Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 385 - The Rank Eight Monster!

Chapter 385 The Rank Eight Monster!

This is a rubber tree.

As the name suggests, it looks like a tree producing rubber. However, its transparent liquid is definitely more powerful than rubber.

Lin Luoran infuses Wakan into her flying sword and the Bright Sword is now extremely sharp. She jumps on the tree canopy and cuts off some dead branches. Lin Luoran puts all these things into space and then starts to dig a hole in the center of the big tree from top to bottom.

The slime attaches on the flying sword but Lin Luoran forgets how it disgusts her. The tree hole can now fit a person. She pinches her nose and jumps in.

Cultivators of the Bearing Essence have their own internal circulation so it is not difficult for them to stop breathing for a few hours. Therefore, Lin Luoran closes her seven apertures. Transparent slime flows over her head. Holding back her desire to move, she becomes a complete statue.

The gluey slime wraps Lin Luoran into something like “amber” quickly.

Lin Luoran is really decisive. Just when the glue is solidifying, a yellow-spotted tiger with double wings on its back jumps over the tree canopy, however, it does not notice this motionless humanoid amber in the center of the tree.

Lin Luoran has chosen a good place. Looking down over the canopy, the thing can be seen is only the black top of her head but not her whole body. No monster will be interested in a rubber tree, even if some branches in the center of the tree canopy are missing.

Hunting monsters return here one after another and the sun gradually rises.

Lin Luoran remembers the pale sun above her head has no power. However, its temperature is still not kidding. After a night of hunting, high-rank monsters feel tired but satisfied. At noon, they hide in their own territory to sleep lazily.

When the sun rises, the solidified “amber” shows signs of melting. By the middle of the day, the solidified transparent amber completely melts into some semi-viscous stuff.

The semi-viscous liquid in the center of the canopy moves a little bit.

Lin Luoran crawls out of the canopy wetly. Although she has closed the seven apertures in the human head, the thick liquid in her nose and mouth still makes her cough violently.

The magic thing about rubber trees is that their slime will solidify quickly in air. However, it will also melt quickly when the temperature rises to a certain level. Lin Luoran once did an experiment and came up with a conclusion: it only takes about ten minutes to melt these slime at noon as long as it doesn’t rain.

That means she can hide here most of the day and then get out when monsters are most tired and laziest at noon.

This is the best time for her to go uphill quickly.

Lin Luoran’s body glows red. The slime is intolerant of fire so it is evaporated quickly. Feeling the sticky feeling is gone, Lin Luoran is refreshed. She looks around and chooses a direction to the top of the mountain.

In the past six months, Lin Luoran has known this forest thoroughly. Therefore, she can cleverly use some native plants and monsters here to achieve her purpose of sneaking to the foot of the mountain. However, Lin Luoran has never taken a step on this mountain.

To be exact, she has always been trying to go up the mountain but always fails.

Lin Luoran’s palms are sweaty thinking there might be a Rank Eight monster with the personal ability of the Gathering Vitality period behind an ancient tree on the hillside.

She only has personal ability of the early period of Bearing Essence. How can she calm down?

The wind blows gently across her cheeks. This deep and misty mountain is filled with ripe berries of all colors whose flesh almost breaks through the peel. Hanging on treetops or branches, they are letting out a seductive fragrance.

Lin Luoran can’t help but take a deep breath. This fruitful picture reminds her of the backyard in the Lins’ Villa.

The loquat planted last year should have matured now.

Leaving aside these imaginary fantasies, Lin Luoran’s eyes focus on this mountain and forest in front of her.

She has pictured here for many times. This place is absolutely the top-level in the monster forest. How dangerous will it be? However, when she really climbs up the mountain, she finds it is a paradise characterizing a fine spring day.

Lin Luoran dare not relax along the way. She only wants to take advantage of high-rank monsters’ napping time and then climb up as high as possible. Because she has to avoid monsters, she only reaches the middle of the mountain two hours later.

This mountain is higher than she expected.

Lin Luoran has never expected anything here so she doesn’t dare to be reckless. A few minutes ago, she heard tiger howling in the distance. Their nap time should be over.

She wants to cross the mountain quickly. However, her mind tells her if she is hasty to take action, she will lose her life in vain.

Even if she doesn’t value her own life, her friends and relatives of the Lin family are expecting her. Lin Luoran doesn’t want to die in this monster forest.

She can’t be in a hurry this time.

Lin Luoran feels it is a great shame but she still explores the terrain nearby quickly.

