Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 25 - Yang Wei Proposed a Marriage

Chapter 25 Yang Wei Proposed a Marriage

At this moment, an exquisite carriage stopped outside the gate of the Su House. The curtain was engraved with a large Chinese character “Yang”, a surname. When the carter opened the curtain, a young man in golden clothes walked out immediately with a face of pride.


The young man opened his folding fan. Coupled with his handsome face, he had quite a bit of the temperament of childe.

“Cousin, I come as I promised!”

The young man with big steps crossed the border of the Su House, and soon there was a sound of “ouch” in the house.

Yang Wei’s foot slipped on the ground and his mouth was bleeding. He climbed up and wiped the blood in his face, and his expression gradually distorted.

“Fuck! Who sprinkle the lime on the ground? It tastes like sticky rice cake!”


Su Li rubbed his nose and felt a little strange, “Who’s talking about me?”

Inside the hall.

When Su Huanli saw Yang Wei who had a swollen face, he said with smile, “You must be careful. If your face hurts, you will be in trouble. Do you come today to return the night-luminescent pearl?”

Yang Wei’s face was not red, and he held the fist and said, “Uncle, don’t make fun of me. The night-luminescent pearl is the property of the county magistrate. I don’t have it! I come here for nothing but proposing a marriage.”

Su Huanli’s smile was frozen. He held the fists slowly and said, “What do you mean, my nephew?”

Yang Wei did not seem to notice that he displeased Su Huanli. He continued, “Last year, I fell in love with Zipei, and I hope that you can agree.”


Su Huanli slammed the table and shouted, “Little bastard, you stole my treasure last year, which made my son wasted a year in his career. Today, how dare you come here for proposing a marriage? Go out!”

Yang Wei stood up as if he was apologizing, but his expression was still cold and proud. He smiled and said, “Don’t be impulsive. You had better see the betrothal presents brought by me.”


Su Huanli was not angry. His brows were slightly raised, and he slowly said, “If they are not good, you can never marry my daughter.”

Yang Wei was confident and proudly said,“I believe that as long as you see them, you will agree.”

After one hour, Su Huanli’s face was complicated. Yang Wei held his fist proudly and said, “Since you agree, I will go back and tell my parents now.”

“Goodbye, nephew.”

Su Huanli immediately got up and smiled. He couldn’t help but sighed.

Yang Wei was inferior to Qingtan in literacy and martial arts. There were lots of young talents in the County Town. It was not surprised that this idiot failed the examination. However, he was so lucky that he knew some officers in the County Town and sought a supervisor title, so things were really impermanent.

The news of Yang Wei’s arrival was passed to the West Courtyard next morning.

“What? Why didn’t my cousin come to see me?”

Su Zipei jumped up from the bed with surprise. She planned to make up and go out. But the maids told her that Yang Wei had left, and she felt sad. Did the cousin forget the agreement between them?

Zhu Yan frowned and scolded in her heart.

“Useless waste! He actually failed the first test in the County Town. I thought that I could contact the rich and powerful families in Yunjing through him to explore the origins of the jade. It seems that there is no chance.”

Mammy Li also heard the news and said to Su Li. Su Li was not surprised. She said, “The result of the first test in County Town has come out according to the time. Cousin Yang Wei did not go to Yunjing. I thought he failed.”

Mammy Li heard the words and felt strange. She said, “It should be so. It is said that Master Yang’s talent is far less than Master Tan’s. But…Master Yang seems not sad but happy this time.”

Su Li was silent. Her eyes were as deep as the sea.

Since she was born again, she only changed the fate of the eldest brother. In previous life, the Su Family didn’t have the ability to bribe Li Shanbao. The position finally was filled by the master in the Zhu Family. The eldest brother was selected only in the third year.

Yang Wei curried favor with the little master of satrap. He got a supervisor title in Qinghe County. Li Shanbao was always threatened by him. In the end, he lost the Baiwei Restaurant in order to keep his position.

It seemed that Yang Wei would marry Su Zipei in a few days.

Su Li curled her lips perfectly. She was waiting for this for a long time.

“Mammy Li, prepare a carriage for me. I want to go to the county.”

Su Li suddenly said. Mammy Li first hesitated and then nodded agreeably with surprise, “Miss, you are finally willing to go out. The summer is coming. You even don’t have some nice clothes. You should buy some, and……”

Mammy Li went out with nagging. Her eyes were moist. This was the first time that Second Miss went out. In the past, the Second Miss didn’t get enough to eat under the torture of the First Madam. She lived a normal life of misses. How hard it was!

Before long, Mammy Li came back happily, followed by Butler Li.

“Second Miss goes out shopping for the first time. In order to ensure safety, I have arranged two guards to follow. Be careful. If you are in danger, run to the Baicao Tang.”

Su Li nodded, “Thank you. Erya will be careful.”

Li Yin’s eyes flashed slightly, and he nodded with a smile. From the surface, he really couldn’t see whether this girl had accepted the inheritance of Qi Xianqing or not.

