Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 470 - Awaking!

Chapter 470 Awaking!

After Fang Yuan went through the portal in the little mysterious realm, the severe coldness came to his face. It shocked Fang Yuan.

The origin green world of the Ghost Region had changed to a world of ice and snow. Chilly winds howled in the endless whiteness and quietness.

The strength of the ice demon was more powerful than he expected.

“Damn, it’s freezing!”

“I can even feel the coldness with my cultivation at Yuanying Realm. I should have not joined this activity if I had known how powerful the coldness of this ice demon was!”

Lots of casual practitioners were frightened and regretting. Their hair and eyebrows were covered with frost rapidly.

“Every fellow practitioner, if you felt incapable to fight against the coldness, you are welcome to come to our sect as a vanguard and we will keep you alive.”

“Our sect can receive casual practitioners as well, and no cultivation limit.”


At the same time, many sects expressed the same idea. Those casual practitioners all changed their expressions and then chose a holy sect to join respectively.

Although they were clear that these holy sects were just using them, they had no choice but to join a sect. Otherwise, they would immediately be frozen to death.

Ling Li, hiding in the casual practitioners, also joined a holy sect. But the sect was Tianhe Sect, rightly Fang Yuan’s sect.

He expressionlessly walked to the disciples of Tianhe Sect to get a strength check. He just showed a slight strength of Yuanying Realm, and it won the respect of the disciple who was responsible for the inspection. The disciple invited Ling Li to the third team. The team was consisted of more than 20 people of Yuanying Realm. Although the team had several times fewer practitioners than the team of Jindan Realm, the chance of survival was much higher.

“This is a rune given by our sect. As long as you don’t lose it, even the coldness in nature’s test will not take your life.”

Ling Li took the jade rune and expressionlessly thanked the disciple who brought the rune.

The relationship between practitioners was always subtle, and tricks were often played even between disciples from a same sect, let alone strangers. So, the disciple of Tianhe Sect didn’t care about Ling Li’s indifferent attitude and turned away.

Ling Li looked around, and found no one came to him for trouble. A purple light flashed in his eyes. Instantly, he fixed his gaze on Fang Yuan, who had joined the team of Shengtian Shrine.

Buwang did not come with Fang Yuan.

A wisp of untraceable relief flashed on Ling Li’s face, and he turned his gaze away.

Fang Yuan frowned. He vaguely sensed that someone was spying on him, but he found nothing after a secret check.

After a fierce freezing wind blew, all teams were simultaneously on their way to the depths of the snowy world.

Teams of the top-four holy sects were walking in the forefront. Snowflakes were changed into snowy needles by the freezing wind and tinkled on the big protective tactical matrixes. Some protective tactical matrixes of weak sects were even about to break.

Those casual practitioners, who wasn’t willing to join a holy sect, panicked at this moment with their faces becoming pale. They chose a holy sect to join at once.

All holy sects did not refuse them and received all people.

Just an hour later, they traveled about a thousand miles, but the number of the teams reduced from hundreds to twenty.

“Fourth Elder, how is it going?”

Yin Xuetong, dressing in a light pink imperial costume, followed a white-browed old woman in a respectful manner and asked in a soft voice.

“The source is rightly in the northwest and three thousand miles away from us.”

The white-browed old woman put away her compass and answered in a soft voice. A map of the Ghost Region immediately emerged in Yin Xuetong’s mind, and a faint light flickered in her beautiful eyes.

“It’s near Nanli City. Let’s go!”

“Your Highness, if we change our route, the other three sects will notice that at once.”

The guard in black beside her looked awkward, but Yin Xuetong snorted, “The art of deduction of Huangxing Hall is unique, but the art of deduction of other three sects is not much worse than ours. The exact location will be exposed sooner or later. It is unworthy to offend the other holy sects just because of the time advantage. Or do you think you can take the responsibility?”

The guard in black tightened up his body immediately and lowered his head in shame, “Your Highness, you are right. I didn’t consider that thoroughly.”

Yin Xuetong glanced at him and summoned her personal maid, “Give out my order. Change the route and go to Nanli City as quickly as possible!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

“Young Lord, Huangxing Hall suddenly marches to the northwest at full speed!”

In the dark temporary palace, Qu Qingning was petting a huge scorpion that was climbing by the pool. He stopped his move when he heard the message. The expression on his face turned back to normal after an instant. He said casually, “The older women in Huangxing Hall have some skills to deduce. Follow them.”

“Young Lord, if they cheat…”

A maid, who was standing respectfully by the pool and dressed quite differently, couldn’t help but stand out and spoke. Unfortunately, before she finished her sentence, the giant scorpion in the pool suddenly turned into a shadow, instantly pounced to the edge of the pool, and bit off the maid’s head.


The corpse fell down helplessly and stopped moving after twitching twice.

The other maids standing by the pool looked horrified. They covered their mouths to keep themselves from screaming.

Qu Qingning looked gloomy. He was differed completely from the cheerful person in the Reincarnation Mirror back then, “No one can question my orders.”

The henchman, who came to bring the message, retreated calmly after seeing this scene.

He had been accustomed to the tyranny and murderousness of his Young Lord. Had this maid thought the Young Lord would treat her differently after she had sex with the Young Lord the day before?

