Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Six Million and Two Million

Fatty Cui also wants this material, but his wife offered a price first. And Liu Zheng offered a price as well. He can talk back to his wife, but it is not good to benefit others.

Lin Luoran thinks of her promise that she would sell it to Fatty Cui first. She knows that Fatty Cui and her wife are in charge of their own businesses respectively. It is also reasonable to sell it to Sister Wang.

She smiles at Liu Zheng, the future boss, with regrets, “Boss Cui, I agreed to sell it to you just now. How about five million yuan?”

Five million is the price Wang Miao’e offered. Although Liu Zheng offered a price of 5.5 million yuan, Lin Luoran still wants to sell it to Fatty Cui, because she keeps her word.

People are all businessmen. Only good faith can help people go further. They all agree with Lin Luoran in their hearts. Although five hundred thousand yuan is not a big deal, not everyone can refuse it without any hesitation. In that case, people will have a better opinion of those who can do it. This is a simple principle.

Elly curls her lips scornfully, thinking that this woman knows how to behave and buy popularity with only five hundred thousand yuan.

At the thought that the money could have been his, Li Anping curses Lin Luoran in his heart for she casually refused five hundred thousand yuan, thinking that she dissipates the money and does not appreciate what is good.

With a golden chain dazzling the eyes, Fatty Cui has a vulgar appearance but a clear mind. Now that Lin Luoran behaved well, he also should be generous.

“What do you think of me? Our young Boss Liu has already offered a price of 5.5 million yuan. If I buy it with just five million, the whole industry will say that I bully a little girl tomorrow. Miss Lin, Sister Lin, I would offer a fixed price, six million yuan. And let’s make friends.”

All of the people there are astonished. Only Wang Miao’e knows Fatty Cui the best, and she claps her hands, “That makes you look like a son-in-law of our Wang family. Sister Lin, this is our deal.”

Fatty Cui talks back with a small voice, “You should say that you are daughter-in-law in our Cui family…”

Encountering a couple dropping money like that, Lin Luoran doesn’t know what to say. She just sells that jade material to Fatty Cui and writes down this favor in her heart.

Although Lin Luoran is living a poor life, online bank is a necessity for living in big cities. Fatty Cui transfers the money to her account on the spot and takes the jade material home.

Lin Luoran calculates the number in her account, which starts with the number 6, following six zeros behind. She now becomes rich just in that way? Everything happened today is too good to believe. Lin Luoran is still in a daze. Until she sees that the name of the account owner is her name can she feel surefooted.

“Baojia, shall we cut your stones as well?” If there is green too, it will be indeed a little shocking. But their jade materials are not great enough to attract people’s coveting.

Most importantly, Lin Luoran vaguely feels that she goes to a path totally different from others and she will go further in the future. She starts to have confidence which makes her not afraid of others’ bad thinking.

Baojia is happy for her. She makes Lin Luoran cut her stones as she wishes.

Boss Zhang takes a deep smoke and pats the worker beside him, “Boy, you go and help Designer Qin to carry that stone and I would like to pick up some luck from Miss Lin and do more cuts.”

One of Baojia’s raw stone is put on the cutting machine. Boss Zhang asks Lin Luoran’s opinion of where to cut.

No wonder Boss Zhang has this thought. In his eyes, Lin Luoran is strangely lucky today. His cut on that stone was so accurate that one side is just white stone and the other side is exactly green jade, without even an error of one centimeter. The line Lin Luoran drew was so fantastic.

Lin Luoran has already know how to deal with this stone, but it is Baojia’s. So she asks Baojia for opinions.

Baojia never expects that she can find something green in this stone and tells the boss to cut from the middle.

Boss Zhang aims at the middle line. With one single cut, there are just white stones on both sides without anything green. He once again cuts from the middle, which makes it change from a watermelon-sized stone into an orange-sized one. And there is still nothing green!

Obviously, this stone is hopeless.

Elly also breathes a sigh of relief, and tells Li Anping, “Someone really thinks that she has God’s hand.”

And this time, Lin Luoran takes a deep look at her.

Lin Luoran has clear eyes. Although her clothes are cheap, her elegance is like the moonlight, bright and gentle. Elly looks at her and feels a sense of inferiority unexpectedly, which makes her bitterly sarcastic today. Lin Luoran was just a “rival in love” beneath her attention only a few days ago, but now she changes so greatly!

Baojia is fine with that for Lin Luoran has earned six million yuan. She feels even happier to see that Lin Luoran gets the money rather than herself. She puts the other stone on the cutting machine on her own initiative, thinking that they can go home early after cutting the rest stone. She wants to celebrate for Lin Luoran as soon as possible!

