Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 11 - The Bribe

Chapter 11 The Bribe

“Housekeeper, give Erya some pocket money every month. Erya, you need to concentrate on cooking. There is no need for you to do anything else. By the way, housekeeper, give Erya some Caiyun Silk, which was transported from the Silk Shop in the province this year, and make her a good suit of clothes.”

“Thank you, father!”

After that, Su Huanli left hurriedly. Mammy Li was very excited. She, who thought it was a trick, was unhappy at first when Second Miss let her find these leaves. She didn’t know they would be rewarded.

“Nanny Mammy, come and help me to clean the kitchen. I’m a little weak.”

“Okay, I’m coming. Second Miss, don’t hurt yourself.”

Su Li was laughing as if she was really very happy. But when you looked carefully, you would find that her eyes were calm and cold.

Su Huanli returned to the study and wrote a letter at once. He gave it to the housekeeper.

“Now you go to the County and make sure to give the letter to Li Wei.”

The housekeeper was surprised, “Master, did you say the one who had the Baiwei Building? We have no contact with him. This…”

“You’re right. If we can bribe Li Wei with Zongzi, we don’t need to worry about the recommendation.” Su Huanli hummed, angry at the dumb housekeeper.

The housekeeper took a tumble and said happily, “You’re so wise, Master. I’ll send it right now!”

Su Huanli sighed. He didn’t expect that the chance for the problem that haunted him for days would be found by Erya.

The next day, after reading the letter, Landlord Li looked at the housekeeper and asked doubtfully, “Is the zongzi… really so delicious?”

The old housekeeper laughed. He took out a Zongzi wrapped by the oil paper and said, “Seeing is believing. Our Master ordered me to take one for you to taste. But you need to heat it.”

Landlord Li frowned when he saw the tawny thing on the housekeeper’s hand. But he still called the servant to heat it.

“My Master has admired you for a long time. The Baiwei Building is the best restaurant of the County.”


The housekeeper began to flatter Landlord Li. The landlord knew it was just holiday words, but he still couldn’t help being happy.

After a while…

“Oh, this smell…”

Landlord Li sniffed and saw the servant put the hot Zongzi in front of him.

“I have tasted a lot of delicious food before, but I’ve never smelled such fragrance.” Landlord Li was surprised. Then he picked one small Zongzi and observed carefully, “There is fragrance with leaves and meat. How did you do that?”

The housekeeper stood by and said, “Take your time and taste it at first, Mr. Li”

Then he cut the rope with scissors and took the chequer-shaped indocalamus leaves away. Landlord Li opened his eyes wide when he smelled the fragrance, and he ate the Zongzi with no hesitation.

After this bite, Li’s eyes popped out, and he ate the Zongzi just like a beggar who had not eaten for a few days. After he ate a Zongzi, he did not forget to lick the juice on her hands. The servants around him couldn’t help tittering.

After swallowing all the zongzi, Landlord Li was stunned for a moment and sighed. The housekeeper’s appearance changed slightly. He thought that Li was not satisfied with zongzi, but he heard his lament,

“You really hurt me. I have eaten such delicious food. How can I eat ordinary meals?”

When the housekeeper heard that, he was very happy. But he was calm and said, “Why do you say that? Landlord Li. My Master is ready to send the recipe of the Zongzi for you. You can eat it every day with an order.”

Landlord Li opened a famous restaurant like Baiwei Building. Of course, he was not a fool. He pondered for a moment and immediately figured out the reason.

He stretched his eyebrows, coughed gently, and smiled, “No pains, no gains. You have given me such a great gift and I happen to have something to help you. Go back and tell your master that he doesn’t have to worry about his son.”

With great certainty in his heart, the housekeeper said with joy, “Thank you very much, Mr. Li! I will go back and send the recipe at once!” The housekeeper left in a hurry, and Li Wei smiled with eye’s narrowed into slits.

Although he was addicted to delicious food, he was a person knowing how far to go. His uncle had already discussed with him about the recommendation. If the gifts sent by other families didn’t exceed those sent by the Su family last year, the opportunity would probably send to the Su family.

With this delicious food, it would be a final.

Thinking of the taste of Zongzi, Landlord Li couldn’t help licking his lips. He was too impatient to wait and hoped the Su family would send the recipe of Zongzi as soon as possible.

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