Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 389 - All Monsters Come to Congratulate on the

Chapter 389 All Monsters Come to Congratulate on the

Construction of the House

“About three thousand winters ago, there was a monster of wood. Oh, do you know what is a monster of wood? It’s said that his body is a sycamore. He heard that there was an immortal preaching in Mount Penglai, so he went here…”

The white bear is illuminated by the fire. With a huge bear head, it is deep in its own memory like a sad girl putting her head in her hands. Well, this is a weird simile but it’s just that the white bear’s memory is too ridiculous for Lin Luoran.

The monster of wood it is talking about… maybe is the ancestor of the monsters of wood that is said to have successfully found Penglai and learned a lot of arts of nature.

Three thousand winters mean three thousand years. The time and the event are all connected. This is a big coincidence.

“Are you talking about a delicate tree monster which people can’t even tell if it’s a female or a male?” Lin Luoran takes a deep breath.

The white bear finally gets the disgusting look as a girl indulging in a fantasy off its face. It is surprised, “Do you know him? From your bone age, you don’t even witness 50 winters. How can you know the monster of wood? He is right. Humans are natural liars. ”

Lin Luoran doesn’t care about the depreciation from these monsters. She suddenly realizes it, “Did the monster of wood pass through the mountain in the way you said before?”

The white bear stares at her with contempt, “He fought with the one on the top of the mountain and then walked out of here. You little girl eats meat all day but don’t even have a brain?”

Lin Luoran feels wordless because of this white bear. This big bear looks simple and honest. However, if it has seen the ancestor of the monsters of wood, isn’t it more than 3,000 years old? Even a broken bowl can become an antique after three thousand years. It is so normal for a bear to be smarter than a person!

More importantly, a bear more than 3,000 years old should have a comprehensive understanding of the entire monster forest and the high mountain. The plan it proposed now looks feasible.

Lin Luoran feels she is more energetic when curving windows. After a long time when she recalls this moment, she finally realizes how sly this white bear is. It always puts some baits for her when she is about to give up or feels bored…

On the day the house is completed, it’s snowing in great feathery flakes. Lin Luoran looks at the outcome of her hard work for more than five months. She can hardly believe every brick and tile of these buildings covering more than ten acres are made by her own hands.

She has diverted the waterfall to the house as drinking water. The ancient house can only get water from wells but the water pipes made of bamboo tubes can overcome this shortcoming. The thin bamboo tubes are almost as convenient as the tap water of modern society.

The snow flows continually in winter and it has covered the mountains. The entire house is wrapped in silver.

However, there are still gurgling heat and fish swimming in a man-made stream running through buildings.

You can enjoy hot springs, catch fish, and play in the water here because many Rank Six or Seven monster boluses of Fire are paved under the stream. They are the white bear’s savings over the years. In the nourishment of the fire Reiki, an artificial holiday resort with hot springs is made.

It is the same theory as the geothermal energy. Anyway, the white bear is rich in materials. It can make it a cooling air conditioner in the summer by replacing monster boluses of the Fire with the Water under the indoor floor. This kind of thing is really extravagant.

Each door is at least more than three meters high for the convenience of the owner.

The furniture here is all like that of the Ming and Qing dynasty. Lin Luoran makes it herself and it is twice the size of an ordinary one. Painting is a problem. Eventually, she decides to paint a layer of transparent resin. It shows another sense of elegance and simplicity and it is really an unexpected joy for Lin Luoran, a stylist who also has many other jobs.

Of course, her satisfaction means nothing. What matters is the owner white bear accepting it.

Lin Luoran shows it around. She doesn’t know if the white bear has actually seen a house of human beings. It doesn’t make a comment and doesn’t criticize the house she made either. Maybe it feels satisfied?

Lin Luoran herself is very satisfied with the paved green stones as drains. When snow melts in summer, the snow on the roof will melt into water. The drainage system here will ensure that these buildings will not be engulfed by a large sudden waterfall.

Hollowed-out walls, root carvings on the corner which vines will definitely cover in the summer, vases with eight immortals’ portraits, hexagonal round stools, and an artistic bed… everything is made by Lin Luoran herself.

Her ingenious thoughts are needed everywhere. Lin Luoran is just building a house, but she sometimes thinks it is not different from personal ability enhancement.

