Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 207 - Who Should Make a Kowtow?

Chapter 207 Who Should Make a Kowtow?

Why Cao Liyang bothers to press a poor student?

Now, sitting in the private room of a famous bar in R City, Cao Liyang’s arrogance is obvious. He doesn’t look like that gentle young man when he was with Zeng Tian.

Cao and Zeng are both 25 years old. Most of their peers have just graduated from university and they change jobs frequently in order to build a career. Maybe some of them have settled down and started to save money for a house or their wedding.

What about Cao Liyang?

He is already a middle-level manager of the Zeng’s company. His job is nothing difficult yet he holds power in his hands. At the age of 25, he owns two downtown houses, as well as a Maserati and a BWM in his garage. He is also one of the shareholders of this bar. Even if he does nothing for the rest of his life, he already has enough money to live a well-off life.

Though Cao’s father is only the general manager of the R City branch of Zeng’s company, his father is far-sighted enough to own some of the stocks of the company. Cao’s father receives a decent dividend every year, which is the reason why the Cao family becomes affluent.

Of course, compared with Zeng Tian, Cao Liyang’s money means nothing.

Zeng Tian is the son of the chairman of the company and Cao Liyang is the son of a general manager. Cao has worked in the company as a leader for years, and others think he is better than Zeng Tian, who hasn’t graduated from the university for six years. Cao would have more confidence in himself if he were born in the Zeng family.

To put this simpler, what frustrates Cao Liyang is the presence of Zeng Tian. Zeng brings pressure to Cao because Cao thinks Zeng outshines himself.

Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.

Cao Liyang has his friend circle in the R City and he is more of a leader among his friends. After Zeng Tian is here, Cao completely becomes a minion… He hates Zeng for taking away the spotlight and he looks forward to seeing the higher social circle with Zeng. This contradiction tortures Cao and makes him grumpy. Cao is never a low-key person. Now he just becomes a little bit of mean.

This is the reason why Rong Donglin is in trouble.

Normally, Cao Liyang shouldn’t have hard feelings to be Zeng’s minion. It depresses Cao that twenty years ago, he and Zeng Tian used to play mud together in the yard. Back then, the company was state-owned and Zeng’s father worked for Cao’s father… If Zeng’s father weren’t the one who first started his own business, Cao believes that he and Zeng’s current position would switch.

Certainly, Cao Liyang doesn’t realize that he is being extreme. He acts like Zeng’s best friend when they are together and vents his “grudges” to Rong Donglin… This is the law of the jungle. Cao Liyang believes that because he is richer and more powerful than the poor student, he has the right to bully him.

It is dusk, and the peak time of the bar is a few hours away. Rong Donglin is pushed inside of the bar. Several young women in low-cut clothes and smoky makeups look at Rong in surprise. They realize what this is all about as soon as they see the “managers” of the bar.

Maybe someone has messed with Cao again.

This is quite a common scene. Everybody looks away and keeps doing their jobs, pretending that nothing happened.

Several minutes after these men forced Rong into one of the private rooms, a man and a woman come into the bar. The man is holding a piece of stone and the woman is purely stunning.

This couple is so strange, yet the waiter welcomes them warmly… No one suspects that the young man is here to make trouble because even with a stone in his hand, he seems to be weak.

The young woman asks for the private room next to Cao’s. The waiter suspects nothing. After all, the man and the woman are skinny and they seem to be harmless.

“Miss, this is the wine list…” The waiter wants to sell some wine. The pretty young lady points at the names of two bottles of wine on the list casually.

The waiter is so happy that he is going to receive a lot of revenue from this. He says gladly,

“How many guests will you be expecting?”

“Just us two!” Yan Feng answers. He is shocked by the price of the wine Lin Luoran picked. Yan has been to this bar before and he never asked for a private room. The wine costs several thousand yuan each… His father will scold him to death if he knew!

The waiter sends the wine to the private room soon. The wine glistens in the glass. Seeing that the beautiful woman is paying attention to the room next door, Yan Feng goes closer to the wall and tries to listen. He hears nothing…

Thinking of the possibility that he may have to fight those men later, Yan Feng starts to drink the wine in order to cheer himself up.

When Lin Luoran smells the fragrance of wine, she turns around only to see that Rong’s roommate is holding an empty bottle. He giggles, “Pretty lady, hee-hee…”


“Hey there, nice to see you again.”

