Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 384 - Escape

Chapter 384 Escape

Ants of Gold get more and more restless.

Reddish and creepy moonlight from the blood moon comes through branches of the towering trees and falls in this dangerous dense forest. Lin Luoran’s face is illuminated by the moonlight and it looks unusually pale.

Lin Luoran will never discourage herself before she meets her opponents. She just feels a little weird. Ants of Gold are restless so she looks around. However, she finds no trace of monsters with her eyesight.

High-rank monsters have always been troublesome. What she is facing are also good at hiding. This is really not good news for Lin Luoran.

She frowns slightly and knows that it is time to give up the ant army. However, what lies ahead is still unknown so now she cannot act rashly.

The ant army messes up just when Lin Luoran is in a dilemma.

Ants of Gold behind suddenly stop avoiding the stinky mushroom and rush into the five-meter radius zone together. Lin Luoran sets up a magical shield immediately but it is a little late. Even though she responds quick, her body is splashed by some formic acid. The pain in her wrist is sharp. She lowers her head and finds a few holes caused by the formic acid. Red slough occurs at the wound site in her white wrist like jade.

In the past six months, she has suffered numerous injuries. If cultivators’ metabolism is not different from that of ordinary people, Lin Luoran’s body will be covered with all kinds of scars. It’s said that prolonged illness makes a patient become a doctor. Lin Luoran is very experienced in wound treatment now. Formic acid is troublesome. She is decisive and covers her fingertips with the Gold Wakan to dig out the slough.

The most difficult thing to overcome is not physical pain but psychological feeling when it comes to self-harm. Lin Luoran makes it quick and ruthless. She digs it out and splashes the spring water from space over her wrist to wash away the formic acid thoroughly. As the last step, Lin Luoran crushes the Circulation Bolus and applies it to the wound.

The medicine brings a cold comfort to the wound and her pain gradually eases. Lin Luoran does it quickly while she keeps alert to her surroundings.

The magical shield is covered by lots of ants of Gold. These ants suddenly bursting out are not for attacking her. Looking through the magical shield, Lin Luoran finally glimpses what the high-rank monster hiding behind the ant army looks like.

That thing is about the size of an ordinary ox with a long tail. Covered with ants of Gold, it can’t be seen clearly. Lin Luoran thinks it must be a high-rank monster covered with scales as its armor so that even ants of Gold can do nothing about it.

Ants of Gold grab the monster’s scales tightly. However, it suddenly shakes violently and many ants on its body drop down. Lin Luoran finally sees some black-purple color covered by golden-yellow ants.

This is a monster covered with black and purple scales. After it shakes off ants of Gold, it takes the opportunity. This monster raises its two-or-three-meter long tail high and then slashes it down. Many ants of gold are killed by a blow! Lin Luoran is vigilant. When the long tail slashes down, the whole ground is shaking. No wonder ants of Gold can’t stand it.

This scaled monster slashes dozens of times and it kills all ants of Gold around itself. Ants’ bodies are piled up on the ground, like a pile of harvested wheat… Lin Luoran finally sees the whole monster.

This monster’s body is as big as an ox with short and powerful limbs. It has sharp mouth and it is covered with black-purple hard scales. There are scales even on its eyelids. It is literally “armed to the teeth”.

It opens its mouth and rolls in many corpses of ants of Gold. The monster chews deliciously with a loud sound.

The appearance of this monster reminds Lin Luoran of pangolins of the outside world. This thing is certainly not a pangolin but a high-rank monster with thick skin and no fear of being sieged by ants of Gold. Before showing some other abilities, it has smashed these ants only by its mighty physical strength.

Staying in place is definitely not a good choice for Lin Luoran.

She is not in danger when trapped in the middle of the ant army. The real danger is the monster like a pangolin feeding on ants of Gold. What’s worse, there is another unknown monster not yet to launch attacks but tightly locking its eyes on Lin Luoran.

Where can she run off to?

Lin Luoran makes the decision immediately. To the rear!

For the first time, she summons a flying sword in this monster forest. Passing by the black-purple pangolin, it subconsciously slashes her with its tail but Lin Luoran avoids it flexibly. The pangolin hesitates for a while. Eventually, it doesn’t choose to catch up. It looks down and enjoys its ants of Gold cuisine.

Lin Luoran breaks into a cold sweat and directs the flying sword through the dense forest of ancient trees.

She is right! The black-purple pangolin monster comes for those ants of Gold and she is not its main target!

However, Lin Luoran feels worried about the monster chasing after her. It is obviously not interested in ants of Gold.

That thing seems to be locking her and it decides to put her in its belly. It will not give up until she becomes its dinner tonight.

Lin Luoran’s flying speed is severely affected by the dense trees in the forest. She almost gets caught by the ubiquitous vines and branches for several times. Lin Luoran feels so gloomy. It is a vast sky over ancient trees which is the best place for flying on a sword.

