Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 29 - Assassination

Chapter 29 Assassination

“Excellent! We will see that the three families fight with each other. Uncle, you are so wise!” Li Wei excitedly flattered Li Shanbao and immediately made arrangements.

Under the deliberate promotion of Li Wei, the news about the Su Family’s genius cooking girl spread widely. Schemes simmered all of a sudden. Yang, Zhu, and Su Families were all in dead silence.

“Who on earth did it? Who released the news?” Su Huanli was furious and relaxed. “Fortunately, the outside world knows nothing about Erya. They think that Zipei does everything. But the reality will be exposed sooner or later. Butler, do you have any method to deal with it?”

Li Yin frowned tightly and analyzed, “The news is not good for Zhu Family and Yang Family. I think it is the county magistrate’s last fight. Now Zhu and Yang Families maybe more anxious than us.”

Su Huanli’s expression turned to serious, “It seems that they will visit us soon.”

“Lord, the two-faced person is uncomfortable. It is better to fish in troubled water. We can get some benefits.”

Su Huanli’s sight fell on Li Yin as if he hadn’t met him before. He couldn’t believe the old butler was so clever.

Li Yin felt a little shocked and realized it. He immediately added, “These words are analyzed by the First Madam. She doesn’t want the Third Miss marry Yang Wei.”

“How can she make a decision for the Su Family?” Su Huanli suddenly looked ferocious. “From now on, you don’t have to care about what the First Madam said. Do you hear it clearly?”

“Yes, Lord.”

Li Yin obediently obeyed the order and felt peaceful. The First Madam did mention that Su Zipei did not want to get married, but her words were not as direct as his.

But these were secondary to the Lord. The Lord wanted an excuse to punish the First Madam. Li Yin just did a small favor for him.

Next morning, the carriages of Zhu and Yang Families stopped in front of the gate of Su House almost at the same time. The two masters looked at each other and didn’t say anything. They just rushed to the Main Courtyard of Su House.

The courtyard was surrounded by a large number of guards from Su Family. In addition to the maids who sent lunch, nobody could approach to it, even Zhu Yan. Until the evening, the two family’s masters left with inexplicable expression.

Su Huanli’s sister Su Yuezhu and her son Yang Wei from the Yang Family stayed. Su Yuezhu married into the humble Yang Family in the last generation.

“Brother, I haven’t come back to our home for a long time. Wei and I will stay here for a few days.”

Su Yuezhu smiled amiably, and Su Huanli couldn’t help but think of how Yuezhu behaved in a spoiled manner. Although he knew her purpose well, his heart softened and he agreed.

“There are empty wing-rooms in the West Courtyard. You can choose a guest room to stay in.”

“Thank you, brother.” Su Yuezhu said sweetly. In her early thirties, she took good care of her looks. Therefore, she was not much different from the 20-year-old women.

“Thank you, my uncle.” Yang Wei also saluted in the back. He seemed gentle and elegant, but his eyes blinked from time to time, indicating he may look for someone.

Su Huanli immediately looked cold and seriously warned, “Nephew, don’t go to Jinyuan Court again. So does Yuezhu. Erya was seriously injured a few days before and just gets better. She needs a rest-cure.”

“Is Erya your second daughter?” Su Yuezhu was surprised. “Why does she live in Jinyuan Court?”

Su Huanli lightly coughed and didn’t explain it. Su Yuezhu could only leave with her son.

There were a lot of rooms in the West Courtyard, and they were cleaned up very cleanly by maids. After settling down, Su Yuezhu immediately asked her son about what happened in Jinyuan Court.

“Mother, I told you before. There is a beautiful girl in Su Family! But I don’t expect her name is so unattractive.” When it came to beautiful girls, Yang Wei turned excited.

“Good for nothing. A woman makes you so fascinated.”

Su Yuezhu scolded him but sounded not serious, “You may marry her at any time later. What matters for you is to marry Su Zipei immediately!”

“I know.” When his mother mentioned Su Zipei, he lost his interest instantly and felt frustrated.

Su Yuezhu was speechless for a while. Her son was a darling except he was too lustful. It’s OK. But his lust affected the proper business of Yang Family, losing the first chance in the quest for the Baiwei Restaurant. As a result, the embarrassing situation of the three families’ confrontation came into being.

Li Shanbao dismissed all cooks in Dasu Town. He employed many helpers, but there wasn’t a chef. Su Zipei could make delicious food, so she became the only savior.

It could be said that the family who won Su Zipei over would get the biggest profit from Baiwei Restaurant!

“Wei, men should focus on their careers. If you are a high-ranking official, you can marry any woman you like.” Su Yuezhu couldn’t help but persuade him, “If you marry Su Zipei, the whole Baiwei Restaurant will be yours. All people in Su Family will be obedient to you. Su Erya will be yours.”


Yang Wei suddenly understood it as if awaking from the dream. He firmly grasped the hand of Su Yuezhu and said, “I see. I will marry Su Zipei to cheat her out of all her recipes. Then I will divorce her and marry Erya as my wife!”

