Kill the Lights

Chapter 8.2

Mason smiled at the pale white relatives enough to look vicious and went inside the gate. He was going through the garden but suddenly stopped. He remembered one place he couldn’t look after looking everywhere to find every kind of drugs. –The basement. Mason stared at a blue wooden door that goes to the basement for a short time. He struggled between a rational thought of go in to clean up and rest later and an instinct of ‘want to go straight to bed and lie down.’


It’s not like it’s going to explode if I don’t clean up right now. –It’s not like I’m busy, so I think I can do it after I sleep. Mason thought about it and walked faster. He felt like since his stamina is not good, he’s getting lazy, but with this weak body, if he lives like he used to, he would die of a heart attack in one day. Resting enough and exercising is best for Haley’s body.

Mason filled the tub with hot water and went inside. After finishing two jobs that was in his mind, dipping his heavy body into the hot water made him feel sleepy and relaxed.

Ugh, good, so good. Mason moaned at his happiness rushing in and leaned deeply on the tub. Some situation happened in New York, but well, it wasn’t bad. I cleaned up the house and got my fortune from the bank. If I sell those, it might be little hard, but I’ll be able to build a pretty nice café not too far from Beverly Hills. It looks like people in this area like expensive coffee, so I’ll get the best coffee beans and sell it with the price like golden flakes are in there then I’ll sell well. Of course it’ll look different from those couple from café in front of the house in New York.

“Hm, hm.”

Mason was enjoying the bath humming but suddenly looked at his lower part of the body. It’s his thing, but technically it’s a stranger’s thing at the same time, so he didn’t really look carefully. But something is….

Mason felt behind the testicles, and soon he frowned.


Something felt strange. Behind the testicles, a secret place where I can’t see, something small caught my finger. Behind the testicles, front of the anal, a small diamond piercing was there.

What is this gay kind of thing… Mason frowned but realized that Haley was a straight gay and clicked his tongue. He should respect his taste but to a normal middle aged Mason, it was a nasty thing to do. For a second, he tried to take it out, but he didn’t know how to take it out, so he just left it there. Who cares. It is not like it’s uncomfortable, and no one will see it for now. He gave up right away and dried his body and headed to the bedroom all tired.

He took out a gun and a porn from the bag he brought from New York. Rest of them were money and little bit of jewel and gold, passport, and etc. He planned to put them in a new bank near his house, so he put everything in the bag and put it under the bed. He put his comfortable Glock 17 near the bed and opened a big cabinet near the bed.


When I first opened this cabinet, I thought I was already amazed enough, but it is still amazing. In the closet or other place, he wasn’t good at organizing at all, but this place looked like he put a lot of effort into it.

From top to the third space, the gay porn he collected were organized into country, genre, and name categories. Mason found out even Iraq makes gay porn through this cabinet. The fourth section had condoms, colorful gels, and sex toys piled up. And from fifth section, from toys that Mason knows to horrible looking things that he has no idea how to use and hundreds of things that a gay sex store would sell were displayed artistically.


When Mason saw this for the first time, he was so surprised that he dropped all the drugs. He heard he was gay and suffered from sex addiction, but this was out of his imagination. He found out sex can be a really big part of a person’s life.

He doesn’t lose his cool usually, but even he was in panic when he saw this explicit inner side. He even thought to clean these up after cleaning the drugs. Of course that was too harsh for as a same guy to do, so he couldn’t do it. –He wasn’t sure when Haley will come back to this body, drugs are drugs, but throwing away his precious collections was too cruel for a human to do.

But still this is too much. He looked at a neon green dildo that’s a size of a child’s arm (it was too big that it was hard to believe it goes inside a person body, but the shaped looked like a dildo) with a sick face. He put down three magazines in front of that and opened the DVD cover that he brought and took out a CD.


Three magazines and one DVD. He never really thought about it, but once he saw Haley’s cabinet, he felt like he was too inactive sexually.

“No, I didn’t really go back home…..”

Mason shook his head and erased his thought. He went back home few days a year. He did not have time to look at those porn magazines.

He murmured to himself and convinced himself. He put the CD in a player connected to a large TV in front of the bed. He looked at the remote and touched few things and soon a plasma TV big as a theater turned on and played the first part of the DVD.

Actually Mason was curious about something.

When the body and mind’s sexuality is totally opposite, which side will come out stronger? Or is being gay affected by the body or is it because of the mentally preference?

…..To simplify this. Can I put it up watching a porn where a woman comes out? Mason believes he is a perfect straight, and he lived like that, but since Haley’s gayness is too strong, he started to worry little bit. Some people despise men but still raise it only for the men. He believes sexual desire is strongly affected by physically than mentally.

Since I look boobs first when I see women, I don’t think that’s true. I still think I’m straight, but there was what if since this body passionately satisfied sexual desire.

Mason started to focus on the woman coming out in the screen. He was sleepy and tired, but because of that it seems like the pleasure is enhanced.


I didn’t really need to take off any clothes since I came out from the shower naked. Mason leaned on the bed head and slowly rubbed his penis.

The woman coming out in the screen was Julia. Julia wasn’t an extremely sexy or popular porn star. She dyed her hair blonde, put on a thick make-up, and wore inappropriate clothes to try her best, but she looked normal and calm type. She was thin and small, so she looked good in fragile atmosphere, but her breasts were still pretty big.

Mason looked at her breasts bouncing. He felt good and sexually charged. He wasn’t used to the penis, so there was some difficulty. But because Haley’s hand was like a woman’s, it probably felt even better.


His lower body felt heavier, and Mason wet his dried lips and moved his hand. His ears and cheeks were getting hotter and the breath was getting heavier. Mason glimpsed at the harden thing and moved his eyes back to the screen. In the screen full of skin color, Julia sexily screamed. He imagined her thin waist and scarce pubic hair and white butt sensation on himself instead of the man in the screen very fast. The man forcefully thrust into fragile Julia. Usually he felt little uncomfortable at this AV’s feeling, but especially today that shaking butt was strangely erotic.


Mason slightly bit his lips. It was little faster than usually, but he definitely felt like he’s going to cum. He inhaled deeply and swallowed saliva collected in his mouth. He felt his sweat dripping down on his cheeks. Mason took out tissues on the table next to the bed and put that on the penis and came.


Mason shivered at the cumming sensation. His body lost all his strength, and his forgotten sleepiness came out. He wrinkled the tissue that has his semen and threw it anywhere and glimpsed at Julia in the TV. Her moaning sound was getting into climax.

Thanks, Julia. Thank goodness that I can erect to you. Mason smiled at her well-fit body happily. I did live as a straight until now, but Haley’s gay mental was pretty scary, so I was little worried. But after I masturbated, it felt better right away.

Definitely a person is physical than mental. If I think about it, after I became Haley’s body, I never really thought of men sexually, so my worry was useless.


Mason deeply yawned and got a blanket and covered his body. Tiredness, feeling after cumming, and comfortable thought made him fall asleep right away.

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