Kill the Lights

Chapter 7.1



While Mason was going down in the elevator with him, he glimpsed at him. Noah had a little sluggish face and was putting his hair back. His green eyes were little dozed off.

‘You can’t kill a person in this kind of place.’

When Mason said that, his felt little complicated. Noah was pointing the gun at him, realized or not, the gun was shaking. His pretty eyes were burning. He put his white finger on the trigger, and Mason thought this is not a threat anymore he’ll really shoot. He thought saying something will be better, so when he said think about the place, soon Noah’s face crinkled terribly. Because of his stiff face like he heard something extremely scary, Mason had to make an excuse.

‘No, these walls are thin. That gun sound just now, the next door probably heard it, and you are a famous person so…. And somebody might have seen you coming in here….’

So, so can you spare me? Mason asked servilely. When Mason looked at Noah like he’ll answer any kind of question if he asks once more, Noah slowly blinked his eyes. He blinked his eyes several times like he’s observing the other person.


Ah. Ahh… There’s no way… -He murmured to himself, but somehow his face was pale. Mason took a glimpse at below his foot. The strength that was pressing his shoulder was weakened, and finally the Colt got caught by his foot.

Mason laid down relaxing his body and pushed him with all his strength. Bang! A bullet from Glock that Noah was holding made a hole in the ceiling.

Wow, fuck. He really meant to shoot. Mason shivered and picked up the Colt next to Noah and pointed at his gun at Noah’s temple.

Mason breathe heavily holding the gun. Because his strength is poor, he was already out of breath. Noah sat at an angle and stared at the floor with indifferent face like he doesn’t care anything.

‘Put down that gun.’

Mason said tapping his temple, but Noah didn’t move.

‘Excuse me? I can shoot you?’

Can’t you hear me? Mason asked once more, and he slowly put his head up. He tilted his head and said to Mason with indifferent eyes.

‘Just shoot then.’


What….? Mason stupidly asked, and Noah’s hand slide down his face sighing like he’s tired. He murmured something quietly. He thinks he said why the fuck is he asking again, so annoying.

“Mr. Ray, Raycarlton?’

Mason called him in little bit of panic, and Noah threw the gun away and stood up. He stood up with very irritated, tired, and annoyed face and asked.

‘Why aren’t you shooting?’


Asking why not shooting. Mason didn’t know how to answer, so he closed his mouth. He didn’t mean to shoot anyway, but still saying ‘I’m not going to shoot’ was little weird. Noah looked at him like he’s pathetic and picked up the picture among the broken glass on the floor. He asked with little irritated and sluggish tone.

‘I’ll ask one question. …..I need to confirm. –Is Mason dead?’

…..Or is he alive? It seems like you know. –Because of what Noah said, Mason twitched his lips. Why are you asking that, why are you asking for my state with that expression. Those questions roamed in his mouth. Mason gulped looking at the eyes of waiting to get confirmed that he’s dead.

There are replies that Mason is set to say, and those were all negative answers. I don’t know. You don’t have to know. Or I heard he’s dead. –Whatever he will say it wasn’t ‘he’s alive.’ He couldn’t say that. It’s not true, and the life as Haley might be in danger. A person who knows about Mason’s whereabouts. Zii who’s trying to track him will drool.

He has set things to say, but Mason couldn’t say it just moving his lips.

‘Ah, Well…. Never mind. I think I get it.’

Noah saw Mason’s difficult face and cut his word. Yeah I knew it was going to be like this. Noah murmured it like this and took a glance of outside through a window. He put the picture on the table and went out the bedroom like nothing happened.

Mason stared at his back little bit and packed up the picture and his stuff. After he packed everything, he locked the bag. He stood up and saw the blood stain on the floor and scratched his head.


Seriously what business did he have with this house? Definitely he came to this house knowing this is Mason’s house. What could be his business?

And what was the strange stare and expression?

I was curious about many things, but that man didn’t seem like he’ll telling anything to me who has the body of Haley’s.


