Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 27 - Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame

Chapter 27 Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame

It took Su Li two days to dry the sesame, and then she took out the glutinous rice which was used to make Zongzi last time, grinded it to powder, and dried it. Then she started to separate the white and black sesame. The black sesame and sugar were used as fillings while the white sesame was fried and put aside.

After Mammy Li made the sugar water, Su Li poured the glutinous rice powder into it and made the power into a dough then into glutinous rice balls that were not too soft nor too hard, and then she kneaded them into small bowl-shaped wrappers, stuffed them with the fillings, and made them into balls. After that, she dipped the glutinous rice balls into water and put them into the sesame dish.

Watching Su Li cooking so skillfully, Mammy Li next to her was already stunned.

When Second Miss was a child, what she always did were laundry and chopping wood and she never went into the kitchen. How could she be so practiced, was she… the so-called genius?

Mammy Li was dazed for a moment, while Su Li had already finished all the rest Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame, and the last step is to fry them.

“Fry? It needs so much oil, and it’s dangerous. Miss, let me…”

Su Li shook her head and did not let her, “We are going to sell these Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame. If you don’t have a good control of the fire, all I have done will be ruined.”

“To sell them?” Mammy Li was surprised.

“It’s a little impulsive that I gave that poor brother and sister 500 taels last time. But I can make money by selling things,” Su Li said wittily with a spatula in her hand.

“It doesn’t look delicious at all. Who will buy them…” Mammy Li was worried, but she did not say any words to disappoint her.

Second Miss was kind of gifted, but it’s impossible for her to succeed every time. The Zongzi last time she made was amazing. But this time, the Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame were really like pockmarked face and didn’t look so nice.

Su Li poured three small bowls of oil into the pot, and Mammy Li made the fire. After a moment, the oil temperature was about 40℃. Su Li immediately poured all the Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame into the oil, which made the sound of crackling for a long time.

Su Li wasn’t frightened by the sound. She gently pressed the floated Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame with the spatula when the oil was about 60℃. After pressing for several times, the Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame were bulged and not flattened, and their color turned golden from pale.

She carefully picked out the Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame and put them into the plate. Mammy Li took a look and suddenly couldn’t help but marvel, “How could it become so nice. They look golden but seem to be transparent from inside, and they are so round, just like big golden pearls.”

Su Li drained the oil on the Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame with a smile and put them into a basket one by one. Then she took one and had a bite, which made the sweet scent immediately float up. Mammy Li watched Su Li eat the Fried Glutinous Rice Ball with Sesame and swallowed her slaver.

“Mammy, eat some and sell the rest in the town. If it’s cold, it’s not delicious anymore.”

Mammy Li waved her hand quickly and said, “How can I eat them? You made them for money.”

Su Li didn’t agree with her, so she took one and had a bite carefully. Then she couldn’t stop eating after the first bite. She quickly stuffed the whole Fried Glutinous Rice Ball with Sesame into her mouth and said vaguely, “It’s so delicious! It tastes so good! Miss, it’s sure to make money by selling them!”

“Then please sell them in the town.”

Su Li handed over the basket to Mammy Li and said a few more words, then Mammy Li left Jinyuan Court suspiciously.

At the same time, Yang Wei came to the Su House again, and was followed by a group of servants carrying several boxes of betrothal presents.

“What smells so sweet?”

Yang Wei sniffed and could feel his saliva was about to flow out of his mouth. At this time, Mammy Li came out of the Jinyuan Court with an absent-minded expression. Yang Wei immediately shouted, “Whose Mammy over there? Come over to me!”

Mammy Li did not hear it at all, and hurriedly walked out of the gate of the Su House.

Yang Wei was so angry that his nose was about out of joint. Now even a mammy in the Su House dared to ignore him?

“Hum! Since no one leads the way, I am going to find it myself.” Yang Wei turned back and said, “You guys move all these boxes to the Main Courtyard, and I will come later.”

After that, Yang Wei followed the scent and walked away alone, leaving a bunch of servants staring at each other.

The Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame were just finished, and the fragrance was still strong, so it didn’t take Yang Wei much efforts to the door of the Jinyuan Court.

“So weird. I remembered that no one lived here. Is there a respected guest in the Su Family living here?”

Yang Wei looked curious and didn’t let people report his presence. He swaggered directly into the Jinyuan Court from the gate. The guards at the door saw him and knew he was Master Yang Wei from the Yang Family, so they all pretended that they didn’t see him.

They all heard that the Yang Family wanted to unite by marriage with the Su Family. Maybe Yang Wei would soon become the son-in-law of the Su Family.

Jinyuan Court was carefully arranged by Zhu Yan, and dotted with precious and elegant trees and flowers, which was beautiful and magnificent. Yang Wei was amazed by the court and he praised that the Su Family was richer than the Yang family. There was no such a courtyard in the Yang Family.

Therefore, Yang Wei was more curious about the one who was living here.

Passing through the warm and humid corridor, Yang Wei came to the vine-grown courtyard. He stood at the door and was immediately shocked by the picturesque scene.

He saw a simple stone table and a wicker chair in the quiet courtyard.

A girl who was better-looking than fairies in heaven reclined on the wicker chair with her long dress dragged to the ground. The girl slightly closed her eyes with a book in her hand, as if she was already asleep.

Yang Wei was irresistibly drawn by her perfect profile. With his eyes full of obsession, he had forgotten the purpose that he came to the Su House.

