Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 13 - Changing the Mind

Chapter 13 Changing the Mind

“In the past few years, I have found that jade might be produced in Yunjing. I should be hurry up, since the time is limited.”

If Zipei were admitted to the large family, though she might become her “adoptive mother”, her position had risen. Then, how Su Huanli could offend her!

Zhu Yan smiled, as if she saw the beautiful future.

Thinking of this, Zhu Yan took out all the jewels that she stored for many years, and rushed to the pawnshop in the town.

In the study, the old butler wrote down the production method of Zongzi in detail that Su Li told him.

Su Huanli sitting aside was surprised, and he has never expected that a small Zongzi was made in so many exquisite steps. His second daughter was really a genius for cooking.

Unfortunately, the Su family did not have a restaurant, or could he give the chance to Li Wei to make so much money!

Su Huanli lamented in his heart. After the recipe, Su Li put the rest of the Zongzi neat and clean, took a bow and left.

The old butler put down the brush, and blew the paper waiting for the ink to be dry. He saw that the Lord was in a daze. He hesitated for a moment, stood out and said carefully, “My Lord, what do you think… let Second Miss learn to read?”

Su Huanli wrinkled his brows subconsciously, and then came to his sense, and he scolded angrily, “Nonsense! Let Erya learn to read… absolutely not!”

The old butler was scolded but did not panic, and continued to say in a steady tone,

“Lord, those bad things have been in the past for many years, and nobody remembers them except some old guys. Even the government has set up studies for women to cultivate talents from women. Those talented women are expected to do contributions like Mrs. Gu and other heroines.”

Speaking of this, the old butler took a deep breath and lowered his voice, “the Second Miss is very smart, and maybe she is good at reading. If she wants to study recipes, she needs to know how to read. If Su family has a female bachelor or a female royal chef who can bring glory on ancestors, my lord, it will be your good deed!”

Haring that, Su Huanli’s expression finally eased down. The old butler made a great sense, but the shadow of being deceived in the early years could not be dissolved by his words.

The old butler looked at the lord’s face and immediately added, “Lord, I just said you would let Second Miss learn how to read, so came here with me.”

Su Huanli’s face slightly changed and scolded, “You old guy, you set me up, how dare you?”

Then, Su Huanli laughed and sighed, “After all… I do not have so much time, it’s just in the blink of an eye. If Erya needs to know how to read, then let her learn. Tomorrow you will go to the town to invite a teacher.”

“Yes, it’s a clever choice, my lord,” The old butler left the study with a smile.

Su Huanli had nothing to say, because he knew that this old guy was better at pretending to be a fool. Although he was saved by him and became a butler of Su family, he never figured out the background of this person, even his name. He only knew his surname was Li.

After more than a decade, the old Li never made a thing of overstepping. Su Huanli also put aside his guard and really regarded Butler Li as man on his own side.

The next day, Butler Li invited the teacher soon. Su Huanli was surprised when he saw him. He rushed up and smiled, “Isn’t this Dr. Qi? How can you have time to come to my house today? My humble house is honored by your presence!”

Dr. Qi was skilled in medicine and famous in the town.

“Hi! Don’t say that, Lord Su,” Dr. Qi laughed, “today I am here to be a teacher.”

The Butler Li explained on the side, “Lord, the teachers of schools say that Dr. Qi is not only good at medical skills, but also teaching! And Dr. Qi has more time than those who teach in schools.”

Su Huanli nodded, “That is good! Mr. Qi, please, how about drinking a cup of tea and then seeing Erya?”

Dr. Qi nodded and walked in with smile.

Seeing Dr. Qi walking away, Su Huanli frowned, and immediately whispered, “Is he reliable?”

“Absolutely! Absolutely reliable!”

The Butler Li with an exaggerated expression on his face said quickly, “I have heard from those teachers that Dr. Qi have cultivated many great officials in those years! Now he lives a leisurely life in his old years. I was just going to try my luck, and didn’t expect that he would come!”

Su Huanli turned a great rejoicing, and told the butler, “Bring Qinghao, too. There is nothing difference between teaching a girl and teaching a boy and a girl. Give him a good pay and I want Dr. Qi to feel the sincerity of our Su family!”

“I understand that,” The Butler Li immediately went to the account to get money.

After Su Huanli and Dr. Qi chatted for a moment, they went to Su Li’s small courtyard in the East courtyard.

Su Li was practicing the first level of Xuangong in her room. Suddenly, she wrinkled her eyebrows and opened her eyes. At this moment, Mammy Li outside the door called, “Come out, Erya, lord and Dr.Qi are coming.”

Dr. Qi?

Su Li was shocked and slightly smiled. It seemed that the old guy could not help doing something because he had known her constitution.

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