The sound of running water comes from the hillside. Lin Luoran walks carefully for a while and find a small waterfall after she turns around the mountain wall.

There is a rock slope with many stairs below the waterfall. The water here flows like silver wires and falls into a small green water pond below the mountain.

Lin Luoran looks around for a while. This place is hidden behind the slope and shrubs. It looks like a relatively secret place but maybe monsters will come here to drink water. It’s a dangerous and safe choice at the same time.

She hesitates for a while and eventually gives up this place.

Perhaps it’s safer if she hides in space?

It’s less eye-catching compared with a big living person as long as she can hide the sacred pearl well.

Lin Luoran finds some bushes far away from the waterfall. This plant is growing to a person’s waist. Its branches are old and hard and its leaves are not much larger than that of cactus. At first glance, maybe vegetarian monsters will not be interested in it.

Lin Luoran thinks this is a good place for her. She looks around carefully. After making sure there are no chewing marks or monster footprints, she lies on these bushes.

In fact, these branches are not very hard so she will not be very embarrassed when she comes out of space.

Lin Luoran uses her spiritual power and gets into space.

The sacred pearl rolls on the roots of the bushes as usual without support. It is then covered by a dead leaf. There is nothing unusual here and it looks like a very safe place.

Lin Luoran enters the space and then she can finally relax. Sitting on a swing tied to apple tree branches, for a moment, she really wants to hide in space forever so she doesn’t have to go outside to live days making her nervous.

“What? Do you regret about looking for Penglai?”

Fire phoenix comes out from somewhere. It shakes its head and looks very bitchy.

Lin Luoran also shakes her head.

Born in a poor family, Lin Luoran has learned she must face it actively once she makes a choice. Because of her family situation, she can’t get tons of opportunities easily as her peers, let alone waste them.

She definitely doesn’t regret about coming to Penglai. However, this extra-dimensional space is extremely spacious. She is worried when she can really find Mount Penglai.

What is waiting for her after she crosses the mountain?

Her fighting in the past half year brings tons of various monster boluses to space. She brings some of them here everyday so now there are no less than two or three hundred. These things are piled up on the ground by Lin Luoran, together with some useful claws, tails, and skin peeled off from monsters. At this time, they look colorful and various in kind.

Although they are mainly low-rank monster boluses and materials, they are still a valuable asset in the world of cultivation earlier. Lin Luoran plays with monster boluses in her hands. She has been used to the tense and nervous life for the past six months and now she can’t get used to hiding in this safe place for a while.

People may over think things when they have much spare time so Lin Luoran decides to arrange things in space once again.

The spirit herbs replanted here are growing well. Too much fruit on a tree may become a problem. Maybe she has to put fruit thinning on the schedule?

It is not a good habit to waste food so she can’t pick off fruit and throw it away. Lin Luoran thinks about it and decides to make some spirit wine. It will not waste fruit and can also divert her attention.

Lin Luoran is busy in space for half a day. She makes four jars of wine and four jars of apple cider. She also tries two jars of mango flavor for the first time to have a test.

Lin Luoran even makes herself a big meal. For the first time in six months, she has Sichuan cuisine looking and smelling so amazing. Lin Luoran is about to cry when she smells this familiar taste of her hometown.

Lying on the big bed in the room, Lin Luoran has a short rest.

She finds that there is a very modern laptop in the room which she has never turned it on before. Now she wants to have a try. However, fire phoenix says something is going on outside the space and asks her to take a look.

What happens?

Lin Luoran is about to ask it when the ground of space begins to shake.

The space can’t upgrade all of a sudden… then it must be something wrong outside. Lin Luoran grits her teeth but fire phoenix pulls her back. It moves its claws and a fire mirror appears.

Outside world can be seen in this mirror. It turns out that a white bear somehow picks up the sacred pearl and it is shaking it fiercely. It seems that it still wants to bite it in its mouth to check if the pearl is strong enough.

Of course, she can’t allow it. Lin Luoran has no idea about how strong the sacred pearl is. Thinking the strange flowers, grasses, and the three souls of departed will all be over if the space is crushed, she somehow becomes courageous and screams: Stop!

It doesn’t matter if she is asking it to stop its hand or mouth. What is important is that Lin Luoran’s voice really passes out with the help of fire phoenix.

“Rank Eight.” Fire phoenix says stealthily in her ear.

A Rank Eight monster? Lin Luoran looks pale. She has hidden in space but still cannot escape from the crisis?

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