Kill the Lights

Chapter 8.3

Kill the Lights by Jangryang

Proofreader/editor: Kaima, Hwarang

‘This must be a dream’, Mason thought lightly, because his pin-up star Julia was approaching him. The setting was a normal hotel room and the atmosphere was pretty calm. She was shaking her boobs that were bigger than in the AV and sweetly called, ‘Mason!’

‘I was really thankful for before, and now you even appeared in my dream’.

‘Today the service was awesome’, –Mason said it, and she smiled back at him. In the film, she was always busy screaming, so she didn’t smile that much. But now she was smiling widely, just the way he liked.

‘Mason….! Mason….!’

She called him again, a little too desperate and Mason, without any hesitation, pushed her on the bed, down on her stomach. Since it was a dream, Mason knew he won’t get slapped on the face, but still he wanted to treat her gently. Her smooth white butt was shaking softly. Mason slid his hand inside her clothes and gently clutched her breasts.

“Ah, ahng, Hahng! Nhhhg…!’

After touching her breasts, he moved his hands beneath her skirt and Julia readily flushed hot, as he stimulated her clitoris. Mason lifted her skirt, way up until he caught sight of her cute, damp underwear and pulled it down. Watching her leak, sweet love juices, Mason licked his lips. Somehow, something was lacking…. even as he held that thought, Mason was not about to dwell on it.


Julia threw away her underwear and suddenly turned around.

‘Why? You don’t like this position?’

Mason asked her. But instead of answering him, she laid him on the bed and started to caress his whole body. She began to tenderly kiss his lips. After she slightly sucked and licked at his lips, she gently licked his tongue.

She really is an AV actress. Her skill is not a joke. Mason felt himself panting heavily at her sweet kisses. He closed his eyes and held her waist.


As he held her tiny waist, it strangely felt strong. Mason opened his eyes, surprised. But then Julia sucked deeply under his neck and Mason shrugged his shoulders and held his breadth. The small of his back suddenly got stiff and his bottom started throbbing, as if it would fall off. Before he knew it, her blonde hair was swaying over his chest and she was caressing his nipples. Mason swallowed and tried to break away. A sense of danger overtook his body. Something was quite strange.

‘Hhk-…, euh.., …aah!’

Mason blushed, hearing himself moan like a woman and tried to block his mouth with his hand. But every time her hand touched him, his body trembled to such a degree that he didn’t like it. He felt his erection harden, and there was no strength left in his body thanks to her skillful foreplay. He wanted to push her on the bed and thrust his penis deep into her hole. But not only could he not push her, he couldn’t even put strength on his lower body. His thighs trembled and opened wider on their own accord.

The hands caressing him stealthily moved past his thighs and touched the gap bridging his legs. The wet hand that felt a little rough stroked the area around his anus and kept moving higher up. Click! There was a sound as that wet hand got caught by the piercing behind his balls.

‘Ha!…. Such a slut!…., You’ve nailed it pretty well here.’

‘Fuck, do you like getting hurt that much?’ –She said sucking his neck, no, ‘he’ said and grabbed his balls as if he was going to pop it. Mason groaned in his throat and ‘he’ licked his lips with his tongue and smiled prettily.


As he screamed like a fool, in intense pleasure, Mason frowned at the person who was on his body instead of Julia.

“…z! Lizz!!”

Hearing Tony’s desperate voice, Mason got up screaming, “Hugh-!”


Tony followed suit and shrieked wildly, which startled Mason awake and he looked at Tony.

“….? Tony?”

“I, I got scared. What’s wrong? Something happened? Did you have a nightmare?”

Tony anxiously asked Mason who was drenched in cold sweat. Mason blinked his eyes for a second and stubbornly shook his head.

“No, it’s nothing.”

He looked so determined that Tony just murmured, “…Yeah? Your face is red and sweating like crazy.” However, Mason snapped again, “I told you it’s nothing.”

‘Doesn’t look like nothing’, Tony thought and looked at him. Mason was panting as if he had experienced something scary, and his expression was rotten. In addition, there was this oddly sweet atmosphere….

Tony, in his haste, had initially failed to notice a few things. Mason’s blushed ears and neck, his naked body covered in a blanket, a small ball of tissue underneath the bed, and a big plasma TV next to the door, showing skin colors.

Haley masturbating wasn’t particularly a big deal, so Tony just frowned a little bit and watched the muted porn playing on the TV.

“Huh? It’s not gay?” ‘What’s this, is it a transgender woman?’ Tony wondered. For all the world, the main character looked like a real woman. Tony blinked his eyes and voiced his thoughts. Mason frowned.

“What’s going on? You came running in a hurry.”

Mason wanted to change the subject as fast as he could. Tony clapped his hands as if he just remembered. He made a fuss, “Quick! TV, The TV!” and found the remote control nearby.

“Did you see it? Well, that man. He talked about you in an interview-!”

“Which man?”

Mason didn’t care about the showbiz and so he asked indifferently, wiping his cold sweat with the back of his hand. “That man!” Tony screamed at a high pitch and pressed the remote button. Tick, with a quiet sound, the porn disappeared on TV, and a man’s face filled the screen.


Mason flinched back at the face that floated up on the TV. That man, Noah Raycarlton, was glancing at his side. He was probably staring at the camera lens, but Mason felt as if he looked straight at him.

“Where is the mute canceling button, -? –Liz? What’s wrong?”

“Are you sick? You face is red”. Mason bit his lips, hearing Tony’s questions and frowned. He felt his ears getting hotter.

Only a moment ago, Mason had dreamed of having sex with that man.

It was a very rough and dirty sex, and when he woke up, his crotch was damp and his erection, half-up.


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