Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 386 - Human, What Can You Do?

Chapter 386 Human, What Can You Do?

“A human?”

The white bear is so surprised at hearing someone talking in the pearl. It raises the pearl high and looks at it in the moonlight. It is trying to see through it. In the reddish moonlight, the sacred pearl is glowing faintly. Unfortunately, the white bear cannot see what is inside the sacred pearl.

Lin Luoran is stunned in space.

She has seen countless monsters in the past six months but never met one which has the ability to speak. Lin Luoran really forgets the fact that some monsters can really speak even before humanizing and becoming beast cultivators. The old monkey in Bermuda is a typical example. Its personal ability is ridiculously low but it actually talks and does things as a human being.

This Rank Eight white bear can also talk like a human?

Lin Luoran suddenly has some power. Anyhow, talking is an ability to communicate. She is just a little cultivator of Bearing Essence who can only defeat the Rank Eight monster in her wildest dream. However, what if she can communicate with it?

She doesn’t know if it will make a difference. However, if the monster continues to pinch the sacred pearl, it may be crushed. In this case, she will be really helpless.

The white bear checks the pearl for many times but still can’t find anything strange. Its seemingly honest face suddenly has a sneaky look.

“Human in this pearl, if you still stay there, Lord Bear will smash this damn pearl!”

After a while, a female voice rings, “Lord Bear? Is this your name?”

Well, it is the same voice as before and it is really a human. Only the human race pays attention to many troublesome things such as names. The white bear murmurs, “Get out and talk.”

The white bear can’t get used to how they talk through space. Lin Luoran also feels it is a waste of fire phoenix’s ability. Get out and talk? From what this monster says, it may not want to fight with her or kill her now. Lin Luoran is not sure if this is the monster’s disguise.

Her personal ability is low and they are not equal in strength. Therefore, the secret of sacred pearl space will be exposed. Lin Luoran definitely can’t stay in space anymore.

“You put the sacred pearl on the ground and step back. I will then come out.”

Lin Luoran tries to negotiate with the white bear. She feels so nervous at this moment.

The Rank Eight white bear monster looks really curious about the sacred pearl where she is hiding. After thinking for a while, it actually puts the sacred pearl under a tree as Lin Luoran says. It backs away a little and waits for Lin Luoran to come out with its arms folded.

Lin Luoran feels so weird when seeing a white bear which is more than two meters in height fold its arms like a human. Lin Luoran signals fire phoenix to remove the fire mirror and takes a deep breath. She leaves space eventually.

Lin Luoran never thinks of running away in such a short distance.

The white bear looks clumsy. However, it is a Rank Eight monster which means having the personal ability above the middle Gathering Vitality period. By contrast, Lin Luoran is just in the early Bearing Essence period. There is a big realm and a few small realms between them. She is not confident about escaping.

If Lin Luoran is not fully assured, she usually chooses doing nothing as a strategy to cope with changing conditions.

“Well, you human girl seems not to be afraid of your Lord Bear?”

The white bear stands not far away with arms folded. It has been looking at Lin Luoran since she appeared. Although it hardly moves or talks, Lin Luoran still feels the pressure from its two-meter body.

Lin Luoran doesn’t know this kind of natural pressure is because of realm differences or the white bear’s huge body.

She also looks at the white bear up and down stealthily. Lin Luoran finally smiles calmly, “Of course I am afraid of you. But it’s obvious that I can’t defeat you so my fear is useless.”

Lin Luoran likes to talk to smart people because they always have a plan for things. They will not do things in vain. This is a smart white bear. Lin Luoran feels it is better than other monsters which only regard her as dessert and want to eat her the moment they meet.

People only have a chance when they are alive.

The white bear shows a complex look. Its clumsy body flickers and then it has already reached Lin Luoran.

The bear seems to be looking at a delicate toy. It lowers its head with its more-than-two-meters-tall body and says in a low voice, “Human girl, what can you do?”

Uh, what does it mean?

Lin Luoran thinks about many countermeasures, but she didn’t expect the white bear to ask this question.

What can she do? She totally freezes. How should she answer this question? Does this Rank Eight monster want her to help it? Lin Luoran really admires herself about coming up with this idea. What a weird idea it is!

White bear suddenly pats her. Lin Luoran doesn’t prepare for it and passes out.

Damn, monster’s guarantee is really bullshit!

