Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 473 - I didn’t hear it clearly

Chapter 473 I didn’t hear it clearly

“Run away?”

Fang Mu was very nervous but did not move.

“Young Lord, the sound comes right below, we…”

Suddenly, the elder followed Fang Mu stopped his words and slightly changed his expression. Then he looked back cautiously.


Yin Xuetong showed up with her people and said kindly, “I’ve done useless work for a long time. Yet you have been here earlier. Tell me, have you found anything?”

Fang Mu frowned and said with deep voice, “Holy Girl Yin, you have gone too far.”

Yin Xuetong smiled sweetly and didn’t care, “Since you feel uncomfortable, let’s put it another way. In fact, your elder brother, Fang Yuan is also here.”

Fang Mu’s pupils shrunk slightly, and his heartbeat speeded up slightly. But he sneered on the surface, “Do you think I will believe you for a few words?”

“It seems that after Fang Yuan left, you have indeed grown a lot. I still remember that when we separated thousands of years ago, you were on the brink of collapse, crying and screaming.”

Yin Xuetong sighed sincerely. But her words made Fang Mu even more annoyed, “Yin Xuetong!”

“Hold your horses.”

Yin Xuetong put aside her smile and returned to normal, “Your elder brother is single-minded for that person. Now the ice demon has shown up. If the ice demon dies and the reincarnation path opens, that person…”


Fang Mu interrupted her in a cold voice, “It’s impossible for a person who has lost his or her soul to be in the reincarnation path.”

“But you also know.”

Yin Xuetong’s red lips twitched slightly, “For your elder brother, even if there is only a gleam of hope, he will never give up. I’m sure he is in our four teams now.”

Fang Mu was shocked and looked serious.

“Let’s go!”

All the elders immediately followed.

“By the way, Holy Girl Yin, it is impolite not to reciprocate. I advise you that this place is a doomed death end. Do not gain nothing and die here.”

Then, Fang Mu left without looking back.

The elders behind Yin Xuetong all smiled, and they looked at their holy girl even with some admiration.

Eliminating an opponent with just a few words was just an incredible means.

As for the words Fang Mu left behind, no one cared.

Fourth Elder who were good at divination were by their side, and they had no reason to believe in an immature guy.

But Yin Xuetong frowned secretly.

The Tianhe Sect was very upright and had no interest in the ice demon. Now they heard of the message of their Elder Young Lord, and their mind had already wandered away. So, she had never regarded the Tianhe Sect as an opponent.

But Fang Mu actually said that this place was a dead end.

She fingered the jade pendant hanging on her neck. When she sensed that it was intact, she was reassured slightly. Then she smirked and said, “Young Lord of Ankui Valley, would you like to go with me?”

Qu Qingning, who looked pale in the dark, strode forward and grinned.

“My pleasure!”

With a gloomy expression, Zhuquan watched Yin Xuetong and Qu Qingning come together. Huangxing Hall and Ankui Valley joined forces unexpectedly. This was not good news.

“It seems that we arrive here at just the right time.”

Qu Qingning grinned and stared at the white fox in panic behind the transparent ice layer. He said with a greedy expression in his eyes, “Ice demon. What a dumb luck.”

“Guy, get out quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for ignoring Ankui Valley’s face and tearing you up!”

The leading black shadow turned his head. His eyes flashed with red light, and there was a hint of anger.

When Qu Qingning heard this, instead of being afraid, he sneered, “How dare you. I want to know whether you, neither a human nor a ghost, will be scared by your ugly face when looking in the mirror in the middle of the night.”

Once hearing this, several black shadows came out with anger to kill him.

Yin Xuetong stepped away quietly. Alertness and surprise flashed in her eyes.

After Qu Qingning practiced the Dark Codex, his temperament changed drastically. Obviously, the dozen or so black shadows were not ordinary characters. She really didn’t understand why Qu Qingning had to talk back at this time.

Qu Qingning didn’t run away, but smiled and stretched out his hand to grasp the arm of a shadow.

But at this moment—


The agitated white fox let out a sharp howl, and the original small crack in ancient well expanded to the size of a fist.

The white fox was overjoyed and rushed into the crack immediately.

“Blimey, the ice demon escaped!”

Everyone’s expressions changed slightly. The black shadows that were intended to attack Qu Qingning also immediately turned around and went for the ice layer with full force.

“Qu Qingning, Yin Xuetong, what are you waiting for? If the ice demon escapes, no one will get any benefits!”

Zhuquan propped up her exhausted body and roared with a livid face.

Yin Xuetong’s eyes flashed. Zhuquan was very weak at the moment, and those shadows parasitic on them were consuming their vitality obviously.

“Shengtian Shrine, an evil sect, are really a group of people who have no bottom line.”

This thought flashed through Yin Xuetong’s mind, but she did not hesitate to attack the ice layer on the surface.

At least, Zhuquan was right. This ice demon was full of potential. It made such a big noise right after it was born. If it escaped, it would be more than a loss.

When it grew up in the future, it would become a great threat.

When Su Li collected the souls in her hand, she suddenly felt something and looked up. The sky that originally had only a crack was actually cracked with dense holes, like a ragged cloth.

