Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Bone marrow cleansing

Lin Luoran turns on the light and takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.

Although Lin Luoran was fairly calm when she discovers the mysterious space, she inevitably almost loses control—The generation grows up under the red flag and receives atheist education should be able to understand her feelings right now…

Lin Luoran stands up and stamps her feet. If all of this is real, should she use that spring to irrigate vegetables and sell them on the market?

Thinking of the only 1600 yuan in her wallet, Lin Luoran has to make a fast plan.

She is decisive. If it hasn’t been dark outside, she might rush out to buy some seeds at once.

It’s best for her to rest early so that she can get up early tomorrow. Anyhow, things happened in the mysterious space are definitely not bad. She must at least try to seize the opportunity of shaking off poverty.

Lin Luoran remembers the fruit she brought back. She hasn’t decided whether to eat it or not!

Wait a second!

Lin Luoran rubs her eyes in order to make sure she is not hallucinating. It has only been a few minutes. How come the fruit looks discolored?

Is it going to go bad?

Lin Luoran frowns. If the fruit is indeed a magical restorative, she will cry to death if it is wasted. Although the sapling is still there, no one could guarantee when it will bear another fruit…

Like a prisoner being tortured, Lin Luoran determinedly put the fruit into her mouth. It slips into her stomach before she even tastes anything.

In hindsight, she realizes that she didn’t even wash it!

Nevertheless, Lin Luoran feels nothing unusual after lying on the couch for half an hour… Magical restorative, bullshit! Lin Luoran gets furious because she is so disappointed when things don’t go as she expected.

She gets up instantly. The bead on her waist is still glowing and she has no way to take it off. Lin Luoran can enter that mysterious space if she wants and the grass will be green and the spring will be as clear as before. What’s different is that Lin Luoran has lost the confidence of getting rid of poverty through the space.

It is worthless!

Lin Luoran gives a definition to the space resentfully. But she then feels that she is an immature little girl, which is quite funny.

This is totally a windfall. Things will be better if her expectation can be reached, but there is no need to get annoyed if not. At least the space can serve as a portable warehouse. With such thoughts, Lin Luoran finally calms down. She looks at the wall clock. It’s already 10 o’clock. She should go to sleep now so that she will be energetic to get a new job tomorrow!

Lin Luoran seldom puts on any makeup so it only takes her a few minutes to get ready for sleep.

Lying on the bed, she subconsciously compels herself to sleep. However, the image of Li Anping keeps appearing in her head. All her calmness while talking to him in Fortune House was faked. After all, they had been together for over seven years. She will hate to be apart with a pet dog, let alone a man.

Sad and resentful, Lin Luoran’s got a headache. She tosses and turns on the bed and finally falls asleep.

The wall clock points at 11:45. Moonlight shines onto the bead on her waist.

The bead leads the moonlight to circle around Lin Luoran, making her sleep so comfortable that her frowning brows are relaxed.

The light is gradually absorbed by Lin Luoran. Tic toc, tic toc, the clock’s hands overlap with each other. It is 12 o’clock sharp. According to the ancient Chinese chronometry, it is the exact time when Yin culminates.

Extreme Yin breads a bit of early Yang. Right at this perfect timing, the warm fruit Lin Luoran ate before eventually burst out endless efficacy!

Heat flow rises from her belly and instantly breaks through Lin Luoran’s untrained meridians.

Pain, so much pain. Lin Luoran feels like she is being roasted in a stove. What is happening to her?!

Sharp pain keeps striking her body. Lin Luoran is in so much pain, but she cannot wake herself up from sleep.

If she can’t wake up, it is ok to fall in deeper sleep… This thought vaguely comes to her mind and Lin Luoran passes out because of the pain…

The sweeping efficacy runs over and over Lin Luoran’s body, which bears so much exhaustion during all these difficult years. Her meridians burst open one after another, and constantly being restored by the spring water she drank before and the Reiki channeled from the bead.

Fortunately, Lin Luoran has passed out, or else she might die from the pain.

Being fainted, Lin Luoran does not know that she has eaten a “flame fruit”. It is originally a famous fruit of spirit in the world of cultivation, which ranks higher than the legendary medicinal plants like red fruit. All people in the world of cultivation would break their head to scramble for a fruit of spirit like this. Lin Luoran, who had received no training before, accidentally ate it. Almost 70% to 80% of the efficacy of the flame fruit is wasted, so all it can do is to cleanse her bone marrow and her meridians. Besides, the rest of its efficacy is stored in Lin Luoran’s meridians and body.

Clearing meridian is just one of the reasons why flame fruit is so awesome. Novels always make “bone marrow cleansing and meridian clearing” a huge topic. While in fact, it is quite easy to clear meridians for there are many medicines for this even in the mortal world. However, “bone marrow cleansing”— improving a person’s essential quality of cultivation, is uncommon.

The efficacy of the flame fruit doesn’t stop flowing in Lin Luoran’s body for over three hours. Lin Luoran is covered by a layer of black sweat, which gradually turns into a huge dark cocoon.

It looks like that the bead is also worn out. It lies beside Lin Luoran’s waist quietly after sensing her body is no longer boiling hot. The light of the bead starts to dim.

“Beep, beep.” Lin Luoran wakes up when the bedside alarm clock rings.

Her eyelids are so dry that scurf falls off when she rubs them… Lin Luoran keeps rubbing and feels the strangeness. Why there is scurf on her hands as well?

She suddenly comes to her sense. Lin Luoran opens her eyes and sees the strange state of her body!

She is covered by a black crust which smells awful. Her sheet and quilt are dirty.

Still in a blur, Lin Luoran remembers the boiling hot and pain in her body last night. God, isn’t that a dream?

Mysterious space, fruit, pain… Connecting the three factors, Lin Luoran realizes something. She rushes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror. Stains cover her face except the eyes. Lin Luoran blinks. The foggy mirror even becomes cleaner.

Her hands are shaking. She reaches to her face, holding back the joy.

As she expects—After rubbing off all the black and smelly cuticle, the skin of her face and hands is tender and fair. Lin Luoran jumps into the shower, cheering…

Washing off all the stink and dirt, Lin Luoran is amazed at herself in the mirror.

Her skin is white, smooth and elastic like a boiled egg without shell. Her cheeks are rosy. Her hair looks like the best piece of silk, black and shining.

Her appearance doesn’t change. Only the dumbness in her eyes turns to spirits. She looks stunning like the way ancient people describe those charming and attractive ones.

Generally, she is still herself, but looks completely different.

She looks at least five years younger!

Lin Luoran takes a while to calm herself down. It is almost noon. She was going to search for new jobs today, which seems to fall through.

Staring blankly at nothing, Lin Luoran bursts into laughter. Her attitude is still old. She should forget about work and try to figure out the actual effect of that mysterious space and the spring!

Lin Luoran looks around the house. Everything in it is old and shabby. They look dusky no matter how hard Lin Luoran tries to clean.

Also, Lin Luoran didn’t have the mood for taking care of those dedicate flowers before. There is just a polygonum multiflorum which she coincidently picked up from the market, weakly clinging to the window.

Lin Luoran only picked it up to use it in soup in order to condition her hair… But now, it can be of greater use!

With a smile, Lin Luoran sets her eyes on the polygonum multiflorum.

The wind blows and its leaves shake, as if it is responding to its malevolent master…

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