Lin Luoran has a dream about holding a barbecue party with relatives and friends in a backyard. It seems that Cui Wanlu accidentally burns the meat.

She is half-asleep and always smells the burnt meat. Lin Luoran really can’t appreciate her little apprentice’s talent in cooking. She opens her eyes with dissatisfaction and wakes up suddenly.

Lin Luoran first sees a very special roof with logs as beams and large green leaves as tiles. It looks very original. But where is the bad Rank Eight monster made her unconscious? Thinking of it, Lin Luoran totally wakes up and she sits up.

What comes into her sight is a wooden hut of seventy to eighty square meters.

The floor is covered with flat wooden boards and the fur of an unknown monster is on the place where Lin Luoran lied. It is a bare room with no other furnishings.

The smell of burnt meat comes from the outside. It’s not a dream?

Lin Luoran kneads her neck and stands up to walk out.

This place is near a mountain brook. White bear starts a fire outside the wooden hut. A monster looks like a deer is skewered by a wooden stick. It has almost been burnt. The Rank Eight monster white bear has the personal ability of Gathering Vitality but it is still helpless near the fire.

The bear looks up and sees Lin Luoran coming out. It grabs her wrist fiercely.

“Do you know how to barbecue you human girl?!”

Lin Luoran has lived for so many years and only these old monsters which no one knows how old they are will call her girl.

Does this white bear catch her just for barbecue?

Lin Luoran glances at the scorched black object above the fire. She feels a little funny and pleased, “Of course I can barbecue… but I am afraid the ingredient is no longer eatable .”

The white bear stares at her. Ingredient is an easy thing for it to handle.

“If you run away, other old things may not be as nice as Lord Bear…”

Lin Luoran nods. She doesn’t want to challenge this Rank Eight monster. If this bear is not dangerous, she definitely wants to build a friendship with it.

The white bear disappears in the dense forest. When it reappears, the sky is a little bright.

Lin Luoran can see it dragging a wolf of Wind and hanging several rabbits of Fire on its arms. It finally returns to the vacant lot in front of the wooden hut.

She knows her job now very well. There is a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Lin Luoran’s good cooking skills can save her life at this moment—in order to survive under the claws of this Rank Eight monster, she has to be a good cook.

Lin Luoran drags the wolf of Wind to the side of the stream to gut it. She is quick and efficient like a qualified and professional cook.

Ordinary wolf meat is a little rougher than dog meat. Lin Luoran finds a clean blue stone and pats all the thick muscle fibers hard. She then starts to put a variety of spices, including orange peels for deodorizing, into the belly of the wolf of Wind.

The white bear feels very curious aside. From time to time, it asks Lin Luoran what kind of spice she is using. Lin Luoran finds it difficult to explain things to a monster like why she can’t add too much fennel… As for how much spice should be added, Lin Luoran only follows her intuition when she cooks. Does she have to tell the monster what “gram” means?

She finally decides to tell the bear boldly that if it wants to have a nice barbecue, it can no longer say a word!

Waiting for its answer in just a few seconds and stared by the bear, Lin Luoran almost can’t hold on to the stick in her hand. This is the natural oppression from the high realm.

Lin Luoran does not flinch under pressure. She finally gets the permission to cook quietly.

The fire is burning brightly. She puts the entire wolf of Wind on the fire and brushes honey carefully for many times. Lin Luoran turns it over regularly. Less than half an hour later, the fragrance flies out from the wolf meat.

The white bear is impatient and somewhat looks down on Lin Luoran. It seems that it feels Lin Luoran’s cooking is nothing.

Lin Luoran doesn’t explain and continues to roast the wolf. When the whole golden wolf is sizzling with oil, Lin Luoran gently cuts open the previously sealed belly.

Dozens of spices are mixed with each other, making white bear feel more tempted than how it is when seeing many Reiki materials.

Lin Luoran only sees a faint figure and then the roasted wolf is gone. Soon there is only a pile of bones left. The white bear leans against the pillar of the wooden hut, burping with satisfaction, ” Human… you… what else can you do? ”

Lin Luoran frowns first. Thinking for a while, she feels at ease.

“If you’re talking about something that ordinary people can do, it is no problem for me. But now the question is, what can you give me?”

The white bear leans its head. The previously satisfied expression on its furry face is gone and only curiosity about Lin Luoran remains.

Such a weak human woman has the courage to ask for things?

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