Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Exploring the Jade with Immortal Breath

Chapter 10 Exploring the Jade with Immortal Energy

“One million and fifty thousand yuan! Wang, if you keep on messing with me, I am really gonna be angry!” Fatty Cui yells at his wife with great anger that he clenches his teeth and adds another fifty thousand yuan.

Mrs. Cui spits at the floor and glares at Fatty Cui, “How dare you be angry? Do you have the guts to divorce? Bah!” She acts so coarsely that makes people wonder how Fatty Cui can stand a wife like that.

Simply interspersing her talk with curses, Mrs. Cui does not raise the price anymore. Fatty Cui is relieved and even does not care about her whispering like “I’m not an idiot, and it will be so great to make you suffer losses to death”.

It is a raw gemstone with an opening. It is kind of gambling buying this stuff. Fatty Cui lights through that opening for a long while and studies the appearance of the stone. It is for sure that there is jade inside the stone, but the amount remains a mystery, which makes him brave enough to bid a high price of more than one million yuan.

As long as the jade inside is not that bad and there is no crack, Fatty Cui’s one million and fifty thousand yuan will not be sacrificed with a jade bracelet made out of that stone.

At this time, Lin Luoran looks at it attentively. The outer layer of this raw gemstone is very hard and there is no instrument to explore it, which leads to its gambling possibility.

Lin Luoran does not want to explore this raw gemstone through its outer layer, but attentively looks at the stone bought by Fatty Cui and feels whether there are traces of immortal energy.

At the beginning, she can only see the black outer layer, but as she devotes her mind to it, she can feel that it seems like something responding to her. Gee, is it a cloud of white fog?

There is a cloud of white fog writhing in the center of the raw gemstone bought by Fatty Cui, which is locked by the black layer. Lin Luoran also expends much energy to see it clearly. Although she is not sure about the jade in it, she can tell the white fog is a kind of immortal energy.

The moment when she “sees” that white fog, the bead on her wrist beats mildly, seeming to be very cheerful. And without her reaction, the bead unexpectedly sprays a wisp of a slight mist on its own to the raw gemstone bought by Fatty Cui!

Lin Luoran freaks out for that mist is right crossing in front of Fatty Cui. But it seems that he does not see anything… It is really the best out of the worst that ordinary people cannot see the linear mist like the moonlight sprayed by the bead, which makes Lin Luoran breathe a sigh of relief.

The mist sprayed by the bead easily passes through the outer layer of the raw gemstone and meets with the white fog inside, which is like a lost child who finds its folks. Lin Luoran obviously knows that it is lifeless, but she has an illusion that the white fog is celebrating and talking…

The mist sprayed by the bead starts to absorb the white fog inside the raw gemstone. Lin Luoran becomes very anxious, because she does not know how to stop it. And if the immortal energy is completely absorbed, Fatty Cui is definitely going to find out that the jade turns into a stone later…Even though he will never know who does this, Lin Luoran’s conscience will be condemned.

Lin Luoran feels anxious inside, but she doesn’t find anything unusual about herself today. She has been looking at it for a long while, but she doesn’t have dry eyes like the day when she observed the immortal energy of the fleece flower and hibiscus.

Finally, the white fog is completely absorbed by the bead. Lin Luoran tries to weep, but fails to shed a tear. She inwardly feels sorry for Fatty Cui, but doesn’t know what to do.

It seems like that the bead can feel the nervousness of its owner, it reluctantly spits out some of the white fog, which is no longer writhing, but very quiet and gentle, making people feel amiable and comfortable.

After all of that, the bead takes back its mist and once again quietly stays on her wrist without anything unusual.

Lin Luoran finally can be at ease.

Fatty Cui is still unaware of what happens to his raw gemstone, the jade inside which has already been changed. But this change is not a bad thing for the mist spat out by the bead at last seems to be upright and peaceful.

Lin Luoran not only confirms that jade has immortal energy, but also makes sure that she can see this immortal energy even though it is wrapped by the outer layer of raw gemstones that even modern instruments cannot completely explore through.

So… is it also an opportunity to become rich?

This is the first thought in Lin Luoran’s mind. She doesn’t care about how money-mad other people may think about her idea at all. Despite of the magical space, she was a poor woman who was getting older with no job and abandoned by her boyfriend two weeks ago.

People will never care about their temperament if they have a problem in just surviving.

Baojia sees that she is looking at Fatty Cui’s stone without blinking and asks with a smile, “So, you want to gamble on stones, too?”

Lin Luoran has plenty of capability, but her wallet is empty. She smiles, “You know my economic situation. I can’t afford these stones with only a thousand yuan in my pocket.”

Baojia can’t stop laughing after hearing her words. The boss of the stone yard, who just sold a stone to Fatty Cui and received a transferring amount of hundreds of thousands of yuan from Fatty Cui, is in a good mood. Seeing that Lin Luoran looks pretty, he takes her words as just a joke and points at a heap of stones as large as watermelons, “Those stones are not for bidding, you can take whichever you like. Five hundred for each. Ladies, you can try your luck there.”

Baojia raises her eyebrows and says, “Zhang, are you kidding us? Five hundred yuan for each? All your waste stones are piled up there for all these years.”

Baojia is well aware of Lin’s situation, and guesses that her words about one thousand yuan are very possibly true. She is a little bit regret for what she just said without thinking and wants to help skip this topic.

Fatty Cui seems to know Baojia. Rubbing his hands together, he says, “Designer Qin, five hundred yuan for each is just for cutting for fun. You are embarrassing Boss Zhang.”

“Fatty Cui, you can buy all of them and cut them for fun if you have enough money…” Mrs. Cui has long hated to see Fatty Cui’s tone like a parvenu and groans after hearing his words.

Fatty Cui produces a forced smile as expected and stops talking. People start to heckle:

“Fatty Cui, you cut this stone or not?”

“Cut it! Live stone cutting is atmospheric.”

“You are right. Alas, mine turned out to be failures just now. Zhang, your stones this time are too trashy.”

Fatty Cui tries hard to eject a light of “ferocity” through his squinted little eyes squeezed by his fat cheeks, and breaks out into curses to people around, “Kiss my ass! You have watched the play for a long time and I don’t even ask you guys for money! Boss Zhang, please ask some of your workers to help, and I will take these stones home and cut them on my own. ”

Fatty Cui starts to command workers to haul the stones while people are gossiping, which makes there a great mess.

Before anyone noticing, Lin Luoran holds Baojia’s hand and goes over to the heap of stones at the corner. They squat down and starts to observe those stones carefully.

“You really want to gamble on stones? These stones are wastes picked out by Zhang all these years. What’s more, five hundred yuan for each. There is nothing to be gambled on…”

Baojia was not a talkative person. Talking endlessly like that, she just wants to save money for Lin Luoran. But seeing that Lin Luoran pays her full attention to these stones, she just stops talking unconsciously.

“I am an idiot. As long as Ran is happy, gambling is no big deal. If she really runs out of money, I am not going to sit around and do nothing.”

While Baojia is thinking something like that, Lin Luoran turns around and looks up at her with sparkling eyes.

“Baojia, I choose two stones for you, too!”

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