Seeing that Rong Donglin almost falls down on the ground after being pushed inside the room, Cao Liyang says with a smile, shaking his wine glass.

The bald guy with scorpion tattoo laughs, “Mr. Cao, I’ve brought him here for you. Should we leave or…?” The guy is being professional by asking this. He knows that some of his bosses like to deal with their enemies personally and some enjoy watching their enemies suffer.

Cao Liyang pats the woman by his side and says, “Go, have some drinks with Brother Leopard.”

Cao Liyang is surprised when he looks at Rong Donglin.

This boy seems to be a man of character. He is not shaking as those young white-collar workers who had been in the same situation…

“Rong, I assume you’ve seen the bill. How do you want to pay back the 140, 000 yuan?”

Rong Donglin smiles sarcastically. People say that he who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find a stick. Rong doesn’t have that much money. Even if he does, he won’t give them to Cao.

“I don’t have the money and I owe you nothing…” Rong forces himself to look at Cao Liyang in the eye. Rong understands that being tough may not help him win, but weakness will definitely lead to failure. This is a society of law. These men can beat him, but he can not admit the debt.

Cao Liyang laughs. Out of a sudden, he pours the wine in his glass on to Rong’s face.

“I’ve given you opportunities and you just threw them away… Brother Leopard, go ahead!”

One of Brother Leopard’s minions starts to beat Rong Donglin. In fact, Rong still can’t understand why this rich man wants to do this to him. The minion punches Rong in the face.

Cao Liyang always feels thrilled when he bullies ordinary people. When he sees that Rong is lying on the ground with his neck being stepped on, this feeling of twisted thrill peaks—

“To be frank, I don’t even want the 140, 000 yuan back. If you make three kowtows to me in front of everyone else, I’ll let you out… I heard that your younger sister has just entered junior high school. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Rong Donglin struggles but fails to get up. He grabs the red carpet on the ground tightly. As expected, this rich man is just bored and he only messes with him for fun… This man even digs up information about his family in order to threaten him for this ridiculous reason!

Three kowtows… This is the problem of his pride!

On the one hand, there is Rong’s pride. On the other hand, there is his family. Rong Donglin feels that time is slowing down. He tastes the blood in his mouth. After being punched in the face, his teeth are bleeding.

Rong hears people laughing at him and feels dizzy. Yan Feng should have called the police by now. Rong hopes that the police can show up soon.

The door of the private room is kicked open. Cao Liyang doesn’t even have enough time to stop laughing.

A woman’s cold voice comes, “You can make three kowtows and I’ll let you go.”

The voice sounds familiar to Rong. He looks up and sees Luodong’s sister. He remembers that her name is Lin Luoran. Why is she here?

“That’s right! Hurry up… Make three kowtows… Burp.” Holding the stone in his hand, Yan Feng stumbles into the room. His eyes are red. Clearly, he is drunk.

Cao now sees the young man and woman at the door. The woman is pretty and she seems to be harmless. Cao laughs, “Rong, is this your lover? Brother Leopard, don’t you think that you’ll look bad since they are here to make trouble in our bar?”

After saying this, Cao Liyang feels strange. Why don’t his bodyguard come and stop them before they kicked the door open?

Brother Leopard laughs. He walks to Lin Luoran and tries to hold her hand, “Little beauty, are you here for me…?”

Lin dodges the man’s hand. She casts a cold glance at him and says, “You’re too offensive. You also make three kowtows and I’ll let you go.”

Cao Liyang bursts out of laugh, “Let’s see who will make the kowtows… Brother Leopard, this little beauty seems to be proud. I’m afraid we should play with her.”

Brother Leopard was feeling embarrassed. Hearing this, he starts to laugh with his minions. Several strong men gather around. Lin Luoran drags Yan Feng into the room and closes the door.

“Are you ok?” Lin asks Rong. If Yan Feng didn’t get drunk and made a scene in the hall, Rong would have been saved from being beaten up.

“Go… Leave…” Rong says. Even if Luodong’s sister is capable, she is all alone against these strong men. Rong doesn’t want Lin to get hurt.

Cao Liyang waves his hand and sits down on the couch. It’s already too late for anyone to leave. Nevertheless, this woman is indeed beautiful. When Cao is having some wicked thoughts, Lin Luoran smiles under the dim light in the room.

She is thinking that it’ll be so funny if someone writes about what happens to her today on the BBS — a cultivator in the level of Laying Foundation is surrounded by some men in a bar…

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