This time, Lin Luoran tells Boss Zhang to cut this stone from the line of one-third.

Seeing that Lin Luoran is careful to tell Boss Zhang where to cut, everyone is curious about whether this stone contains something green. They all pay full attention to that waste stone in Boss Zhang’s hand.

That Cantonese boss thinks, “Alas, how can this happen? A piece of jade worth of six million yuan comes out from a five-hundred-yuan raw stone.”

And Liu Zheng thinks, “Baojia’s friend is kind of interesting.”

While everyone is thinking of their own ideas, Boss Zhang cuts the stone from where Lin Luoran told him to.

“Damn it… There is something green again!” That Cantonese boss cries out loud with astonishment in Cantonese. He even forgets to speak in mandarin, but he pronounces the word “green” in a very correct way.

“How about five hundred thousand yuan, Miss?” He comes back to reality and offers a price.

Lin Luoran smiles at Baojia, “Let’s cut the green part all out?”

Baojia is still in shock and doesn’t realize that it is her stone. She nods again and again.

The facial expressions on Boss Zhang’s face are very complicated. On the one hand, he is happy, because there is jade being cut out in the stones in his yard. On the other hand, he is regretful, because he sold such great stones for only five hundred yuan.

Staring at all of these, Li Anping can’t believe that the woman who has lived with him for years suddenly has the skill of “turning stone into jade”? Lin Luoran, you liar! All of the astonishment in his heart finally changes into hatred.

Elly doesn’t bother watching this anymore, for she feels more and more ashamed as she stays there. She holds Li Anping’s arm and leaves together without even looking back.

Baojia’s jade material is also cut out by Boss Zhang. Not as big as Lin’s, it is orange-sized, and kind of round.

That Cantonese boss offers a price rising to “1.8 million yuan”. Both Baojia and Lin Luoran want to sell it to him. However, Liu Zheng finally offers a price of two hundred thousand yuan more while pushing his glasses. So they just keep the goodies within their fields and sells it to Liu Zheng.

However, this place is not the busiest part. Fatty Cui and others have rushed to the yard and scrambled for those “watermelon stones” that had been ignored for hundreds of years.

“Five hundred yuan for each piece, I will take them all.” Shaking the fat on his neck, Fatty Cui opens his arms like an eagle to protect those raw stones.

“Fatty Cui, don’t be so greedy. Six hundred yuan!”

The facial expressions of Boss Zhang change again and again and he stubs out the cigarette butt.

“Bah, do you think that I’m a fool?”

Lin Luoran and Baojia smile at each other. This time, the value of Boss Zhang’s waste materials will rise doubly. No one can tell whether he will sell them.

Looking at the rest stone of hers, she felicitates that she doesn’t cut them all. Otherwise, these people might be crazy.

After some polite remarks, Lin Luoran and Baojia goes out of that gate of the stockyard with a handful of business cards. Now, people call her “the Lucky Goddess” and leave her their addresses so that Lin Luoran can sell them good materials if she cuts out some in the future.

Lin Luoran puts the raw stone in the trunk. Holding that all the time is not the way. She needs to move it home first.

Liu Zheng is also going to go back. Seeing the two girls’ happy faces, he is a little worried, “Miss Lin wants to professionally gamble on stones?”

“No. Getting a real job is the right thing to do. Does Mr. Liu regret hiring me?” Lin Luoran smiles, and her words are half for telling truth and half for kidding. The immortal breath of the jade seems to be useful to the bead. Before she investigates it clearly, it is helpful to have a job in the jewelry industry.

If Lin Luoran starts to professionally gamble on stones, her six million yuan won’t make much difference for it cannot even buy a big stone. Liu Zheng was worried that Baojia’s friend might lose her mind. Now that she said something like that, of course he won’t have any opinion. So he offers his hand and says,

“Welcome the Lucky Goddess to Liu’s Company in advance!”

Lin Luoran calmly and elegantly shakes hands with Liu Zheng. They are all from different directions, so they say goodbye to each other.

Baojia still seems to be cool that she doesn’t look like a girl who just earned two million yuan.

Lin Luoran thinks that Baojia has seen the bigger world. Not like her, her heart is still throbbing. But when the car moves into the city, Baojia suddenly hit the steering wheel on the half way:

“Who drives a Japanese car with two million in hand? I am going to change for a BMW tomorrow! Luoran, I love you. Hahaha!”

Lin Luoran can’t help laughing. That girl, just like before, is a tomboy, despite her capability and well-experienced appearance!

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