Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Meet Again

With her white handbag and new Gucci autumn clothing, Elly looks very strange in the dusty cutting workshop.

She has been standing there for a while. As a designer of Fortune House, Qin Baojia has recommended a job for Li Anping’s ex-girlfriend and the job is in Treasure House, their rival company. This is no less than a smack in her face!

Elly can never bear such insult!

Seeing Elly and Li Anping, Baojia doesn’t panic at all. She just casts a glance at Lin Luoran with concern.

Lin Luoran also recognizes the voice of Li Anping’s new girlfriend and she speculates that Li Anping might be here too. It is true that one can never avoid his/her enemy. Lin Luoran sees the concern in Baojia’s eyes and smiles back, showing Baojia that she can deal with this.

Liu Zheng pushes up his glasses and says with a smile, “Elly, you have a wrong idea. We are competitors, not enemies, right?”

There is a saying that no one will punch a smiling face. Elly ignores Liu Zheng and walks quickly in her high heels toward Baojia, “Qin Baojia, don’t you think you owe me an explanation?”

Li Anping echoes, “Baojia, all thanks to you that I can work in Fortune House. We don’t have to make things embarrassing for private reasons… Luoran’s parents were good to me, and I will recommend jobs for her for their sake.”

Baojia waves her hand in disdain, “Li Anping, you kind of kept man is out of our league. I was blind and unfortunate to recommend you to work in Fortune House!”

Li Anping is pissed, and he becomes even angrier, for Lin Luoran is still back to him, “Lin Luoran, are you going to turn around? Where are your manners?”

As a man, Li Anping is so narrow-minded that Liu Zheng begins to frown even as an outsider of their history.

Baojia is about to lose her temper, but Lin Luoran holds her hands and stops her. Lin Luoran says with a smile, “Mr. Liu, I am so sorry.”

Since Lin Luoran ate that fruit, her mind has become clearer as her body feels lighter so that she is now able to think more comprehensively. Without the fruit, she might have lost her head in this situation.

Lin Luoran turns around and looks at Li Anping with a poker face.

Li Anping is stunned. The woman in front of him looks like the 17-year-old Lin Luoran. Her eyes are shining like stars in the sky.

He wants to reach for the stars… Li Anping and Lin Luoran used to sit on the grass on their campus, and Li Anping would cover Lin Luoran’s eyes and say, “I want to pick up the stars in your eyes.”

Li Anping can’t remember how Lin Luoran answered at that time.

But now, Lin Luoran looks even more stunning than she was in her girlhood… He does remember clearly that a few days ago, Lin Luoran was gaunt. He also knows that Lin Luoran is 27 years old. How can she become younger all of a sudden?

“Li Anping, are you lost in your memory with your old lover?”

Elly’s cold hum wakes Li Anping from his absence.

Right. Lin Luoran becomes pretty, so what? There are so many beautiful women in the world, but a beautiful woman who is rich as Elly is hard to find! Li Anping comforts himself, deliberately ignoring his amazement when seeing Lin Luoran and his lack of confidence while having the thought of “Elly is pretty”.

“Baojia, the job is settled. Shall we go?” Lin Luoran says.

Lin Luoran feels disgusted that she has to pretend to be indifferent when seeing Li Anping and Elly! Li Anping is resentful but he can’t say anything in case Elly gets even angrier.

Baojia earnestly wishes to get away from this shameless couple, so she agrees to Lin Luoran’s suggestion immediately.

“Master Liu, I’ll contact you later!” Baojia says while walking out with Lin Luoran.

Elly is pissed off, for she is ignored the entire time. She can’t keep pretending to be tolerant, “Qin Baojia, don’t you dare to go too far! Don’t you want to keep your job?!”

Lin Luoran hesitates. Elly is right. After all, Baojia still works for Fortune House. Will things become harder for her at work? As the daughter of the boss of Fortune House, Elly does seek revenge for the smallest grievance.

Baojia holds Lin Luoran’s hand tighter. She turns around when they reach the gate and says to Elly with a fake smile, “Manager, I have already filed my resignation. Don’t you see it?”

Baojia doesn’t give time for Elly and Li Anping to make any response. It’s like that she is trying to make Elly angrier. Baojia says, making an appearance of enlightenment, “Sorry, I forget that manager Elly is busy being in love with her assistant. No wonder she doesn’t have time to read my resignation.”

Elly’s complexion is cold as winter. She holds on to her handbag so tightly that her fingers are turning white.

Anger and resentment intertwine on Li Anping’s face.

As for Liu Zheng, his eyes under the gold-rimmed glasses are lightened up.


They get out of the warehouse. Suddenly, it comes to Lin Luoran that without Li Anping and Elly, even the sky looks bluer. She was blind to be deceived by such a man and it was not a bad thing that he cheated, because she was lucky to gain an insight into him earlier.

Baojia has vented her anger and is now smiling. She suggests to Lin Luoran, pointing to a group of people who are bidding aloud, “Your future job is to sell jewelry. Let’s go to have a look at them gambling on stones. It is harmless to get some experience for you.”

Lin Luoran is actually very curious and she finds Baojia’s words reasonable. She won’t be qualified for the job if she knows nothing about jade, which is becoming more and more popular lately.

“Eight hundred thousand! This stone is mine!”

Approaching, they hear a fat man bidding. The man in a shining and thick gold necklace looks confident.

Lin Luoran is shocked because she has never seen anyone buying a raw stone with eight hundred thousand yuan when nobody knows whether there is jade in it. There is a huge gap between normal people and the rich!

“Eight hundred thousand? Fatty Cui, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? I offer nine hundred thousand!” A plump lady in her forties offers a higher price.

Fatty Cui is so angry that his fat cheeks are shaking. Out of some reason, he manages to hold his anger inside and says, grounding his teeth, “Nine hundred and fifty thousand!”

The bystanders all start laughing. They say nothing and wait for them to keep bidding.

As they expected, the plump lady offers a million yuan even without blinking. Standing by the truck, the owner of the raw stone is thrilled.

Lin Luoran begins to understand how stone gambling works. She notices that Baojia is also trying to hold her laugh, and asks, “Who are these two people?”

Baojia clears her throat and answers in a low voice, “They are a couple. Both of their original families do business in the jade industry. Mrs. Cui is the only daughter of her family, so she must take over her family business. Every time the couple comes here, there will be an exciting bidding. It is well-known in the industry…that Mrs. Cui always tries to take the raw stone that Mr. Cui likes.”

Lin Luoran laughs. This indeed is a fantastic world.

Looking at the arguing couple, an idea comes to Lin Luoran. It is always written in novels that jade bears immortal energy. Since she can see the immortal energy of plants, will she be able to see it in jade?

Her heartbeat starts to race and she can’t stop thinking about this.

Lin Luoran takes a deep breath quietly and concentrates on the raw stone which the couple is bidding on…

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