But she knows it cannot work.

The unobstructed sky belongs to flying monsters like pterosaurs.

If Lin Luoran dares to cross the mountain in the air, she will be surrounded by various flying monsters and becomes their delicious food. Flying in the air on a sword is simply like telling those hungry monsters that there is a snack in the sky. Come on, everybody!

Lin Luoran has been flying in the opposite direction far away from the mountain she dreams of. She is tall but can still gain an extra advantage compared with most of the gigantic monsters in terms of size. Lin Luoran escapes for a while in the dense forest. She can clearly feel the blazing eyes locking her behind are a little far away.

She seems to gain some distance between them.

Lin Luoran smiles faintly when she sees some red flowers blooming brightly in the reddish moonlight and a large tree without canopy blocking the road.

She thinks she has found a way to get rid of that monster.

It’s very risky. The method is good but may put her in danger. She needs to plan it well.

Lin Luoran looks at the red flowers and bald tree. She has an idea immediately.

The monster chasing behind her has to take a while to come here. Lin Luoran takes this chance and hacks randomly at flowers with her sword. She also casts some Fire Ball spells. Later on, she hears something coming from the front.

Lin Luoran leans against the bald tree and hides into space.

Without external support, the glowing sacred pearl falls on a branch. But compared with fire, its light is insignificant.

Fire phoenix and others are reproaching her for being so reckless. Lin Luoran is checking the wound on her wrist. It has stopped bleeding and become a scar. She doesn’t even raise her head.

“Do you three have a better plan?”

These three mighty of the past can only hide in space and tell her what to do now. They feel a little embarrassed because of Lin Luoran’s question so they just shut up.

Lin Luoran hides in space herself and leaves the sacred pearl outside on branches. It is definitely very risky and will be really troublesome if a monster accidentally swallows the sacred pearl.

But this time, Lin Luoran is somewhat confident.

She looks at the wound and feels very thirsty after the jungle journey today. The smell on her body has faded out a lot. Now she is not in the territory of low-rank monsters so the stinky mushroom can’t work. Lin Luoran returns to her room on the second floor of the wooden hut. She takes quick bath and changes clothes. It is only eight minutes after she entered space.

Lin Luoran takes a small jar of monkey fruit wine downstairs and drinks it. She finally feels the burning feeling in her throat disappears and the exhaustion of a day is washed away by the warm spirit wine.

She has a pleased hiccup. It has been ten minutes. The two of them should be fighting fiercely now.

The third party benefits from the tussle. Now she can go out and have a look.

A human suddenly appears among branches. The two monsters are so involved in fighting that they do not have time to pay much attention. Lin Luoran hides behind the tree and looks forward. One is a big centipede with a hundred feet and the other is a weird gigantic cockroach.

Lin Luoran only takes a glance. It seems that everything is going well as she plans. She knows she can’t be greedy at this moment. The materials of the high-rank monsters are very unique but she has to survive if she wants to get them. She can’t escape whether the winner is the centipede or the cockroach. Now it is the best time for her to escape.

Lin Luoran jumps down the tree and continues to go deep into the forest.

The monster like a cockroach seems to be kind of intelligent. It is annoyed that Lin Luoran plots it with a trap. The cockroach sees Lin Luoran disappearing in the dense forest quickly and it wants to chase her. However, the centipede is so troublesome that it is stuck in the fighting.

Lin Luoran runs swiftly all the way. Now it is about eleven or twelve o’clock at night. High-rank monsters in the deep forest all go to the edge of the forest for food. This is the best time for her to reach the mountain.

There are countless exotic trees and flowers in the forest. They are going out of Lin Luoran’s sight quickly.

She is finally close to where ants of Gold were. Regardless of other dangers, now she may have gotten rid of the cockroach monster chasing after her all the way?

Everything is such a coincidence.

The centipede is the Rank Seven monster which Lin Luoran fought a few days ago. That day, she stepped on the red flowers living in company of the centipede so the centipede was annoyed and wanted to kill her.

Although she cut off a few feet of that centipede with her flying sword, she was still in a dangerous situation at that time. If there had not been two Rank Eight monsters fighting nearby, Lin Luoran could have not escaped last time.

She cut off the red flower and hid in space. The centipede was startled and then the cockroach monster arrived. It was the only one around so the centipede would naturally regard it as the “murderer”. There are so many connections. The Rank Seven monster which almost killed her last time actually helps her stop the pursuer now. This world is full of coincidence.

Lin Luoran’s mind is still not peaceful as she runs quickly.

Things go well all the way. At the first faintest glimmering of the dawn, she has been already standing under the high mountain.

Months of effort is all for getting closer here and then crossing this mountain. Lin Luoran doesn’t have the time to express her mixed feelings now. The sky will be bright which means hunting monsters will come back at any time.

She has to hide under cover for a while.

Lin Luoran looks around and sees a gigantic tree at the foot of the mountain.

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