“She was daydreaming…”

The henchman shook his head and snickered secretly before calling somebody to clear up the corpse.

Soon after, the floor in the palace, which was contaminated with blood, was cleaned, with no trace left.

Qu Qingning fiddled with the snacks in his hand and seemed to think of something after a while. Then he stood up and walked out of the temporary palace after he threw the snacks into the pool.

In the world of ice and snow, the sun was particularly dazzling. That made Qu Qingning’s face much paler. Wisps of black lines, which looked like spells, flashed under his face skin.

This was the sign that someone reached the Realm of Great Success when he or she practiced the Dark Codex, the most precious practice method of Ankui Valley!

For thousands of years, countless brilliant disciples had appeared in Ankui Valley. But Qu Qingning was the only one who had practiced the Dark Codex to the Realm of Great Success. At the moment when he exposed his strength of the Dark Codex, he automatically became the next head of the Ankui Valley. Unless he died accidentally, no one had the qualification to compete with him.

An elder, who was supervising the march of the team, saw Qu Qingning walking under the sun. His expression changed slightly at once. He hurriedly came over and asked, “Young Lord, why do you…”

“It doesn’t matter. Exposing in the sunlight for a while won’t kill me.”

Qu Qingning interrupted him. His eyes flickered, “Do you have news about Lord of Evil?”

The elder was slightly stunned and shook his head, “Er… Shengtian Shrine did not send Lord of Evil to keep their team in order.”


Qu Qingning got angry and scolded, “How did those talented disciples in our valley die last time? Ever think of that?”

“Are you meaning…”

The expression on the old man’s face changed, “I will check casual practitioners immediately!”

Seeing him leaving in a hurry, Qu Qingning habitually curled his mouth. But his previous innocence was replaced by gloomy evil.

“Grand Hierarch, I will kill you even with countless human lives!”

“Give out my order. Don’t allow those casual practitioners to lose their lives before it becomes really dangerous.”

“Reinforce the protective tactical matrix by thirty percent!”

“Since Huangxing Hall and Ankui Valley have taken actions, we just need to follow them.”

Fang Mu dressed in a white robe and looked serious and calm. Orders came out of his mouth, and the whole team of Tianhe Sect moved exactly like a precise machine.

After re-aligning the direction, Fang Mu got some time to relax and signed secretly. A trace of missing someone and mixed feelings flashed in his gaze.

“Eldest brother, have you always had so much burden on you?”

In the temporary palace of Shengtian Shrine, Zhuquan stood respectfully beside a pretty figure, “Miss, we have found out that Su Buwang, the son of Lord of Evil, is hiding in Han Sect.”


A peal of soft laughter busted out from the pretty figure, “My brother is really a spoony. Unfortunately, he has tainted the bloodline of our Ling Family, and Buwang has become more and more unlovely. Send someone to keep a close eye on him. If he dies before the Tianjiao List resets, my brother will go crazy.”

“Yes, miss.”

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed.

The entire Ghost Region was covered with ice and snow. Except for the endless silence, it was not so dangerous as people imagined.

Except for several unlucky teams that encountered a cold storm and were frozen to death after their protective tactical matrix was damaged, almost all the teams of holy sects were unharmed.

At this moment, the sky in the ancestral land of the Ghost Clan was bleak as ever and no coldness penetrated this space.

“Crack! Crack! Crack…”

A series of shattering sounds came from Su Li’s hands. In a blink of an eye, those sealed ghosts were crushed and sucked into the big mouth of the giant shadow behind Su Li. At the same time, the shadow grew taller by one inch.

“Black Lotus, how many ghosts have I devoured?”

Su Li asked when she continued to fly and grasp ghosts.

Black Lotus lay on the lotus platform on the surface of the ring. Looking at the shadow of evil ghost, which was almost as high as the sky, he could not help but swallow. Then he said, “More than ninety thousand. Your talent will be awakened with another nine thousand souls!”

Su Li nodded without expression changing and continued her journey.

Black Lotus, however, was horrified. He had estimated that Su Li would spend at least a month in this place. But just half a month passed, Su Li almost finished the devouring!

In the first few days, Su Li devoured quickly, but it was normal.

But after the evil ghost behind Su Li was more than three thousand meters high, her digestive capacity increased enormously. Coupled with the suppressing effect on the ghosts, Su Li did not need to stop to devour ghosts on her way.

Black Lotus had imagined that they would encounter powerful ghosts in the late phase and fight against them with difficulties. However, none had a chance to occur.

“How much strength has Su Li gained during this time?”


He could not help but shrink his neck when he saw a ghost, which escaped from the seal, was easily crushed and devoured by Su Li.

Although the strength of that ghost was greatly damaged because of lacking physical body, it was still at the middle stage of nature’s test!

Another day and a half later, Su Li habitually crushed the ghost in her hand, but there was no devouring scene. She was slightly stunned for a moment and turned around to look at the shadow behind her.

The sky-high shadow hiccupped and shrank at a speed that could be seen.


Black Lotus opened his eyes wide and stared at the changing shadow. The final form of the evil ghost would determine Su Li’s talent of evil ghost.

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