Then he looked for Su Zipei happily.

Su Yuezhu suddenly felt stunned. Why was her son so deeply obsessed with Su Erya? Her impression was that Erya was just an ugly thin girl with a dark skin. No matter how she had changed these years, she would not become a fairy.

However, she did not say anything. It was not easy to persuade her son to pursue Su Zipei. She didn’t want to dispel his enthusiasm.

After a while, Yang Wei returned to guest room with anger.

“Mother, I didn’t see Cousin Zipei. The First Aunt stopped me from going to Jinyuan Court and said that Cousin Zipei was studying embroidery. It was not suitable for me to bother her.”

Su Yuezhu was taking a nap. She opened her eyes and the personal maid massaging and serving her immediately got up and went out, closing the door slowly.

“I forgot that my elder brother married Zhu Yan. The Zhu Family is the family of Su Zipei’s grandmother. This is very unfavorable to our Yang Family.” Realizing this, Su Yuezhu could not help but frown.

Daughters were always close to their mothers. If so, Su Zipei would inevitably follow her mother’s advice. Even if Wei succeeded, the Yang Family would still be in a weak position.

“It’s no wonder that my husband was discouraged when he asked me to have the task done. Maybe he thought there wasn’t much hope. In such case, it is impossible for Wei to get married with Zipei.”

Su Yuezhu was a little disappointed. But then she thought that it was a good chance for the Yang Family to become more powerful?

If my elder brother was nostalgic, he would share profits to the Yang Family. I would take the initiative!

Su Yuezhu’s eyes were getting brighter. She immediately went out to find her brother. She completely forgot that her son, who came to see her, had left her room for a long time.

Outside the Jinyuan Court, Yang Wei faced a headache that the court was heavily guarded. The old guy Su Huanli arranged so many guards to guard against him. There was no such a rule!

With two light coughs, Yang Wei walked to Jinyuan Court looking gentlemanly. It was different from the last time. This time he was stopped by a ruthless guard before stepping in front of the door.

“The Lord told us that no one could enter Jinyuan Court during this period of time, especially you.”

Yang Wei suddenly became angry from embarrassment. “How dare you! I am the Master Yang. Your Lord is my uncle, and my mother is his younger sister. How can he limit me? Let me in!”

The guards were still placid, as if they were stinky hard stones in the outhouse. They did not listen to Yang Wei’s words at all.

Feeling annoyed, Yang Wei almost resorted to force. Thinking of his inferior martial arts, he gave it up. He would not get any benefits from so many guards. If he lost his face in front of Erya, it would be bad.

“Humph! Just wait and see!” Yang Wei said malicious words and ran away with his tails between his legs. In the courtyard, Mammy Li secretly watched what happened and laughed.

“Your appearance is really unparalleled in the world. Master Yang just saw you once and became so obsessed with you.”

Su Li, sitting in the wicker chair, took a sip of scented tea and shook her head with a smile, “This is not a good thing. Cousin Yang is an erotic person. I remembered that he and the Third Sister had pledged to marry without parental consent. Now what he does is immoral.”

“How could this happen?” Mammy Li heard such a secret for the first time and felt astonished.

“I heard it when they said it in Sanhe Bridge.” Su Li blinked and put down the book stretching herself. “I stay in Jinyuan Court every day. My bones will get ruined.”

“The butler said it’s dangerous outside recently. The Lord asked you not to go out. He is protecting you.”

Mammy Li picked up the teapot with cold water and agreed with the Second Miss, “I also feel it’s unusual recently. The atmosphere is highly intense. Miss, look at the guards outside Jinyuan Court. Even I will be searched in and out.”

“I know. I won’t run around.”

Su Li smiled, squinting her eyes. It’s hard to see the light in her eyes clearly.

That night, a black light flashed over Jinyuan Court. Su Li, in mask and nocturnal clothing, quietly passed by Li Yin’s residence and went to the West Courtyard where Su Zipei lived.

At the same time, in front of the window of Su Zipei’s room stood a person in black, with a dagger in his hand reflecting cold light. Instantly the person in black looked ferocious and fiercely stabbed at Su Zipei’s chest!

Suddenly —

A slender figure in shadow appeared unexpectedly and hit the person’s wrist with hand.

The person in black felt his whole arm broke off due to the huge force from the waist and couldn’t hold the dagger any more. “Clank!” The dagger fell on the cyan ceramic tile. The sound was extremely harsh.

Su Zipei was awakened and saw two men in black staying in front of the window. She was extremely scared and screamed. The sound almost broke through her throat and echoed over the entire Su House.

“Something bad happened!”

The person in black was too late to pick up the dagger. He ran out from the window. Su Li gave Su Zipei a wicked grin and disappeared.

People in the Su House was alarmed. Soon, noisy footsteps occurred. Su Zipei’s room was surrounded by guards. Su Huanli came late and found a dagger lying alone on the ground.

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