Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 387 - Time Elapses Without Traces in the Mountain (I)

Chapter 387 Time Elapses Without Traces in the Mountain (I)

The monster forest next to the Sea of Sin runs for hundreds of kilometers. One day elapses quickly as the alternating of blood moon and pale sun. After living here, Lin Luoran finally knows the reason why all monsters here are so aggressive.

Battles never stop in this place and there are only summer and winter in a year. Lin Luoran came here at the beginning of summer. However, the winter comes in a flash after she lived on the mountainside temporarily.

She wakes up one day and notices it begins to snow. Jumping to the top of a tree to look down, she finds the monster forest with hundreds of kilometers square has been covered by snow overnight. It’s all white.

Just in a few hours, summer turns into winter.

All kinds of berries and grass in the forest which are the food of low-rank herbivorous monsters like rabbits of Fire or jumping sheep are buried in the snow overnight and then wither immediately. Lin Luoran doesn’t pay much attention to this problem at first. She just feels it is a pity because she is quite interested in many species here.

Lin Luoran owns space so she doesn’t know what kind of changes the situation without seasonal transition will bring to the monster forest.

But less than a week later, she first notices the winter of the monster forest is really horrible in a certain way—she is tanned. It’s not that Lin Luoran pays too much attention to her appearance. The truth is cultivators’ metabolism is very fast and their cells are very active. Under normal circumstances, pigmentation will never retain in their body. Therefore, how can she be tanned? It means the pale sun above her head has a different power than it looks in this snowy season.

The snow has not melted then maybe there is something strange about the wavelength of sunlight. Lin Luoran is not an expert in this field. After researching for half a day, she still fails in analyzing it so she can only give up.

The weather today is fine and the heavy snow lasting for a few days finally stops. Lin Luoran comes out of the cave as her temporary residence and she finds the snow is over her knees. After checking it, she thinks it will not snow again in the next half day so she decides to start working.

The deal with the white bear will make her stay longer in the monster forest but things will be much safer for her. Of course, there are gains and losses. In addition to the last deal, the white bear as a Rank Eight monster doesn’t have the duty to protect Lin Luoran at ordinary days. She still has to know how to survive in this mountain full of high-rank monsters on her own account… When Lin Luoran is out of the territory of the white bear, every second is a challenge for her.

A great challenge.

Lin Luoran looks at the towering mountain top. If she really ran across the mountain as she had planned, she would be torn into pieces and thrown down the hill like that double-headed antelope.

At first, she was still doubtful about what the white bear said. Late in the night a few days ago, the white bear led her stealthily behind a double-headed antelope which also wanted to climb over the mountain. However, it turned into minced meat and was dropped down within a few seconds after reaching the top of the mountain. In the whole process, Lin Luoran only heard a low but powerful monster roaring. It means the Rank Nine monster had indeed did something. How the antelope died had also proved it.

“Without Lord Bear, you would end up like it after you climb up the mountain.”

The white bear brought Lin Luoran to the bottom of the mountain. Only the four horns were still intact. After rolling down from the mountain, the other parts of the two-headed antelope had fallen apart and its original appearance could not be seen. She and the white bear came here very fast and other monsters were still stunned because of the mountaintop monster’s roaring. Therefore, the monster bolus of the two-headed antelope was preserved.

The white bear dug it out and threw it to Lin Luoran like playing marbles.

Low-key but splendid light, plenty of Reiki…Wasn’t it Rank Seven monster’s bolus? Lin Luoran made this conclusion as soon as she touched it.

The white bear was trying to say that the monster top in the mountain could kill the Rank Seven monster in a blow.

Lin Luoran pursed her lips tightly without saying a word.

What about her? She was just in the early Bearing Essence period and couldn’t even defeat a Rank Seven monster. If she wanted to go over the mountain, would the only way be what the white bear had suggested?

Lin Luoran couldn’t come up with a reason why the white bear wanted to trick her as a little female cultivator. In her subconsciousness, she even tried to avoid thinking about this question. If the bear really fooled her, what else should she do?