She is about to think the mystery in it when the white bear informs her that a guest is coming and she has to prepare for it.

Who is coming?

Lin Luoran can only act as a little maid with doubts. She has made one extra set of big bowls and saucers and now it is the time to use it. How clever the decision is!

She decides to make a big meal. The main purpose is to treat herself who has worked so hard for half a year.

The mountain is covered by snow and the conventional food in the monster forest is very scarce, let alone making a feast with cold and hot dishes. For the first time, Lin Luoran takes the ingredients out of space.

Rabbit Cooked with Taro is a common home-cooked dish in the central Sichuan province. This time the difference is that the ingredients are the rabbits of Fire. Processed wolf meat cooked with radish will taste similar to beef. Lin Luoran has plenty of fishes because she can get them from the stream. Some of them are made with broad bean sauce, some are made with mushrooms for soup, and some are made into grilled fish. Lin Luoran and the bear have eaten many rabbits of Fire for so long and white bear never likes rabbits’ heads because they are dry and meatless. Lin Luoran has been away from home for a long time and she really misses the taste of Spicy Rabbit Head very much. Therefore, she has stealthily stored a lot of rabbits’ heads in space which should have been thrown away long ago.

This time the white bear and its guest are really lucky! Lin Luoran takes out various spices and marinates the rabbit heads.

There are fresh lettuces pulling out from the black soil ground of space. She juliennes them together with carrots and cucumbers. Dressed with sauce, it is a refreshing cold dish called Three Slices Salad. She also got some golden pheasants’ eggs last time. Now she can make Tomato Soup with Egg.

Lin Luoran wanders around the space. She seldom comes here because she is afraid that going in and out of the space will make the white bear be interested in the sacred pearl. The fire phoenix and others are crazily bored without her. They keep talking to her. Lin Luoran pinches convolvulus in the vegetable field while fire phoenix keeps chattering.

She leaves with a bunch of vegetables. The white bear checks her once but it doesn’t care about where these colorful vegetables are from. It is obvious that it doubts how these “grass” can be delicious.

The bear always has no right to comment Lin Luoran’s cooking, so it can only pinch its nose and goes out to greet guests—according to Lin Luoran, humans treat guests with tea. The human race girl has some tea with a light touch of Reiki. It must get some from her.

Lin Luoran throws a few jars of tea to please the white bear and she finally gets the time to cook.

About half an hour later, the table is finally full and she is able to see the so-called guest.

Well, there is more than one?!

There is a three-tailed squirrel, a black ox bigger than the white bear, and a wreathing python that is taller than a table even without a stool… are these all white bear’s friends?

They look around the house and then look at her. Lin Luoran deeply suspects that these monsters are here to gossip.

Two raccoons with slim waists come in arm in arm. Lin Luoran finally realizes that there are some other monsters visiting other rooms and one table is totally not enough. Maybe she has to add another table.

Lin Luoran has her supper with two tables of monsters. She doesn’t know what ranks the friends of the white bear are. However, she soon discovers they all have a common feature: they can speak.

Not all of them are as clumsy as the white bear who can’t even make a barbecue. For example, the raccoon sisters are elegant like a pair of ladies.

Lin Luoran also contributes some new brewed fruit wine. All monsters have a good time and she is also very drunk at the end of the banquet. Lying on the table, Lin Luoran sleeps quite soundly.

The black ox can’t speak clearly because it is so drunk. It presses the white bear with its hooves. “I can forgive you for stealing my iron phoebe for the sake of this dinner.”

The white bear glances at it and despises it very much.

Sister raccoons smile gently, “This human is very interesting. Can you ask her to build a house for us?”

The white bear shakes its head, “She wants to go to the other side of this mountain. The monster forest can’t keep her.”

Sister raccoons change their complexion.

The other side of the mountain? If it were easy to go there, why would do they have to be trapped in this boring forest and suppress their personal ability in the eighth rank?

“I heard that the temper of the one is much worse now. It’s a pity that such a funny human being cannot return anymore.” The python sighs and swallows a plate of fish with broad bean sauce. It closes its eyes and enjoys the food while saying it.

The white bear drinks all the spirit wine. It does not tell its friends that it decides to fulfill its promise and sends Lin Luoran to the other side of the mountain.

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