“There is a so glamorous girl in the world. if I can marry her and spend every night with her, I can even die for her! I used to think that Su Zipei looks beautiful. But now, she is so ugly like the chaff, and I cannot even swallow it!”

Yang Wei was so excited and he couldn’t help it. But he didn’t barge in the courtyard, because he was afraid that the fairy might be disturbed by him and fly away. However, his heavy breath awakened Su Li from a light sleep.


Su Li opened her eyes and saw Yang Wei who was standing at the entrance like a pig. She said no to herself and her face turned cold.

How could Yang Wei come here. According to his lustful and shameless nature, he might ask Su Huanli directly for who she was or even ask her to marry him instead!

Su Li’s eyes turned sharply. A moment later, she suddenly smiled, showing her charm that might captivate all beings. Yang Wei was almost excited to faint and was about to say a few literal words. Suddenly, he felt a surge of heat in the nose, and found he had a nosebleed.


Yang Wei ran away as rapidly as he could, leaving a smudge of blood on the ground.

Su Li walked lightly to the blood with her feet like the petals of the lotus, pulled the black shell from her arms and placed it beside the blood. The Poisonous Sound Insect in the shell smelled the blood, immediately crawled out and began to suck the blood on the ground. At the same time, an intermittent sound was emitted from the insect.

“Beauty…delicious, fairy… fairy…”

It was the same as Yang Wei’s voice!

Su Li squinted her eyes slightly and waited until the insect ate up the blood on the ground and returned to the black shell. Then she picked up the shell and turned back to her room.

The plan could be changed a little.

At the entrance of the Main Courtyard, a group of servants from the Yang Family were anxious until they saw Yang Wei, and all of a sudden, they were relieved.

“Master, you were finally here! Any further delay would cause us being late!”

“Master, why is your nose bleeding?”

“Master, are you all right?”

A group of servants came up and asked him all kinds of questions. Yang Wei waved his hand impatiently and shouted, “A flock of useless things, shut up!”

The air was instantly quiet.

Yang Wei wiped his nose, took one of his servants into the Main Courtyard, and he immediately changed a gentle and elegant expression.

Su Huanli waited in the room as early as possible, and when he saw Yang Wei who was late, he did not show any dislike. Instead, he laughed and said, “My good nephew, you have kept your promise that you would offer the betrothal presents today. I’ll let Zipei come here.”


Yang Wei stopped Su Huanli with one hand. He stood up and tidied his clothes, then said, “My uncle, in fact, today I came here for another unreasonable demand.”

“Oh?” Su Huanli still smiled, “What is it, my nephew?”

“Today I mistakenly entered the Jinyuan Court.”

Su Huanli’s face changed when Yang Wei said that.

“I saw a woman who is better-looking than the fairy in the painting. So I dare to ask you who’s the Miss, and I want to know her.”

Su Huanli’s smile gradually disappeared, and his tone gradually became cold, “Master Yang, you already have Zipei, I’m afraid that you inquire about another girl at this time, wouldn’t it be inappropriate?”

“You are so wrong, my uncle. It’s normal for a man to have more wives and concubines. Didn’t you marry the Second Madam? Why can’t I marry two Misses at one time?”

Su Huanli almost vomited blood in anger. He had never seen such a shameless bastard. Erya now was the apple of his eye. He would never let her marry Yang Wei.

Moreover, no one could match Erya’s talent in cooking. The Zongzi boosted Baiwei Restaurant’s income by three percent. If he really took over Baiwei Restaurant in the future, he still had to rely on Erya’s help.

Thinking of this, Su Huanli sneered, “Let me tell you the truth. It is my second daughter who is living in Jinyuan Court.”

Yang Wei’s eyes suddenly became brighter than a light bulb. It’s good that the girl was one of the Su Family’s children. He could marry her instead of Su Zipei!

“But, Master Yang, do you remember that you and Zipei took our night-luminescent pearl and scapegoated another person?”

When Su Huanli said this, Yang Wei immediately looked pale as if he got an electric shock, “Is she…”


Su Huanli ruthlessly ruined Yang Wei’s last hint of illusion, “It was her that you and Zipei scapegoated! Because of you two, my second daughter suffered unfair grievances, even family punishment. For this reason, I could never marry my second daughter to you!”

Yang Wei’s face was so pale that it seemed there was no blood at all. It was so hard to meet a fairy who could only appeare in his dream. Unexpectedly, he had already had a relationship with her, but it was the worst kind.

“It seems that Master Yang needs to think about it carefully. I can’t accept the betrothal presents today, and you can take them back. Some day when you figure it out, it will not be late for you to come. Butler, walk Master Yang out!”

Li Yin, who was standing outside the door and eavesdropping, secretly relieved, then he came out and said, “Master Yang, please.”

Yang Wei went away absentmindedly with despair. Su Huanli threw several cups of tea to ease his breath. He said gloomily, “What does he think he is? My daughters are not things that he wants to marry or change as he wishes! That is ridiculous!”

Su Huanli was angry, and there was another person who was angrier than him, and almost had to vomit three liters of blood.

“What, the Lord actually wants to marry Zipei to the young bastard of the Yang Family?”

Zhu Yan stared at Su Zipei with her sharp eyes, and the latter was standing quietly beside her. She immediately lowered her head and said nothing!

Seeing her daughter who was accepted the decision of the Lord, Zhu Yan suddenly felt that she was burning from inside and almost passed away.

After she rebuked the maid and let her go, she held Su Zipei’s hand tightly and clapped fiercely, “I am mad to death. Do you know how much grievance I have suffered for you, and you want to marry Yang Wei, that scum!”

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