“The small mysterious realm won’t last long, but there are at least fifty thousand souls that I haven’t collected.”

Su Li felt a pity, but she was already content. The souls in the Black Lotus Ring were at least enough to make hundreds of external incarnations.

Black Lotus looked at the souls in his ring, wishing to gobble them. But he also knew that these souls had been sealed for too long and had lost the spirituality he needed most. Even if they were all swallowed, he would not recover.

It was more reliable to wait for Su Li to help him collect. At least, there were still a lot of ghost practitioners in Ghost Region. Taking advantage of the chaos, she could absorb a lot definitely.

Click… Click…

The crack grew bigger and bigger, and Su Li could even see the cracked ancient well through the crack of the sky. She stopped completely and closed her eyes to sense the trace of connection with the ancestral land of Ghost Clan.

Nor was it long before, she heard a noise. When she opened her eyes, she saw a white fox falling in front of her.

Seeing that there was someone in the mysterious realm, the white fox was irritated. A pair of crystal eyes was full of irritability and restlessness, and the tail raised high. A biting chill instantly spread from its feet and dived for Su Li.

“Huh? The chill I felt is made by you, kiddy.”

Su Li looked at the frozen ice layer under her feet. The ice layer gave a slight shock and then shattered.

The white fox suddenly became more manic, and it was about to launch a second attack. But before it launched, its feet were weak. Finally, it fell to the ground. Red blood was flowing down its belly.

Its real body was very fragile. Since falling from such a high place, it had been injured.


The white fox whimpered and looked at the sky full of cracks. Sadness and despair revealed in the jewel-like crystal eyes.

Why? Why did so many people want to kill it? It was just born and couldn’t control the spread of chill at all. It… it was not intentional.

Suddenly, it felt that it was surrounded by a cloud of softness, and a warm breath poured into its body.

So comfortable…

It squinted comfortably and fell asleep deeply.

“Hey, Master, you should choose to save it?”

Black Lotus looked at Su Li in surprise, as if he had met her for the first time. He just spoke clearly. If she ate this little thing, the nature’s punishment she faced would probably be reduced to a level directly. It would be no more a threat to her.

Su Li glanced at Black Lotus and didn’t respond. While communicating with the ancestral land of the Ghost Clan, she was running the Ghost Valley Meditation Direction to heal the little white fox.

It was indeed her impulse to save the white fox, but she didn’t regret it. The little white fox’s life experience was so similar to her previous life.

Clearly, she did nothing wrong, but she had to bear many sins.

She was ruined, but the little white fox met her.

Several hours passed in a blink of an eye, and the sky cracked the greater part. The influx of all kinds of malicious of figures outside the sky led the white fox to wake up instantly.

A pair of bright and beautiful eyes came into its view.

The little fox had never seen such warm eyes before, and it was so intoxicated for a while and couldn’t help but lean in Su Li’s arms.

Although it was still young, it could sense by instinct that the human race in front of it was different from those outside. She had no malice towards it, and even…pampered it.

“I will give you a name.”

Su Li murmured softly, “You were born extraordinary, but you are envied by others. People perceive us different and always have the strongest malice toward us. I hope you will never be troubled in your life. You can take my last name, and I will call you Su Wuyou (literally meaning ‘without troubles’) …”

The white fox blinked its watery eyes and nodded with a babble.

It still couldn’t speak, but it understood what Su Li meant.

At the moment when the white fox nodded, the sky clicked and finally divided into two pieces. Practitioners from various sects swarmed, and the world changed drastically.

A humanized panic appeared on the white fox’s face. Su Li gently stroked its soft fur, squinted and smiled, “Don’t worry. No one can hurt you here.”


Streams of light beat down, encircling Su Li.

Su Li tilted her head to see the leaders, and finally gazed at the enchanting masked woman who led the Shengtian Shrine.

“Ling Xian.”

Su Li narrowed her eyes, and a dangerous sheen flashed through her eyes. Even if the woman was covered with a veil, it did not prevent her from recognizing the identity of the woman.

In the Reincarnation Mirror, Su Li had to embark on a path of no return because of the woman.

However, Ling Xian died in the Reincarnation Mirror. After she came out, she should have no memory of what happened there.

“Who are you? And why are you in the small mysterious realm?”

The atmosphere was quiet for a moment, and finally someone couldn’t help but ask.

Su Li turned around and saw Yin Xuetong’s face. Su Li’s lips twitched and her tone of voice was flat.

“There are so many acquaintances here today.”

Once hearing that, Yin Xuetong and other leading young lords couldn’t help but raise their brows. Did this woman know them?

But they had no impression of this mysterious woman. Although she covered her face, the breath was still there, and this breath was…very strange.

“Hmph, you are deliberately mystifying! Hand over the ice demon quickly, otherwise you won’t leave alive!”

Zhuquan’s eyes showed a bloodthirsty light. As soon as she spoke that, she suddenly turned into a stream of light and was shotted into the sky, exploding with a bang.

Su Li smiled and swept the rain of blood on the top.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear it clearly.”

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