Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 2 - With a Full Belly, She Wanted to Revenge.

Chapter 2 With a Full Belly, She Wanted to Revenge.

The cold air pierced her clothes. It penetrated her flesh and felt as if it would freeze her blood.

Su Li’s face was white, but her expression was calm. She gathered her strength, quickened her pace and ran into the bamboo forest in the mountain. A memory from her previous life animated her actions. She dug up two winter bamboo shoots. Holding the bamboo shoots in her arms, she ran to a pile of clam shells by the river and picked up the largest one.

Su Erya squatted down by the river to wash the winter bamboo shoots and clam shells slowly. The water was frigid and reflected her little sickly face. Only her beautiful black eyes stood out.

For as long as she could remember, she had hardly eaten a good meal. She was fourteen years old, but she was as thin as a ten-year-old girl.

Su Erya touched her cheek and gave a beautiful smile. The scar was no longer there. She took all the things she had washed and went back into the mountain. It was about two hours before she came down from the hill and went back to her hut.

Su Erya put the clam shell filled with water on the fire brazier. She wrapped up the quilt and went to the corner to pick up some pieces of charcoal and threw them into the brazier. Soon the water in the clam shell was boiling.

Su Erya threw some of the peeled bamboo shoots into the water and continued to peel the others.

The aroma of the bamboo shoots filled the hut. Su Erya couldn’t help drooling and became hungrier.

She picked up the branches beside her and scooped up some of the cooked bamboo shoots. Ignoring the heat, she put bamboo shoots into her mouth. She chewed and swallowed them.

“So tender!”

Su Li’s eyes lit up. She looked at the bamboo shoots in the water. The bamboo shoots had no taste themselves, but she could taste the sweetness from the wild vegetables.

Su Erya moved fast as she picked up the bamboo shoots and ate them as soon as they were cooked.

She ate two bamboo shoots in less than one hour. She now felt full and had gained some strength.

After handling the clam shell carefully, she took out several herbs that she picked from the mountain.

These were supplements to improve her body. But she also knew that she was too weak to absorb all their benefits. Although she could control the quantity, she was still going to have a fever.

Soon, Su Erya had a burning feeling in her throat. This was the onset of a fever. She had been in the cold wind for about four hours and her body was too weak for that.

Su Erya put the herbs into her mouth and chewed. She wrapped herself in the quilt and lay down again. The supplements entered her bloostream and it wasn’t long before she fell asleep.

She didn’t know how long it took…

“Second Miss, Second Miss…”

Su Erya opened her eyes reluctantly. She felt as if she were in a stove, and even her brain was about to burn.

Her vision blurred and slowly cleared. She looked up at the old woman, Nanny Li.

“My poor Second Miss…”

Nanny Li’s rough hand was on Su Li’s forehead and her eyes were hazy with tears. She knew what a sudden fever meant.

“Is that Nanny Nanny?”

A faint voice was sounded. Nanny Li was startled and immediately said with surprise and joy, “Second Miss, you are awake?!”

Hearing Su Li’s unique name for her, Nanny Li felt a pain in her heart, but her face became softer. She bowed her head and touched Su Li’s face and whispered, “Second Miss, it’s me. It’s Nanny Nanny!”

Su Erya frowned in pain and said pitifully, “Nanny Nanny, I want to see my eldest brother. I didn’t steal the night-luminescent pearl. I want to see my eldest brother…”

After holding on to this sentence, she tilted her head and fell asleep again. She was not faking it. The medicine was too fierce. Even her strong will was no match for it.

Seeing that Su Erya fell asleep again, Nanny Li panicked. She shouted several times in a row, but Su Erya did not wake up. Her heart trembled and she let go of her hand.

Stupefied for a moment, Nanny Li’s eyes became firm. She stroked Su Li’s hot forehead gently and whispered, “Second Miss, Nanny Nanny is going to find your eldest brother!”

Without packing up anything, Nanny Li turned and ran to Su’s mansion.

As it was getting late, Su Qingtan put down his sword and took a long breath. He was about to go back to his room to study, but there was a noise outside the yard.

“I really have something important to tell the young master. Just one word…”

“How presumptuous! A poor nanny can’t come to First Young Master’s yard!”

The guard’s severe reprimand made Su Qingtan frown. He was not used to the domineering guards his mother had arranged for him.

He called a servant girl and said, “Let the nanny in.”

The servant girl’s face revealed a dilemma, “Young Master, my lady wants you to concentrate on your studies. Don’t…”

“Am I a young master, or are you a young master?” Su Qingtan said coldly, “Let her in!”

When the servant girl saw that the young master was angry, she got up quickly and went outside the yard to let Nanny Li in.

A smile lit up Nanny Li’s otherwise desperate face. She stepped into the yard without saying a word.

“So, it’s you, Nanny Li. What’s wrong with you?”

Su Qingtan asked doubtfully when he saw Nanny Li, who was in high spirits. Nanny Li was the nursemaid of his second younger sister when she was a child, so he was also familiar with her.

When Nanny Li saw Su Qingtan’s indifferent expression, her heart fell and her face grew pale. Perhaps the young master did not care so much for Second Miss.

But at this point, there was nothing she could do about it. She could only plop down on her knees and cry,

“Young Master, no matter how serious her mistakes were, please come to see Second Miss for the last time! This is her only wish before she dies!”

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