“Driving!” —

The carter yelled all the way, and the noises outside became gradually louder in a short period of time.

“Second Miss, the morning bazaar is still being held. We make it. There are too many people on the road. The carriage can’t drive. You had better get off early!” The carter of Su Family suggested carefully. He contacted with Second Miss for the first time. He didn’t know her temper.

Hearing the words, Su Li opened the curtain of the carriage, glanced at the bazaar and softly said, “It is time to get off. The road is crowded. If the road was occupied by carriages, it seemed like the action of bullies.”

Su Li then got off quickly. She was a little shaken, Mammy Li quickly held her.

The carter was a little surprised. The impression on Su Li was significantly improved. The Second Miss was so kind. If she were the Third Miss, the carter would definitely be scolded. She would ask him to rush directly.

Su Li asked the carter to wait here. She and Mammy Li went into the bazaar along the street. The glamorous clothes immediately separated them from the ordinary people, and they caught many people’s attention.

“Where does this miss come from? She looks so beautiful like a fairy!”

“If I can marry such a wife, I would give my life for it!”

“Go to hell! Dream on!”

“I know that old mammy. She is from the Su Family. Is the Miss Su Zipei?”

“I saw Su Zipei. She is not as beautiful…”

The whispered discussions were submerged in the noises, but many came into Mammy Li’s ears. She whispered with a smile, “Miss, they are all praising that you are beautiful.”

Su Li’s face was red and she stamped her foot slightly, “Hey, stop making fun of me.”

This coquetry suddenly attracted a lot of people’s attention. Looking dumb, many even hit other people.

“Which bitch hits me without eyes?”

“Who are you talking about?”

“It’s you, little tramp!”

“I will beat you, son of bitch…”

There was chaos. Mammy Li quickly pulled Su Li to leave. They ran to the east street which was less crowded.

“Hey, look at it. It is Baiwei Restaurant. I want to visit it for a long time.” Su Li’s eyes became bright. She dumped Mammy Li who was taking a rest and went into the restaurant.

Mammy Li took a breath and followed up, “Miss, wait for me.”

As for the two guards, they were separated in the bazaar.

In the morning, the Baiwei Restaurant was quite cold, and only few residents were enjoying their breakfasts. As soon as Su Li sat down, a smart waiter ran to her and said with enthusiasm, “What would you like to order? Our restaurant is famous for its delicious food.”

Su Li’s eyes lighted up, “What signature dishes are?”

The waiter immediately replied, “Of course! Recently, the delicious food of our Baiwei Restaurant is the Fragrant Rice! Do you want to have a try?”

“Serve two dishes of Fragrant Rice and all the other signature dishes.”

“Got it. Wait a moment, madam!”

After the waiter left, Mammy Li just climbed on the second floor. When she saw Su Li run quickly, she complained, “Second Miss, wait for me. I am old. I can’t run quickly.”

“I know.” Li Su softly said, “Mammy Li must be tired. Sit down and rest for a moment. I ordered a lot of food.”

“Second Miss, you ordered too much food. There’re only you and me. If we can’t eat them all, they will be wasted.” Because it was the first time for Second Miss to order dishes, Mammy Li was a little worried.

“Don’t worry. If we can’t eat them all, we can take them away.”

Hearing what Su Li said, Mammy Li was more worried.

“Dishes are coming!”

At this time, the waiter yelled and took the dishes.

When Mammy Li saw the dishes on the tray, she was astonished.

“Guests, these ten dishes are the signature dishes of our restaurant! They are Roasted Wild Pigs with Spiced Taste, Kung Pao Chicken, Golden Fish Strings…Fragrant Rice!”

After a short time, the square table was full. Su Li ate with relish. With a bitter smile, Mammy Li thought that now that the Second Miss had eaten, they couldn’t return them. So she just slurped them!

When they were eating, Mammy Li found that the Second Miss really wasted the food. She only took one or two bites in every dish. She broke the dishes but she didn’t eat. She didn’t know what she really wanted to do.

Su Li tasted the last dish of wild pig and took a sip of tea, looking placid.

Baiwei Restaurant dominated restaurants of this small county with its capital advantage. Even if these dishes were ordered in the County Town, they could attract many customers. However, they were far worse than various dishes she learned from the husband in previous life.

Su Li smiled, her eyes falling on the Fragrant Rice. Mammy Li just put a piece into her mouth.

Immediately Mammy Li’s eyes widened, and she whispered in amazement, “Miss, these… aren’t these your Zongzi? How did they become the signature dish of Baiwei Restaurant?”

The Fragrant Rice in the plate was multiple rice balls with complex decoration. It was hard to see the cooking methods. The appearance of Fragrant Rice was quite different from that of Zongzi, but its taste was definitely good!

Moreover, this small dish only contained a rice roll of Zongzi, but it was sold at a price as high as one or two taels of silver. How huge the profit was!

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