Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Color and Medicine Field

Lin Luoran takes the pot with the fleece flower in it. Fleet flower is a natural medicine to blacken hair. It can be found everywhere by the corner of houses in the countryside. Eating fleet flower can really make people’s hair blacker. Lin Luoran can’t figure out the reason why it parallels panaceas like ginseng and Ganoderma.

Perhaps this is because the plant is too young to have stronger efficacies.

The leaves of the fleet flower are dusty. Lin Luoran feels embarrassed to take the dusty plant to the mysterious space so she fetches a basin of water to wash it. However, it puzzles her that the fleet flower still looks dirty after she has washed it several times.

She feels something wrong. Lin Luoran moves the pot to the balcony to have a closer look. She then finds out the strangeness.

These leaves are clean enough, at least in the normal way. The reason why Lin Luoran thinks it is dirty is that there are wisps of gray smoke around the whole plant. Besides, a stream of green smoke is stretching in the center of the vine. Every time the green smoke spreads, the gray smoke backs off a little bit; when the green smoke draws back, the gray smoke extends. “Smoke” of two different colors seems to be having a great and lasting battle!

For now, the green smoke is losing…

Lin Luoran wishes to look a little longer, but her eyes are dry. She have used them too much. Lin Luoran closes her eyes but her mood swings.

Did she just see Reiki, or the life essence of plants?

Lin Luoran takes a deep breath and opens her eyes. Probably the fruit does not just change her appearance. Something more beautiful and magical might have happened to her.

She looks back at the fleet flower. This time, the gray and the green smoke are gone, and the plant is wilted again.

Lin Luoran can only see the gray and green smoke when she is concentrated. She feels blessed and looks up to the outside through the security window.

The advantage of an old neighborhood is that the flowers and trees were planted years ago, and they have grown quite tall and strong. Not far away from her window is a tall hibiscus. It is the flowering season. Pink and red flowers intersperse among green leaves, presenting a beautiful and lively view.

Lin Luoran takes a careful look at the hibiscus and finds the same green-and-gray-smoke situation happening to it. The two kinds of smoke are in a stalemate. Being different from the fleet flower, the thickest spots of the hibiscus’s green smoke are around the flowers.

Moreover, the gray smoke is also flowing in the air, being inhaled by innocent passengers.

Lin Luoran is startled. She hurries to look back at herself.

The gray smoke is rushing at her and flowing around. However, it is scared off by an invisible demon at approximately a meter from where Lin Luoran is standing.

What? Why the gray smoke can’t get any closer to her?

She is nothing different from anyone else…except for the bead on her waist!

Tied on her waist, the mysterious bead is quiet and glimmering a little. Lin Luoran discovers that the glimmer has formed a one-meter dome around her. She chuckles for figuring out another effect of it.

If the green smoke is the essence or Reiki of plants, the gray smoke must be the fug of the world. Living in the fug, no wonder people get so many weird new diseases as technology develops.

Back in the old time when plants cover a great part of the planet, there must be green smoke everywhere. Just from this point, it certainly is the time to yearn for.

Wandering in her reverie, Lin Luoran remembers her previous intention after a while.

She grabs a glass from the table and brings herself back into that mysterious space.

When she went there last night, she just felt that the air is clearer. Now, her body is renewed to be extremely sensitive to Reiki. As soon as she comes in, the comfortableness almost makes her moan.

The space looks very different to her from last night.

The green smoke around the strong grass in Lin Luoran’s memory is thicker than that around the entire tall hibiscus; the green smoke around the sapling which bore fruit last night is almost becoming entitative.

The spring looks bluer in her eyes.

What’s more important is that there is not a single wisp of gray smoke in this space.

Green smoke with various thickness circles grass and tree. However, the color of smoke flowing over the spring is blue. Is it the diverse nature of things in the world?

Right. According to the five elements, plant is wood and spring is water. Exactly!

Lin Luoran suddenly understands. She fills the glass cup with spring water and heads out. The sapling beside the pond catches her sight. It did have worked hard to bear that red fruit last night. Therefore, Lin Luoran pours half a glass of water on it.

Spring water seeps into the soil and is drank by the sapling happily. Meanwhile, the green smoke around it gets thicker as the sapling itself becomes livelier.

Lin Luoran is satisfied and gets out of the space with half a glass of water.

The fleet flower almost droops down to the ground, very unhappy with its master’s slow move. Lin Luoran carefully pours the water into the pot.

As it absorbs the water, it gets more green smoke around the veins and prevails the gray smoke.

Lin Luoran makes sure that she is not hallucinating. After “drinking” half glass of spring water, the dying fleet flower is rapidly becoming vivid.

It is not an illusion that it also grows taller a little bit because the root has raised.

Lin Luoran rubs her eyes. Even in this second, the fleet flower grows a little bit compared with the last second!

God! The spring water is more effective than any other fertilizers!

Lin Luoran is pleased. She looks at the fleet flower like it is a stack of money. She has always been self-restraint, but smile crawls all over her face right now.

She urges to try out her ability. Holding the pot, Lin Luoran transports into the space with it.

The dirty pot doesn’t match the neat and clear space at all.

Therefore, Lin Luoran pulls the fleet flower out of the pot gently. The root of the plant in her hands is three times bigger than it was back when she first picked it up, which all thanks to the spring water. Lin Luoran plans to transplant the fleet flower in the space. However, she finds that except the periphery of the log cabin which she has no way to get into, the whole space is covered by 3-foot-high tall grass. Where should she plant her fleet flower?

Looking around this peaceful space, Lin Luoran realizes there is much for her to do.

She takes a spatula which is given an important task as the shovel. Of course, she doesn’t have a professional hoe.

Lin Luoran uproots the grass. A while later, a one-meter square medicine field is prepared near the spring. She also picks some pebbles and makes an isolation belt around it.

Lin Luoran plants the fleet flower right in the middle of the field and sticks a thin bamboo pole for it to cling to. The gray smoke that used to surround its leaves has long been cleared up by the space, and all that left around the fleet flower is thin green smoke.

The medicine field is fairly small. It is not because Lin Luoran has got lazy. Although the soil is soft and fertile, the roots of the grass are strong beyond her expectation. They hold on to the soil tightly and won’t come out.

It takes Lin Luoran a great effort to open up this medicine field and plants the fleet flower which bears her hope.

Checking on her achievements, Lin Luoran shows a satisfied smile.

Having her messy bed in mind, Lin Luoran stops to giggle and transports out of the space.

It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. Will she be in time to run an errand? Lin Luoran wonders. She neatly packs the dirty sheet and quilt, as well as her sweaty clothes, preparing to throw them away as she goes out.

Even they can be cleaned, Lin Luoran doesn’t ever want to wear these greasy and smelly clothes!

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