Kill the Lights

Chapter 8.1


Getting the key was the hard journey, but after that, everything was easy. When I was making the bank account, it was my biggest luck that I didn’t put biometric lock because I was lazy. Mason promised that he would never do any iris or finger print scanner lock and opened the safe with the two keys he took from the house.

In front of the bank, there were around two Zii agent looking men, but they couldn’t find any connection with Haley and me. They just glimpsed at me like staring at a celebrity.

Mason went inside like nothing’s wrong with his specialty pocker face and took out a bearer bond, stocks, and more and left New York lightheartedly. He thought now he won’t be facing his past life anymore. –He felt like he solved all the hard problem that the life gave him, and now he has easy ones left.

He headed to his home riding a taxi from LA airport. He felt little uncomfortable that he doesn’t have a license because of few DUI, but it was still fine. He felt little uncomfortable that he just traveled LA to New York, but this body became really heavy like it just traveled the world. For a second, he respected and amazed at Haley living in this body for 24 years. With this poor body, he lived a hard life like going to club all night and doing drugs and drinking alcohol and doing sex. –Mason thought Haley might be an amazing guy than he thought. He got off from the taxi with his heavy body.

And in that moment, someone came out from the Ferrari that was parked in front of the house and called out, “Liz!”

“Liz! Liz!!!”

When Mason turned around, a woman who looked little familiar hesitantly ran to him with a very angry expression. Where did I see her, when I thought about it, I remembered right away. When I first opened my eyes in Haley’s body, it was the woman who tried to take off the oxygen mask. Behind her, there were few other relatives coming out from their cars with angry expressions.

Mason indifferently looked at them. He knew his relatives would run towards him after cutting their money, but he didn’t expect them to come this soon. It was totally obvious outcome that he wasn’t even surprised.

“Liz, what is this?”

His cousin Joy ran to him with an angry face and showed him few letters. Mason glanced at what she was holding. Loren&Casey, it was a letter sent out from Haley’s accounting company.

“It’s a reminder.”

Mason said it like it was something, and she screamed.

“Do you think I’m asking because I don’t know?!”

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