Lin Luoran stops recalling. After looking around, she focuses on a large cockroach-shaped tree.

She decides to cut down this tree.

The dangerous thing is that it may belong to another high-rank monster.

Lin Luoran shows a wicked smile. Isn’t the white bear very powerful? It seems it has many enemies. In this case, one more means nothing.

She cuts the tree bursting out splendid sword light. After a blow, the big tree falls down from the root. Lin Luoran runs like she has a burning tail. She drags the iron phoebe of thousand years old and sneaks back to the territory of the white bear in a flash.

Lin Luoran has made great noise and the trace of the big tree on the ground is obviously telling that this tree is stolen by the white bear.

She steps into the territory of the white bear and a black shadow soon follows here. The black and white shadows are fighting indistinguishably. Lin Luoran takes a long breath and starts chopping those branches with the Bright Sword.

The white bear looks angry and sweaty when it is back. It sees that Lin Luoran is carefully arranging the wood cut into two inches thick. The bear becomes curious so it doesn’t dredge up what happens earlier.

“So you can build a house now?” The white bear knocks on the iron phoebe. Under its great power, the wood still doesn’t break down. Instead, it rings a dull sound. The house made of solid wood will definitely be very strong. From how Lin Luoran chooses materials, it can tell her taste is not bad. The white bear feels it is worthwhile to fight with the black bull just now.

Lin Luoran has known how strong this kind of wood is a long time ago. If she had not cut it with her full personal ability of the Bearing Essence period, she might not have been able to cut it down with one blow. She has also tried very hard to separate the whole iron phoebe into these parts.

“Of course not. These are just for walls. If you want to build a house, there are more preliminary preparations.”

Lin Luoran answers grumpily. In fact, building a small wooden hut is nothing for her with her ability. However, the white bear made a deal with her. It will definitely not satisfy with a normal wooden hut.

To be exact, Lin Luoran’s task now is to build a house on her own which can meet the requirements of this white bear on this mountainside according to the terrain and the environment—it’s a house not a hut. Lin Luoran really hopes she had chosen architecture as her major. At least, it would also be awesome if she had studied the branch of ancient architecture when she was studying ancient documents!

This must be a huge and time-consuming project, especially during a snowy season.

Lin Luoran rubs her frozen red hands. She finds another depressing thing about the monster forest in winter.

Except for the pale sun above her head, the snow under her feet is many times colder than the snow outside.

This is really bad news.

Lin Luoran finally chooses the place near the small waterfall she discovered before.

The place is secluded enough, in line with the artistic beauty idea of the ancient Chinese people. There are mountains and water here. With a wide vista, the bear can appreciate the beautiful scenery of water falling on rocks. For the white bear which is vulgar but always tries to be elegant, it should be a perfect place.

Anyway, Lin Luoran will not admit it’s nice because she can build one less wall if the house is against the mountain wall.

Lin Luoran clears a large vacant lot near the waterfall and starts to lay the foundation. She once planned to build the whole house with strong wood like iron phoebe, but the white bear was very demanding. It suddenly came up with the idea of adding heating in its house.

She feels the white bear is so annoying. This requirement is totally a waste of time. It is true that the winter of the monster forest is exceptionally cold. However, does the monster with the personal ability of eighth rank also need to keep warm?

Lin Luoran is a bit angry but she has to give up her previous plan.

If the bear wants the heating stuff, floor heating and fireplace are the choices. It will be very impractical if she builds the house all with wood material. Maybe she has to use brick and wood together.

Lin Luoran accepts her fate. She is not as powerful as the white bear so she can only make concessions. Changing the design drawings, she also changes her original plans.

Because she is not experienced, she can only rely on some mechanical knowledge. With the help of spells and the flying sword, Lin Luoran still spends a week on laying the foundation and paving the drainage system.

Next, she still has to burn bricks! Lin Luoran sometimes has a helpless idea. If she really succeeds in building this house, she will become a qualified pioneer even when she is left on a planet in the middle of nowhere!

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