Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 472 - External Incarnation

Chapter 472 External Incarnation

Black Lotus’s face darkened. Even if his memory had been more than tens of thousands of years, it would still have been less than half of that Prehistoric Ghost Clan.

He was still thinking about the souls of ghost practitioners in his heart. Then he resisted the impulse to refuse to obey and said with grievance, “Master, as you have received part of the memory of the Prehistoric Ghost Clan, are you about to start despising me?”

Seeing that Black Lotus didn’t diss her as usual, Su Li couldn’t help feeling boring for a while and lost the interest in continuing the discussion.

Black Lotus let go of his self-esteem, and suddenly felt at ease. He couldn’t help but say curiously, “I know external incarnation. A person has three spirits and seven souls, and I have encountered many practitioners of Human Clan with clones before. But for the Ghost Clan, soul is the root and there is only one. The damage caused by separating soul is almost irreversible. You have to be careful.”

Su Li glanced at him and made finger gestures. Then a shadow of an oil lamp appeared with ten light spots altogether. Three large light spots and seven small light spots were gleaming.

“I also have three spirits and seven souls.”

Black Lotus stared at the lamp. He had guessed that Su Li was not a pure body of evil ghost, and it was very likely that she was a unique existence of the human race in essence. But that was a guess after all.

When this scene appeared before his eyes, it was inevitable to be shocked.

“Master, you are truly an out-and-out…anomaly!”

After being shocked for a long time, Black Lotus flattered and retracted into the ring space.

Su Li didn’t care about him. She continued to seize the time to collect ghosts.

Although she can also practice the external incarnation of the Human Clan, the clone she said was fundamentally different from that of the Human Clan.

After all, that dragon shadow was not Human Clan, and only the Prehistoric Ghost Clan could practice the secret method of incarnation taught by him.

The Human Clan clone came from the separation of souls, and the incubation time was not short. If the clone was injured or damaged, the body would also suffer reverse effect. But the secret method taught by the dragon shadow was different. The principle was more like a corpse refining technique, but the material was a soul instead of a corpse.

It only took a few days to refine a clone with the soul and put it into actual combat. Even if a hundred of them died, Su Li would not lose a single hair.

After all, this was what Su Li asked for to resist the nature’s punishment. If she had to suffer reverse effect when one of the clones died, the damage caused by the reverse effect alone would be enough to kill Su Li.

“If the inheritance from the dragon shadow is correct, the clone’s breath should be the same as mine, which can confuse the natural law. As long as there are enough clones, no matter how powerful the nature’s punishment is, I can delay it.”

Su Li’s eyes flashed. After calming her mind, she collected ghosts faster.

After she left here, it was not so easy to collect ghosts and souls. Although the souls of Human Clan were also a kind of ghosts and souls, if too many killings were made in the Jiuzhou Region, it would inevitably be exposed and affect her plan.


In the gloomy and cold cave, the people of Ankui Valley, Tianhe Sect and Huangxing Hall moved forward slowly, keeping their distances with full of caution.

Benefits came first. They didn’t dare to believe others easily.

“The people from Shengtian Shrine disappeared when they came in.”

Fang Mu’s eyes looked gloomy slightly and looked into the depths of the cave, where a sound like cracking glass sounded from time to time.

All of them looked solemn and did not dare to be careless.

At this moment, a white shadow flashed in front of everyone’s eyes and quickly penetrated into the cave.

“That’s… the ice demon’s body!”

The Fourth Elder of Huangxing Hall recognized it first. Yin Xuetong’s pretty face changed in an instant, and she shouted, “Chase!”

In fact, without her instructions, after the Fourth Elder uttered those words, the three sects almost turned into afterimages and chased into the depths at the same time.

They were very restrained and didn’t take action with each other. Before the ice demon’s body was caught, no amount of fighting would be futile.

After traveling for a certain distance, three forks appeared in the passage. Everyone was stagnant, but Qu Qingning did not hesitate to go into one of the entrances.

“Young Lord!”

The old man who had been following Qu Qingning was anxious. He ignored other things and also rushed in with some people.

“Time is running out. We can’t let the Ankui Valley gain an advantage!”

Yin Xuetong spoke quickly. When she was about to go into the entrance to a cave that Qu Qingning entered, she suddenly saw an extremely faint white light flashing through the rightmost entrance.

She didn’t have time to think about it, and immediately changed her mind to bring people into it.

Standing at the fork in the road, Fang Mu was still calm and not very anxious. Tianhe Sect was the only decent sect among the four great holy sects. This time he was sent by the sect to come here without the intention of winning the ice demon. Instead, if necessary, he would destroy the other three sects’ actions and forge a good relationship with this big demon.

White light flashed continuously in the three entrances. Fang Mu frowned.

Without knowing if it was his illusion, he always felt that the three roads in front of him were all traps, and none of them really led to the ice demon’s lair.

“Uncle Chen, are you there?”

He called from his heart and got an immediate response, “What’s the matter?”

“Help me see where the source of cracking sound is.”

The existence in the dark was silent for a moment, and then a slightly tired voice came.

“Guy, the source is on your left and about a hundred feet away.”

Fang Mu pondered for a moment and then hit the ice wall on the left with a fist under the puzzled eyes of the many elders. Unlike the hardness he imagined, the ice wall instantly turned into flakes flying all over the sky like tofu. A hidden entrance appeared.

