Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Transplant

It is only about four or five o’clock in the afternoon when they get home.

The atmosphere is very harmonious where Aunt Li and Uncle Li are both in the house talking and laughing with Lin’s mother. Mom stares blankly on seeing her daughter— she went to the town to withdraw some money but had to go to the counter for she can’t use the ATM. Having noticed her card, the account manager came and took her to a larger and quieter counter.

Mrs. Lin was confused about “Gold card subscriber”, and she withdrew one hundred thousand yuan under the gentle service of the teller. Mrs. Lin held the kraft paper bag firmly and asked carefully the deposit in the card.

The teller smiled and told her the number without indifference toward other rural women.

Mom Lin was still dizzy after she went out of the bank hall—she was blurred about the initial number but clear about the latter six “0”! Oh dear! My daughter is wealthier than the millionaires in the village?

Mrs. Lin forced herself to be calm griping tightly the money and the car and went home by Uncle Li’s motorbike. She was hung up the whole day worrying about being robbed.

Lin Luoran definitely knows her mother well and is sure that mom is scared by the amount of money in the card. Yet she cannot speak it out in consideration of the guests. Showing off wealth is not her style.

Lin Luoran takes out the gift she has bought for Uncle Li and his wife and gets praised for her filial piety. A smile takes on Mr. Lin’s honest face.

Mom still wants Lin Luoran to stay at home for another night. But she has originally agreed to go to work on Monday, thinking it is not proper to be late for the first day. Therefore, she goes to Chief Li and gives him 100, 000 yuan. Besides, she leaves a large pile of space vegetables urging again and again her parents to eat. Then she drives back to R City.

She drives the car and sees in the rear-view mirror her parents standing at the fence watching her leaving as she has driven a long distance.

Lin Luoran feels sentimental. Later, she calls Baojia, “At leisure, let’s have a look at the building you said that day.”

“Why did you change your idea?” Baojia is applying a cucumber mask given by Lin Luoran. The cool feeling makes her want to hum.

Lin Luoran tells the story in a low voice. The shrieking of Baojia on the phone almost breaks her eardrum—“My gosh! You didn’t suffer, did you?”

Lin Luoran feels warm in the heart. This is her best friend Baojia who is always on her side being afraid of her loss.

Lin Luoran says one hundred thousand was spent. While Baojia doesn’t care about it, “It is worthwhile! Ran, you’ve been learning lately!”

“There is something special!” Lin Luoran never hide herself in front of Baojia, “Well, have you finished the food? I’ll send you more.”

The effect is not yet obvious, but the vegetable is truly delicious. Baojia laughs, “Set aside more for my gramp.”

Lin Luoran is aware that Baojia is an orphan. What she means by her gramp is her maternal grandpa. It is said that the old man is a solider before with specific duty unknown.

“OK, your grandpa is mine. Thanks for your reminding!” Lin Luoran is shameful for forgetting Baojia’s grandfather.

“Well, now you pay attention to your way first. Don’t forget to go to work tomorrow. We’ll talk about it in detail!” Baojia is cooking the vegetables from Lin Luoran into soup in the kitchen. Now the aroma has floated toward her and she then hangs up the phone.

Time flies when talking, Lin arrives at the county town as swift as a wink. The road is wider, so Lin becomes relaxed.

Feeling a little restless, she thinks of the black flower in the space, comforting herself that although she cost 100,000 yuan this time, there is still something extra to gain.

But what’s the use of this flower?

Having parked the car, Lin goes up stairs quickly without paying attention to the mumbling old. She calls property to quickly change the lock and then closes the door. She cooks some food casually and runs into the Bead space.

A new batch of vegetables has become ripe. There are still lots of vegetables piled high on the grass mat. Lin Luoran gets too lazy to pick them. What she cares about now is the medicinal herbs planted.

The green plant growing on the edge of the pool becomes dormant after its first fruit was eaten by Lin Luoran. Compared with other plants in the space, it does not even germinate let alone bud. No wonder it’s a legendary treasure.

Maybe Lin cannot expect a second fruit in a short term.

The fleet flower stretches its leaves along with its short cirrus. Lin Luoran finds that the green fog around the stem has become somewhat dense from the previous scattered condition. This plant is the longest here for over ten days which has gained pesticide effect of over one decade. Thus it is common for it to be more spiritual.

The seven small Ginseng plants grow vigorously. Although they are not as old as the fleet flower, the quality of them is much better. Now the green frog around them is even denser.

The common herbs picked in the mountain today and the ones with rich Reiki but were not recognized by Lin are planted fragmentarily at the transitional zone between vegetable and medicinal materials. They grow vigorously after being watered. One can’t even tell that they are just transplanted.

Lin Luoran pays special attention to the black flower picked from the cliff today.

She uses several layers of plastic for insulation before planting it. Fortunately, there is no situation in which the surrounding medicinal materials are poisoned to death. But the dark flower still seems lifeless in the space full of Reiki. Except for the fragrance of it floating around, it’s still like a dead thing.

Lin Luoran hesitates with a full bottle of spring on her hand and wonders whether to water this flower. As far as she concerned, the black flower is equivalent to the green tree beside the spring—last time she got a red fruit after watering the tree, and what awaits for her if she nurtures the flower?

Lin Luoran expects anxiously a useful fruit ripened from the flower. According to her space rule, the spring plays a critical role in shortening the growth time.

That is to say, the growing time must be enough for medicinal materials. If a medicinal material has blossomed, the spring can let it bear fruit; if it already has the fruit, spring water can make it mature. As for how much spring water is needed for accumulating effects of plants from bearing fruit to maturity of fruit, Lin Luoran cannot calculate the amount.

Even if it is poisonous, one cannot poison oneself until he eats the fruit. Lin Luoran reckons there is a long time for it to grow to maturity. Therefore she feels much more relieved and pours out the water from the cup into the root of the black flower.

Of course, long after when Lin Luoran is no longer a green hand on the way of cultivating to be immortal, she laughs at herself… as for some magical plants, maybe it is not the fruit that works.

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