Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Conflict and Present

Baojia feels uncomfortable to make an explanation in front of all these people. She squints at Mu Tiannan and says, “Who are you? Why you meddle in our business?”

“Gee, Miss Qin, you are not gentle at all. No wonder your fiancé is about to run away with others.” Mu Tiannan shakes his head and says that with an annoying face.

Lin Luoran starts to get angry. This guy is so repulsive for trying to incite Baojia and Lin Luoran to become enemies!

There is nothing between Lin Luoran and Liu Zheng. Even if Lin Luoran did have an interest in him, she won’t do anything after knowing Liu Zheng is Baojia’s fiancé.

Mu Tiannan is making things unbearable. Liu Zheng’s look is not changed and the glasses have perfectly covered the expression in his eyes. However, his frowning eyebrows still show his emotions.

“Why are you guys still here? Just go. It’s not work time.” Liu Zheng is always prestigious in the company and his words drive away all the bystanders. Only Liu Mei casts a worrying glance at Lin Luoran before leaving.

The trouble is made by Lin Luoran herself, but Mu Tiannan has come here to blame her friends. Lin Luoran forgets about her plan of returning some ginseng seeds to Mu Tiannan because she dislikes the way he does things.

“What, you want your ginseng seeds back?” Standing on the stairs, Lin Luoran says dominantly.

Mu Tiannan answers in disdain, “It’s not that I want them back. I’m reclaiming the things you stole from my store.”

Lin Luoran sneers, “I don’t understand why a dude like you would want some shitty seeds. Granted that it is your store, the seeds were given to me aboveboard by the sales lady. No matter what you say, I’m in the right!”

Seeing refusal still on Mu Tiannan’s face, Lin Luoran bursts into laughter, “I already threw away those shitty seeds and you will never find them. What can you do?”

Since Mu Tiannan has made trouble in her workplace, Lin Luoran figures that she may lose her job which can benefit her cultivation. Her guilt for Mu Tiannan has changed into gloat, and she can’t help taunting him.

Both Baojia and Liu Zheng are unaware of Lin Luoran’s entanglement with the guy. In fact, even Lin Luoran herself can’t figure out why a mortal man wants those ginseng seeds filled with Reiki, so she is confused by Mu Tiannan’s persistence.

Seeing Lin Luoran’s complacent smile and hearing that the seeds are gone, Mu Tiannan’s anger starts to ravage like Typhoon No.7 is landing on Taiwan. He doesn’t even care whether Lin Luoran’s words are true or not.

Mu Tiannan glares at Lin Luoran and goes back in his car with a cold hum. He actually just leaves without saying anything.

Mu Tiannan’s actions surprise Lin Luoran. However, Liu Zheng puts the glasses back and says like nothing has happened, “My engagement with Baojia is a secret. Except for my family members, only people like Baojia’s grandpa know about this.”

Baojia looks at Lin Luoran with concern. She doesn’t know how to explain.

It suddenly comes to Lin Luoran that maybe Liu Zheng is reminding her that only a few people know about their engagement, and those people are very influential. That is to say, Mu Tiannan must be quite powerful, since he can find out these relationships in such a short time.

It seems that Lin Luoran has displeased another formidable enemy… Thinking of Elly’s “ban”, which hasn’t been solved, Lin Luoran feels that recently she is having bad luck.

What’s done is done and it’s useless to regret. Lin Luoran says to Baojia and Liu Zheng with a bitter smile, “The ginseng seeds of mine do have something to do with Mu Tiannan, but I can’t give them back now. The conflict seems inevitable.”

Baojia pats Lin Luoran on the shoulder, “Don’t I know who you are? You never steal from others. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back!”

Lin Luoran is moved since Baojia decides to stand by her, knowing that they may be opposed to someone powerful. Lin Luoran’s eyes go wet. She tries to say something to ease the atmosphere, but she notices Baojia’s hesitation.

Baojia says, “Though I’m engaged with Liu Zheng, the relationship between us is not like what you may think. Don’t get me wrong…”

Lin Luoran is speechless about Baojia’s words. What does Baojia mean? Her explanation may make people think that Lin Luoran do want to steal Liu Zheng away!

Liu Zheng starts to push his glasses again.

“I have something to deal with. Gotta go.” For the first time, Liu Zheng abandons his manners and leaves alone without Lin Luoran and Baojia.

Lin Luoran and Baojia look at each other and burst into laughter. The sense of gloom between them finally fades away.

For some reason, Liu Zheng’s eyes are smiling too under the glasses.

Lin Luoran doesn’t quit her job at Treasure House, though the other salesgirls often whisper behind her back. This stresses Lin Luoran, no matter how indifferent she pretends to be. However, unless she can hide in remote mountains or deep seas, Lin Luoran can’t find anywhere on earth better for cultivation than a jewelry store.

It is strange that Mu Tiannan hasn’t shown up since he left the other day. Lin Luoran is worried that he may do something ruthless, but these peaceful days are making her relax her vigilance.

Lin Luoran is not careless. She has been occupied lately.

Since Lin Luoran performs noticeably well at work, Manager Zhou decides to make Lin Luoran a regular member ahead of time. This means that Lin Luoran now is qualified to sell jewelry on herself and she can receive royalty fee from every sale she makes. Of course, there is a rumor that Lin Luoran only gets this because she shamelessly seduced the boss.

In that case, Lin Luoran will expend more energy in the day time. She learns Tai Chi in the park in the morning and goes to keep the young lad companied after work. She has to cultivate herself every night and makes time to see the new residential buildings for sale. Lin Luoran’s daily schedule is quite full.

Under this circumstance, let alone worrying about Mu Tiannan’s revenge, Lin Luoran even doesn’t have much time to take care of her space after planting some useful medicines and vegetables.

There is only a small area of original grass left in the outer ring of the space. Lin Luoran has put the mat she made there to stack vegetables. The harvest is good so she is able to send some vegetables regularly to Baojia and Sister Wang.

The spring is clear as usual. The sapling thrives beside it. On the field Lin Luoran opens up, various kinds of medicines and vegetables grow peacefully together.

Holding a wooden box covered with red silk, Lin Luoran can’t decide which ginseng she shall pull up.

These ginsengs have been growing in the space for almost two months. According to the time ratio, these ginsengs are at least fifty years old. In Lin Luoran’s impression, only an over-100-year-old ginseng can be counted as top grade. However, she went to the drugstore several days ago and discovered that authentic 100-year-old wild ginsengs are extremely expensive and the market is filled with fake ones. Therefore, her 50-year-old ginseng can be considered as a decent gift.

Lin Luoran’s Tai Chi teacher is called Mr. Jia. Lin Luoran plans to give him a 50-year-old ginseng she grows as a decent master-acknowledging gift. A 50-year-old one is not that expensive but not shabby at all.

Lin Luoran knows the rule that a high-quality ginseng must have all its root hair. She carefully pulls up a plant of ginseng and is satisfied with its wholeness. Lin Luoran is afraid that her processing may decrease the efficacy of the ginseng, so she just puts it in the box.

In the meantime, Wang Miao’e comes looking for Lin Luoran. This reminds Lin Luoran that she has to prepare more than one gift!

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