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Chapter 170 - She Just Wanted To Wait For Shi Yuting’s Awakening

Chapter 170: She Just Wanted To Wait For Shi Yuting’s Awakening

But then again, Shi Yuting’s mother did mention that before.

Because of Shi Yuting’s identity, with his grandfather’s power, he would definitely get rid of her like pulling out weeds when he knew that his grandson was with a woman with no status.

She thought back to his grandfather carrying out Xiang Yi’s punishment despite his injuries, yet his cold expression was unmoving. It was indeed expectable of him to kill her.

“Weiyi! Please believe me. Just run, if you’re gone, my grandfather will probably forget about you,” To protect her, Shi Nuannuan was extremely distressed. She was even pulling her towards the gate entrance.

Yet Zuo Weiyi pulled her back.


Shi Nuannuan turned her head, her expression riddled with anxiety.

“I don’t want to leave like this, he hasn’t wake up…”

“Weiyi!” Shi Nuannuan grew more anxious. She understood Shi Le’s behaviour well. If he wanted one thing done, he would do it quick. If she did not leave at this moment, then it would be too late!

“Why do you want to wait for him to wake up?! You and him, it’s impossible! Did you understand?!”

Zuo Weiyi was stunned. Shi Nuannuan’s words indeed hit the bull’s eye.

She and Shi Yuting were impossible, it was true.

But why was she so unwilling to leave?

All of her aims were achieved and she could leave, but…

She fell in love with this man.

As soon as Shi Nuannuan saw her stunned expression, she noticed that her words were too cruel.

However, if they waited any longer, her life would be gone! Was that really worth it for an unfruitful relationship?

Although she wished that the woman her brother would marry is Weiyi, she was clear that it is impossible.

After hearing about her mother’s experience, she knew that her grandfather would never accept Weiyi, especially during this crucial period.

The marriage with Tangteng family was unavoidable, the only destiny Weiyi would face is to leave.

“I know,” Zuo Weiyi lowered her head and forced a bitter smile.

“Weiyi… I, I don’t mean it. You know that I want you to be with my brother more than anyone, but… If you continue to stay here, you’ll lose your life!”

Tears rolled down Shi Nuannuan’s cheeks out of distress, but most of the emotion in her tears were the unbearable pain from their separation.

“But I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to just leave… Even if I lose my life, I still want to wait for him to wake up.”

She was thinking that if he woke up and she was nowhere to be found, would he search for her?

Would he?

Would he feel anxious if he did not see her?

“Weiyi…” Shi Nuannuan was baffled by her words.

Just to wait for her brother to wake up, she could throw away her life?

“Running away?”

At this instant, a sickeningly sweet voice butt in.

Both of them turned their head towards the voice and saw Tangteng Xi walking down the stairs with a high-and-mighty expression.

Looking at the two people, Tangteng Xi curled her lips into a mocking smile. She walked towards them with her hand crossed in front of her chest.

“Nuannuan, grandfather won’t be happy if he knows that you’re helping a stranger.”

Looking at her smug grin, Shi Nuannuan could not help but returned a cold scoff, “Stranger? For me, you and grandpa are the strangers!”


Upon hearing her retort, Tangteng Xi was so enraged that she could not reply anything else.

“Nuannuan! Stop being preposterous!”

A stern voice yelled from the top of the stairs.

She turned around and saw Shi Le walking down the stairs with other people, his expression was stone-cold and his gaze was filled with reprimand.

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