and his injured legs. His pants wrapped around his ankles, and his legs that didn’t have any strength left just gave away. Bam! Mason lousily fell on top of the carpet.



He heard Noah’s puzzled voice very close to the door. A cold sweat drenched his whole body, and Mason forgot about his pain and stood up to lock the door again. Right at that moment, the door opened.




A cold breeze ghosted around his groin.


Mason thought, this very moment is what I consider to be the most foolish in my life. What should he say, what kind of expression should he make, what kind of action should he take, he couldn’t think of anything.


Noah, who was holding the phone in one hand and standing in the doorway, stared at Mason’s face with an indecipherable expression. He slowly lowered his gaze to stare at Mason’s dangling, naked penis, his legs and the pants stuck around his ankles and then moved up again to intensely stare at his wet groin.


‘Could you please close the door?’ Mason could barely manage to process his next words and opened his mouth to speak, when Noah, who had been staring at Mason’s shrunken penis, moved his gaze back to Mason’s face. Mason was struck dumb with amazement by the icy edges of his stare. Noah laughed shortly, “Haha,” and pressed the end call button on the phone he was holding.

“It seems like I’ve ruined your good time.”

Mason blushed and tried to awkwardly laugh it off, “Haha.” He wanted to joke around like, ‘Why do you have to enter someone else’s house unannounced and come across such a sight?’ But he couldn’t open his mouth, because Noah’s eyes were glued to him.

“Sorry. I came in without permission.”

Noah stood still, apologizing, and stared openly in between Mason’s legs. At the end of his observation, despite it being a strange and crazy thing to see for the first time in his life, Noah couldn’t take off his eyes.

“Um. If you could please close the door….”

Mason covered his groin with the hand holding the phone and blushed as he requested awkwardly.

“Ah. Right.”

Noah closed the door. But, unlike how Mason had imagined, he didn’t politely apologize and leave, closing the door after him. Mason was sweating as Noah took a step into the room, closed the door and moved in front of him, effectively blocking him.

“No. Um.”

Not that, you have to go out…. Ignoring a panicked Mason, Noah asked, “Why?” He crossed his arms and tilted his head, as he pointed at Mason’s groin with his chin, and asked-

“Why don’t you continue? I won’t interfere.”

Noah probably caught something in Mason’s expression. He smiled politely, “It’s okay”, he repeated, “Just think that I’m not here.”


How can I treat such a big existence to be invisible? Mason forgot his embarrassment because of Noah’s crazy words and grabbed the waist of his pants. He thought that, after putting on his pants he would run to the bathroom and wash his body and meanwhile, it would be nice if Noah left.

“Oh no.”

When Mason tried to pull up his pants, Noah, who was leaning on the door with his arms crossed, uncrossed his arms and approached him while untying his tie. He grabbed Mason’s hand that was holding his pants’ by the waist.

“It seems like the mood was ruined because of me, but please continue. I feel like I’m gonna be really sorry if you stop like this.”

“…..Do you even realize what you are asking?”

Mason couldn’t understand what this man was going on about and Noah replied, “Ah, honestly, I don’t know either,” and laughed.

“I can’t think of anything, except for continuing to watch that vulgar lower body of yours.”

Noah smiled like an airhead and Mason tried to step back. Noah, who was stroking his waist, dug into the open pants and grabbed his wet groin.


He felt his penis that was all withered flinch when Noah touched it. Mason noticed that Noah’s hand, which was stroking his penis, was covered in cum as it emerged from his pants and his ears turned red. Noah stared at it with an indecipherable expression. Mason hesitantly stepped back and tried to escape to the bathroom, but Noah grabbed his shoulders first and pushed him on the bed. Ugh, Mason rolled over on the bouncy bed.

“Take off your pants.”


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