Something felt uncomfortable, but since he can’t ask him directly, he has to forget about it, but that listless eyes kept coming up in his head.

Anyway he’s the young master that quite grabs my attention…. I don’t interfere with other people’s business at all, but that man I occasionally thought about him.

I think it was like this 10 years ago too…. Mason thought about that time and sighed once deeply and went out the house.

I turned around the hall way, and in front of the red door elevator, a tall man was standing there. Noah went out a while ago.


I thought the elevator was broken, but it was already stopped at 7th floor. It looked like no one got on or got off. It was just stopped. Why is he not getting on?

‘You aren’t going to get on?’

He pressed the button and asked, and the man slowly raised his head and checked Mason. He didn’t say anything just turned away his head and looked at the opened elevator. He just got on the elevator without saying anything.


Mason stared at the man in the corner of the elevator who didn’t even press the button. He went inside the elevator. After he pressed the 1st floor button, he looked at the elevator going down one floor by one floor and took a glimpse.


Noah was putting up his hair and was breathing quietly. Somehow he looked very fragile and at stake. Isn’t it little dangerous if he walks around that dozed off? He doesn’t look like he’s that kind of type. What’s wrong with him? Mason was glimpsing at him. It’ll be fine if he has his secretary or body guard down stairs, but if he’s by himself….. no is it useless interference? When Mason was thinking this.


Suddenly the elevator stopped making a heavy sound and the light turned off. Psssh. There was a sound of A.C. turning off, too.

Ah, this is bullshitting again. Mason sighed at the usual elevator’s malfunction that happened frequently when he was alive. It’s the house that he comes not even 20 days a year, but during those time this always happens once or twice.

Mason checked his pocket and realized he doesn’t have a cell phone or a lighter. He thought he would die by breathing if he smokes with this body, so he thought of quitting since he was born again, but now he regrets little bit. Ah, so shallow. Mason clicked his tongue and looked at Noah’s side. Because he wasn’t used to the darkness, he knew he was there, but he couldn’t see him.

“Excuse me, do you have a phone or a lighter?”

He doesn’t look like he would smoke, but if he has anything, he asked him to turn it on. But Noah didn’t say anything.

“…… …..”

When Mason was able to see his face, because he made annoyed face, he thought he could still hear him, but now that it’s dark he thought he’s talking to a wall. Mason touched the wall and went to the button side. It was here somewhere…. He felt something popped out and pressed it, and soon he heard a connecting sound.


It seems like the manager Jordan has left the spot. No one was answering the call. It is a dinner time soon. Mason quietly sighed and went back to his spot touching the walls and sat on the floor. He was sitting down on the floor quietly and slowly his eyes were getting used to the dark. Mason looked at Noah’s side and thought if he should care or not and said to him.

“……I don’t know how long we’re gonna stay here….. You should sit down.”

Jordan was an unbelievably slow eater. If it hasn’t been a long time since he left to eat, they might have to wait at least one or two hour.

But even with Mason’s kind word, there was no respond.


Mason apathetically thought ‘Sure. It hurts your leg not mine’ and scratched his cheek. The place where he got slapped was keep irritated and itchy. Haley even has a weak skin. Why is this guy a man? No, if this body was a woman, I would be in trouble…. Mason had nothing to do, so he was just thinking useless thought to waste time. All of the sudden, he turned to right where Noah was standing. He heard his breathing sound and raised his head up.


He didn’t know when that kind of sound started, but Noah’s breathing sound was getting rougher. Mason hesitantly stood up. Noah was bending down little bit holding his chest with both of his hands.

“…..Mr. Raycarlton?”

This time too he didn’t reply, but Mason carefully approached him. He got used to the darkness, but he couldn’t see it well. Closer. When he went right in front of his face, he was able to see him.

His eyes were wide opened. It looked like he was looking at something, but his focus was totally off. His forehead, cheeks, and neck was wet with sweat like he got rained. He was panting and his breath was cracking like he’ll scream soon.


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