Kill the Lights

Chapter 4.2

Tony was Haley’s manager for 16 years. It was long time ago that he gave up on Haley’s acting skill. How many night did he cry and pray for Haley, so he can have a memory that can memorize even a few line. Did I overestimate him too much? Can’t he just ignore few line? Even Tony thought like this recently.

But today’s acting was different. Tony gasped when he looked at this way in front of the camera. He saw Haley for 16 years. Every day he saw him many hours a day. How Haley looks like, how he talks and makes expression, Tony can remember him clearly like a girl that he has crush on.

But the person who stood up in front of the camera wasn’t Haley he knew. That stranger looked similar to Haley, but he was totally different. The line wasn’t that particular, but Tony couldn’t take his eyes off from Haley because of a strange energy he had. He even rubbed his eyes thinking he saw the light that he saw when they first met.

It wasn’t an act that anybody could do. It was definitely an act that couldn’t come out from Haley. To Tony, the amnesia was same word as a miracle.

Because Tony was full of vigor, Mason backed away little bit and agreed, “Ah… I don’t have to film it again? Then that’s good…” He meant if he can go home now, but those two jumped.

“You act that kind of an amazing act. Why do you have to film it again? Unless it’s to harass you.”

Simon said it loudly, so that other people can hear him, and he asked, “Right, Director?” From far away. He was talking to Noah with his body lying low, he turned and looked at Simon with surprise. This whole time he was screaming ‘If you are gonna act like that then quit!’ Cougar looked at Mason once and Noah once with a panic face.

“No, no well…,”

“I got chill. It was amazing right? You were so shocked that you couldn’t even say cut.”

Simon was smiling and said it with his hand waving, and Cougar looked at him like what the hell is wrong with that bastard. Of course, Haley’s acting was amazing, but how can he praise him in front of Noah. If his mood gets bad, then it’s over.

But Noah was smiling like he didn’t care much, and he wasn’t that petty person. Cougar felt uneasy with his nervous face. He said he won’t film it again and waved his hand like saying go away.

“So Mr. Raycarlton, how was it?”

But Simon friendly asked suddenly first. Asking that person about how was the act from the man who committed suicide because he got rejected from him, people surrounding him were more shocked than the person who’s actually involved. They all shut their mouths and careful with Noah. He had odd face for a second and looked at Haley.


Because the atmosphere suddenly became weird, Mason stopped drying his hair with the towel and looked at Noah. When their eyes met, he smiled saying, “….I don’t know.”

“I came in pretty late, so I couldn’t see it well. I guess it was a fantastic scene.”

“….Couldn’t see it?”

“Yes. When I came in, he was already on the ground… I missed that fantastic scene, too bad.”

I should definitely check it out later in TV. –He gently answered, and Simon had a suspicious face but soon shrugged his shoulders and said, “You should definitely watch it.”


Noah’s stare landed on Mason for little bit longer but got off like he didn’t care.

Tony and the Director noticed Noah and asked Simon, “Are, are you okay? What’s wrong?” People were saying why he’s annoying Noah, and actually Mason was thinking that too. He felt grateful that he cared for him, but Noah didn’t do anything to Haley and just because he is a popular man, he doesn’t have to go through this difficult situation.

But Simon said it like, “No well…,” and glimpsed at Noah.

“Well definitely….,”

Noah said he couldn’t see it because he was late, but Simon definitely saw Noah coming in during the beginning of the scene and looked at Haley’s act. He looked surprised, and when Haley’s act was about to end, he had a strange face. Just like all the people in the filming set was like, Simon thought Noah was amazed at Haley’s act. He thought Noah would say at least one praise word, and other people would start praising him.

“Definitely, what?”

Definitely…., he slurred the end of his sentence. He didn’t say anything just glimpsing at Noah, and Tony felt frustrated and asked. Simon looked puzzled looking at emotionless Haley, and Noah talking to the Director brightly.

“…..Is it not?”

Wasn’t it an amazement? Simon remembered Noah’s expression that appeared for a second. In front of the scene where everyone lost their word, Simon thought that expression was definitely an amazement, but soon he said ‘uh…,’ and stopped. The emotion that passed inside Noah’s green eyes was little different. It was way colder. It wasn’t an amazement it was more like…


“….Did I see it wrong?”

Simon tilted his head and muttered to himself. It did seem like he saw it wrong. It was very quick and in that moment Simon understood as an amazement. It was weird to think back that that emotion was negative, too. Even if it was hate or annoyance, that seemed more like misunderstanding because he’s not the type of person who would show his feeling to other people.

Noah was just standing there smiling gently like his usual self.

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