Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Tall Man’s Trouble

“Grandpa, please let me go. It really disappeared and I can’t find it…” The tall guy, Mu Tiannan, new Agency Business Executive (ABE) of Yifeng Seed Company, is bowing and scraping to the phone, as if the person on the other side of the phone can see his expression.

He is calling in the shop. That plump sales lady who lost the ginseng seed sees his bowing look and feels more anxious.

Alas, Manager Mu is really a good person. He takes responsibility for an employee like her. That plump sales lady admires Mu Tiannan in her heart while worrying that the company might punish her for her fault. Just like Mistress Xianglin, she is talking in her mind again and again, “Manager Mu is good looking with a beautiful heart. He is really a great person…”

Mu Tiannan, who doesn’t know that he has been regarded as a good person, has no time to care about the sales lady’s thought. He is so troubled by the “old man” on the other side of the phone.

“We really lost it. I can’t hand it over even if you kill me!” Mu Tiannan loses his temper after thinking that his “term of penalty” might increase by several years because of this.

“You bastard. How dare you ignore me! I am going to ask your father to break your legs!” A loud growl from the other side of the phone makes Mu’s ear buzz. Shrinking his head, Mu Tiannan really wants to throw his phone. But when he thinks of his father’s bad temper, his bravery suddenly disappears.

What a joke! If his grandfather has a fiery temper, then his father’s temper can be described as violent. It is exactly this violent emperor, who dragged him back home from New York, the hometown of happiness, and sent him to the inland city, R City. My blonds, I miss you so much!

Mu Tiannan cries out loud in his heart, but is flattery apparently, “Grandpa, please give me more time. I can once again find the ginseng seeds, since I have already found them once. Please trust me and say some good words for me in front of my father. Thank you.”

“Alas…” a sigh comes from the other side of the phone. “Stop flattering me. That is hundreds-year-old ginseng. Even though we send all our people to look for it in the deep mountain, how can we be as lucky as we were last time and once again find one with seeds?”

Mu Tiannan can hear the regret in his Grandfather’s voice. He blames himself for his carelessness and says solemnly, “Can we just use that wild ginseng? Its medical effect is stronger than the seeds by rights…” He doesn’t know whether this is confidential, so he just lowers his voice and goes back to his office on the second floor.

“Everything has its immortal energy. The immortal energy of ginseng can be accepted by most people, but it is too strong for your Grandpa Guo… You should know that a weak body cannot be mended too much. His meridians are too weak to accept the strong effect anymore.” Speaking of this, the voice on the other side of the phone sounds a little regretful.

Grandpa Guo, that strong person, who once let Mu Tiannan sit on his shoulders, laughed loudly and took big bites while eating meat, has reached the degree that his meridians can’t even bear the effect of five-hundred-year-old ginseng? Mu Tiannan says to himself. What else can he do for the older generation?

And his own grandfather, that almighty guy in his memory, will soon face the same situation as Grandpa Guo does?

Mu Tiannan can’t even promise anything and the two of them keep silent. The whole atmosphere is repressive. Finally it is the other side who hangs up the phone first.

“Toot…” Hearing the busy tone coming from the phone, Mu Tiannan’s usual foppery disappears on his face at this time.

He beats the desk with his long fingers. Then, he takes out an ordinary A4 paper, sharpens a pencil after thinking for a while, and starts to draw something.

With several simple lines, the shape of a profile comes out. And after painting for a while, the long hair also has its basic shape. Nose, lips, ears… Mu Tiannan draws it quite smoothly depending on his memory. Only when it comes to the eyes, Mu Tiannan feels it a little difficult.

With some extra modification, Mu Tiannan picks up the phone on the desk and calls Xiao Yuan to come up.

Xiao Yuan is that plump sales lady. She has round cheeks, which turn out to be very cute.

Suddenly being called by Mu Tiannan, Xiao Yuan’s heart can’t stop beating faster. She doesn’t know why the manager called her.

“Manager Mu?” Her voice is timid, which makes people want to protect her.

“Come in.” Mu Tiannan doesn’t in the mood of having tenderness toward women and let her come in right away.

Xiao Yuan opens the door. Mu Tiannan points at the paper and asks her to see it.

“Isn’t she…” Xiao Yuan is a little bit astonished. It is Lin Luoran, who she has met before, on the paper. Although it is just a profile, she has a deep impression so that she can still tell who she is.

Mu Tiannan is about to give a sigh of relief. However, Xiao Yuan utters a “but”, which makes his heart lift again.

“But what?” Mu Tiannan prepares to find this girl according to this portrait. So he’d better make sure that this portrait is accurate. But he only saw her profile, so that is all he can do…What a regret! He will have cameras installed a little bit later. Although the seed company is a little remote, cameras are still necessary. If there were a camera that day, he wouldn’t bother to do this now.

Xiao Yuan hesitates, “The eyes seem not alike. That Miss has sparkling eyes – yes, just like stars.” Xiao Yuan finds a right description for her and gives a sigh of relief.

Mu Tiannan is frowning. He also feels that the eyes are not similar to that girl’s. He didn’t see it at that time, but now recalling his memory, he finds that her elegance is so special that cannot be painted by a pen. That’s bothering.

After telling Xiao Yuan to go back to work and thinking for a while, Mu Tiannan makes a phone call, “I want to find someone…”

The other side agrees and after a short conversation, Mu Tiannan says, “Yes, she is right here in the R City. Yes, a woman. I have a portrait of hers. I know it is difficult. Why do you think I choose you to do it?”

The people on the other side seems to be panicked but accepts this mission obediently. It is obvious that it is a hard job for him.

Mu Tiannan stays silent for a while and feels that this mission is quite difficult. He adds, “Relax. Although I painted this picture according to my memory, her eyes have special characteristics, which are easy to recognize.”

The people on the other side asks about the specific characteristics. Mu Tiannan difficultly says “like stars”, which makes him a little blush. What kind of characteristic is it? But he cannot find another good choice to describe her. What a shame!

People on the other side asks very carefully, “If I find her, should I take her to your house?”

Mu Tiannan bursts out cursing, “What nonsense is it? You know what, I am not hunting for beauties. This woman is the who my grandfather wants. I will fax you the profile. And if you can’t find her, you know what you will get!”

Mu Tiannan is very upset about the fact that all people think he is a playboy who only knows how to hunt women. But he ignores a truth that if he doesn’t have so much experience like that, people won’t judge him this way.

Lin Luoran, who made Mu Tiannan fall into such a dilemma, doesn’t know she has made a guy in the same city, the R City, very upset.

Even if she knows, she doesn’t have time to pay attention to it, because Lin Luoran herself falls into a trouble now…

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