Fang Mu’s eyes brightened. “Let’s go!”

Not long after he led people in, the wall on the right side of the passage was suddenly blasted away, and Zhuquan walked out blankly. But actually, there was still a hint of anger on her face.

“Damn it! I am tricked!”

“This ice demon is extremely cunning. I can’t catch up with it at all!”

Zhuquan glanced at the rest of the cave entrances, and her gaze suddenly froze on the entrance that Fang Mu entered.

“There was no entrance here before. Who discovered it, Huangxing Hall, Ankui Valley or Tianhe Sect?”

Zhuquan’s face darkened. She said, “The ice demon’s real body is a beautiful snow fox. I want to grab it back and offer it to the miss as a demon pet. I can’t let it fall into the hands of other people. Follow along!”

Zhuquan was the personal maid of the Fate Ancestor’s disciple. Naturally, no one dared to violate what she said. So, people entered the passage without taking care of their almost frozen bodies.

“Guy, you seem to have entered a peculiar area. It’s…very difficult for me to sense it.”

The voice in his mind became more tired, Fang Mu lightly clicked his eyebrows and let that consciousness fall asleep. He no longer needed guidance.

What he saw in front of him was an ancestral shrine that was sealed in ice. In the yard of the ancestral shrine, an ancient well radiated a faint blood, and the mouth of the well was only one-tenth the size of the one outside.

“The ancient well outside is a virtual image, and the real one is here!”

The elder beside Fang Mu muttered with a solemn expression, “It’s so depressing. Is it possible that the big demon is inside?”

“A new-born big demon has immature mind. I’m afraid that this breath is accidently radiated from that big demon.”

“Well, what’s the explanation for the false crossroads outside?”


The elders were embarrassed and did not reach a conclusion for a while, but they did not dare to go down the well rashly.

The yinqi here was far more than that of the fake well outside. Even if their average cultivation was in the late stage of Huashen Realm, they were filled with apprehension.

“The only way to know the truth is going down the well.”

Fang Mu stared at the ancient well and spoke. Before the elders could stop him, they heard a domineering shout suddenly coming from behind them.

“Wait! This well is firstly discovered by Shengtian Shrine. No one is allowed to go down!”

Zhuquan came with a group of disciples from the Shengtian Shrine. While facing the elders of the Tianhe Sect, they showed no fear.

The expressions of the elders of the Tianhe Sect changed slightly, and they were unpleased. If they were the elders of the Shengtian Shrine, that would be okay. How dare these little kids call out in front of them?!

Fang Mu squinted his eyes and stood in front of the elders, “Zhuquan, do you really think that you can act recklessly in front of me because you have the favor of your master? Even if I kill you now, your master will not take revenge on Tianhe Sect. You have to think clearly.”

Zhuquan’s pretty face was serious, but she didn’t dare to do anything excessive. She only coldly snorted, “My Miss is bound to win the ice demon. Is it possible that your Tianhe Sect wants to fight against Fate Ancestor?”

Fang Mu suddenly chuckled, “Even you can use the banner of Fate Ancestor. The banner of Fate Ancestor is really worthless.”

As soon as these words came out, before the people of the Shengtian Shrine replied, the expressions of the elders of Tianhe Sect changed first.

“Young Lord, speak carefully!”

“Fate Ancestor shall not be offended!”

Zhuquan was originally trembling with anger. But when she saw the expressions of those elders of Tianhe Sect, she immediately felt relieved and provocatively said, “Your Excellency, it seems that your followers are not as bold as you.”

Fang Mu’s face became gloomy, but he returned to normal quickly. He got out of the way and said coldly, “If you don’t want to go in, wait here for the other two sects to arrive. How about it?”

Fang Mu’s reaction was unexpected. On the contrary, Zhuquan felt that she was inferior, and she was slightly depressed. But remembering the requirement of her master, she still snorted and quickly led everyone to jump into the well.

“Young Lord, we…”

When everyone of Shengtian Shrine got down, a group of elders immediately gathered around with ashamed faces. Fang Mu reached out his hand to stop them. He frowned and was silent.

Just now, the sleeping existence in his mind forcibly woke and sent him a message.

“Guy, there is something hidden in the shadow of Zhuquan. You can’t deal with it. Let her go down…”

After Zhuquan and others went down the well, they quickly found the secret passage at the top of the passage. But the passage was covered by ice now. It was difficult to enter.

Seeing this, Zhuquan leaned down and knelt without hesitation. Her forehead pressed against the ground, and she said respectfully, “Your honor, please show up and remove obstacles.”

As soon as she stopped speaking, the shadows behind Zhuquan and all the other young disciples were skyrocketing and then transformed into another human form. When the form stabilized, the shadow behind Zhuquan said, “Trash! Even opening a way requires us to do.”

As it said, the arm of the human figure instantly transformed into a long spear. When there was no movement, the spear spun instantly, turning into a dozen giant sharp cones to stab the ice layer.


The deafening sound was transmitted through the ice layer into the ears of every living creature on the ground at this moment.

“What sound is it?!”

Yin Xuetong and others, who were still exploring aimlessly, immediately stopped and decisively turned to the source of the sound.

Fang Mu felt the greatest shock, but he didn’t go down, because the voice in his mind was repeating tirelessly.

“Danger…Run away!”

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