Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Confusing Relationships

Lin Luoran tidies herself up and goes downstairs. She knows that Baojia doesn’t have the habit of eating breakfast, so she cooks some noodles with a fried egg and takes them with her in a lunch box.

Baojia is snickering, “I heard that last night there was a big show outside the military compound. Someone blocked the way to hijack a girl then a hero rescued the beauty!”

Baojia grows up in the military compound, thus, it is natural that she is aware of what happened last night. Lin Luoran assumes that the more she explains, things may get more confusing, so she lifts the lunchbox in her hand and says, “I will throw the breakfast of love away if you keep talking nonsense!”

Baojia puts on a flattering smile, “All right! Dear big sister, can I have a taste?” Then she grabs the lunchbox from Lin Luoran and eats the noodles up.

The two of them joke and laugh along the way and arrive at the company just in time.

Coincidently, they come across Liu Zheng in the parking lot. Liu Zheng smiles politely at them and walks in his exclusive elevator with his assistant.

“Master Liu certainly lacks a sense of romance.” Baojia takes off her sunglasses and says carelessly.

Lin Luoran knows that Baojia doesn’t mean it. She ignores Baojia’s words and asks her with a smile, “I haven’t asked you yet. What is your relationship with our boss? He even shows up in your grandpa’s house…”

Baojia bursts out a dry cough and withholds her answers. She steers clear of the crucial point and says, “It is a lovely day today!”

Lin Luoran has nothing to say since Baojia says the weather is good in an underground parking lot. She rolls her eyes to Baojia and goes to work by herself.

Thanks to Liu Zheng’s idea of adopting the young lad in the name of Lin Luoran’s parents, she now has to think about buying a house. Baojia currently lives in a new residential district, but Lin Luoran has little interest in elevator apartment.

A garden to grow flowers can be her parents’ emotional sustenance after living in a new environment. A house with garden… Lin Luoran suddenly feels short of money.

Should she cut open the raw stone she left in Baojia’s place, or maybe buy another one like she did before? Lin Luoran has a hard decision to make so she leaves it for now and braces herself up for work.

Business is good today. All the salesgirls are busy as bees. Seeing Liu Mei dealing with two customers on herself, Lin Luoran steps forward and takes over the one who seems not so well-off.

Lin Luoran’s gentle tone and knowledge in various jewel and jade help her sell a diamond ring. Although it is just a 0.6 karat diamond ring, Lin Luoran is happy with her first sale in the industry.

Liu Mei finishes her work and winks at Lin Luoran who is smirking, “If you open your mouth earlier, much bigger diamond rings would have been sold.”

Lin Luoran rolls her eyes. Liu Mei is talking about those middle-aged men who keep badgering Lin Luoran these days after seeing her beautiful face behind the counter.

Lin Luoran will never be the mistress of those paunchy men, before or after walking on the path of cultivation.

The other salesgirls are jealous of Lin Luoran and secretly gossip that her aloofness is faked. They even tell terrible rumors about Lin Luoran that she doesn’t earn the life she has by work, because her clothes are decent and she often comes to work in a BMW.

Lin Luoran has good hearing. One time, she accidentally overheard those girls spreading rumors about her in the bathroom, and she just smiled it away—These rumors are not real, so why does she bother about those vulgar girls.

Liu Mei also knows about those unendurable rumors about Lin Luoran. Although the friendship between them is not deep, Liu Mei can see from Lin Luoran’s earnest attitude while learning jewelry knowledge that there is no way that she has a sugar daddy. Therefore, Liu Mei asks Lin Luoran that question in front of those salesgirls on purpose, in the hope that Lin Luoran can explain herself.

Lin Luoran notices that some other salesgirls are listening to them and sees Liu Mei’s meaning at once. She smiles to Liu Mei with gratitude and says nothing.

Then Liu Mei realizes that Lin Luoran is too indifferent to care about these rumors, hence, she won’t even try to clear herself.

With an endless stream of customers, Lin Luoran lives a fulfilled day. She gets off work and walks out of the store with Liu Mei and others. A familiar red sports car is parked right in front of the door. The car window is rolled down and Mu Tiannan’s contorted smiling face appears.

“Miss Lin, do I have the honor to have dinner with you?”

It is quite common to see handsome men and pretty women come to jewelry stores. Many of the sales girls still remember the guy who came and bought the star hairpin. However, he doesn’t bring his girlfriend this time and invites Lin Luoran, the “fox lady”, to dinner. The salesgirls all realize—Lin Luoran has enchanted a young and handsome man of wealth, no wonder she despises those paunchy guys!

Liu Mei gives Lin Luoran an ambiguous and kind smile and gently pushes her forward.

Being in the situation which every young girl yearns for, Lin Luoran is not happy at all.

Lin Luoran knows that Mu Tiannan will come to her sooner or later, though she doesn’t expect that he can locate her workplace so fast. Looking at his complacent face, Lin Luoran has no doubt that Mu Tiannan will come here every day before she returns the ginseng seed.

Lin Luoran is not like Mu Tiannan who has plenty of leisure time. She has to work, cultivate, adopt a boy and support her parent… She doesn’t have time to waste on him.

How much on earth are those ginseng seeds worth? An idea comes to Lin Luoran’s head. Will it be possible that she can make a deal with Mu Tiannan and return him a ginseng?

In fact, Mu Tiannan is not so anxious about having the ginseng seeds back after he got that piece of jade. He doesn’t understand why he refuses to let Lin Luoran go—Perhaps it’s because that the way this woman lies through her teeth is so hateful. Right, it must be. Mu Tiannan convinces himself.

Mu Tiannan is pleased by Lin Luoran’s silence. He naturally regards her silence as guilt and becomes even happier.

Lin Luoran is thinking that it is inappropriate to stay in a stalemate with Mu Tiannan right in front of the company when the door opens and Baojia walks out talking and laughing with Liu Zheng. They look at the people standing outside and can’t figure out what is going on.

Liu Zheng recognizes Mu Tiannan from last night. Obscure emotions emerge in his eyes. Baojia takes a tumble and laughs, “Is it him?”

Mu Tiannan sees Baojia and Liu Zheng walking out and greets them like an acquaintance, “Master Liu, nice to see you again! Wow, this must be your fiancé, Miss Qin! You two make such a perfect couple!”

Mu Tiannan has got this information with lots of effort. After finding out the relationship between Baojia and Lin Luoran, words came out that Baojia was engaged with Liu Zheng. However, Liu Zheng said that Lin Luoran was his girlfriend last night. Mu Tiannan is excited to be a looker-on— You stupid Four Eyes! You can have the two girls in your dream!

Hearing that the new designer is the fiancé of the general manager, hearts of the surrounding salesgirls are broken. Lin Luoran, who is the target of Mu Tiannan, however, feels nothing.

God knows for how long they have secretly been in love with their boss. It turns out that he already has a fiancé… “This woman is quite plain!” One of the girls thinks to herself jealously.

Lin Luoran finally understands. Liu Zheng is Baojia’s fiancé, and this is why he was in Commander Qin’s house on the other day.

Thinking about what Liu Zheng said last night to save her from Mu Tiannan, Lin Luoran looks at Baojia and somehow feels guilty.

Does this make her a…?

“Miss Lin, it’s not right to steal your friend’s boyfriend. You can take me into consideration… My family is not as rich as his, but I am single!”

The crowd is staring at the four of them without blinking. First, their boss is reported to have a fiancé, then “fox lady” Lin Luoran steps between them, and Lin Luoran and Designer Qin are friends? Wow, how confusing these relationships are!

—Still, this is so dramatic!

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