Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 15 - Apprentice?

Chapter 15 Apprentice?

“Little girl, come with me.”

Qi Xianqing beckoned to her with some excitement. Being with her these days, he knew that this girl was qualified. She was pure, kind, and diligent with deep emotions, not to mention her aptitude.

She was definitely a good candidate for his successor. Even her age was a little older, but this could be completely ignored.

Qi Xianqing went to a secluded place with Su Li and immediately said, “Little girl, do you know who I am?”

Su Li blinked and replied cunningly, “I know. You are a famous doctor and teacher in town.”

“Hahaha…” Qi Xianqing laughed heartily, “I am not just famous in our town. When you go out, you will know that the name of Qi Xianqing is not just well-known in Dahan Country!”

“Are there any other countries except for Dahan Country?” Su Li asked with her head tilted. She was clearly not on the point.

Qi Xianqing’s look was stiff and he smiled bitterly, “Of course, when you grow up, you will go out and see more sceneries.”

Then, Qi Xianqing looked serious and said, “If you want to get advanced, in addition to learning the literature, there is a better road here! That is to practice Xuangong!”

After what he said, the air suddenly went into silence.

The old man and the little girl stared at each other for a long while. Then Su Li curiously asked, “Sir, what is Xuangong?”

Qi Xianqing smiled even more bitterly. He’d forgotten that the little girl standing opposite him had no experience about anything. Martial arts practitioners hearing Xuangong would be excited to faint, but this girl…did not has any reaction.

“Xuangong is a cultivation system that is supreme in the martial arts. People will be extraordinary after practicing its high level… Forget it. I will tell you later. Will you worship me as your Shifu (teacher)?”

Qi Xianqing looked at the confused face of Su Li, and finally chose a new way to ask her.

“Aren’t I your student?”

Su Li still looked confused and laughed in mind. The old man actually wanted her to be his successor.

“This is different. I have a lot of students, but my successor will be only one, and it is you.” Qi Xianqing laughed like a skilled liar, “As long as you worship me as your Shifu, you won’t be bullied any more. I will teach you all my knowledge and skills, and when you grow up, you will be able to cure the sick and do whatever you want.”

Su Li’s eyes immediately became shining, “I do!”

Qi Xianxing felt his cold sweat welling up. How difficult to have the little girl as his successor!

Under the guidance of Qi Xianqing, Su Li practiced the apprentice rites. There was no tea for Su Li to present to Qi Xianqing, but he did not care. After kowtow, Su Li stood up. Qi Xianqing looked at Su Li more kindly and took out a booklet he wrote long time ago from his arm.

“My successor, spend three days to understand and recite it. I will check how much you have understood three days later.”

Su Li took it and obediently said as she was taught, “Yes, Shifu.”


Qi Xianqing left with laughter. Su Li doubted that if she were not here, the old man might dance happily.

Su Li grabbed the book and squinted her eyes.

It was a coincidence that she got the poison methods without any guidance. It’s foolish if she didn’t worship Doctor Qi as her Shifu. Besides, she also wanted to see what kind of Xuangong it was in addition to Xuangong of the Collection of Poison.

Thinking of this, she opened the booklet. There were only four words on the first page, Ghost Valley Meditation Direction.

Then she turned to the page of the general outline, she suddenly widened her almond eyes with shock for the first time since her rebirth.

Wasn’t this Collection of Poison?

Qi Xianqing actually came from the same school as her!

Back to the yard, Su Li did not have dinner. She finished reading this book until midnight. Thinking the Collection of Poison in her mind, she took a deep breath and cleared her mind.

“So…this Inner Game of Xuangong is incomplete. It’s only the first half.”

No wonder Qi Xianqing went to dirty places like the prostitute camp at that time. Probably he got there for another half. But unfortunately, she had gotten another half already. He didn’t have the rest of the book until he died last life.

“No wonder it’s so hard for me to practice. The first level of Xuangong I thought actually is the sixth level…”

Su Li looked weird, because she was wondering that it’s impossible to skip the fifth level of Xuangong to practice the sixth. But she succeeded in practicing from the sixth level in her previous and present life. Did Qi Xianqing know anything?

Su Li shook her head and left her doubts aside for a moment. Then she read the booklet carefully under the oil lamp.

It’s inevitable that there would be some problems following the incomplete Inner Game Practice Methods. Now she had the full 14-level Ghost Valley Meditation Direction. From the perspective of safety, she decided to restart from the first level. In the previous life, she practiced to the seventh level. Although she was almost crazy, she attained a lot of experience. Practicing the complete top five level of Xuangong was only a matter of time.

A month passed soon. Su Qingtan left home to the County Town. And the Second Madam wept for that for a few days. It took her several days to come out from her room.

Su Li learned fast and she knew many words even some uncommon ones. She began to read poems and literature under the guidance of Qi Xianqing. Her ability of Xuangong was strengthened by leaps and bounds. Even she has practiced the second level, but she only showed that she just finished the first.

Even so, Qi Xianqing was shocked and murmured, “She was born with gift. She is really extraordinary! It took me a half year to finish the first level…”

When Su Li made efforts to learn the third level, Zhu Yan finally came back.

“What? The Lord actually let Su Erya learn to read! How is it possible?”

The First Madam who looked as if she traveled a long way was sullen when she heard the message from Mammy Zheng who was her henchman. She almost thought that she had returned to a wrong home.

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