Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 474 - You’d better go to die

Chapter 474 You’d better go to die

Ling Xian’s smile beneath the veil disappeared. Although she didn’t care about Zhuquan’s life, the shadow slave in Zhuquan’s body that was given by the Master was also killed by this mysterious woman.

Her eyes were cold for a moment and then eased. She laughed softly, “Since your strength is worthy of this ice demon, I can give up it. I only hope that when we meet next time, you can fully show yourself and I can get to know you.”

After saying that, she turned around and left. The men she led also ignored Zhuquan’s death and all left with Ling Xian in the blink of an eye.

Su Li looked a little solemn. She thought about it again and again and then decided not to catch up with Ling Xian.

Although the strength Su Li controlled from the collapse of the small mysterious realm was powerful, it was not enough to destroy all people here. If Ling Xian was provoked to attack Su Li, Su Li still had a chance to kill her. But unexpectedly, the woman ran away without saying a word.

If Su Li continued to take an action, it was hard to guarantee that the other three sects would not swarm to fight against her.

“Well, the people who deserves to die will finally die. It’s just a matter of time.”

After the thought flashed over her mind, Su Li stretched her eyebrows and flew towards the crack with the little white fox.

Yin Xuetong and other two people were angry when they saw Su Li was so defiant, but none of them went to stop her.

Su Li’s killing move just now was enough to prove her power. Although Zhuquan’s cultivation, the late stage of Yuanying Realm, was not high, the cultivation of the shadow slave in her body was at least in the early stage of the nature’s test…

“Young Lord, do we let this woman snatch the ice demon in this way? No matter how powerful she is, she is alone. The cultivation in the early stage of the nature’s test is not difficult to defeat…”

The Fourth Elder beside Yin Xuetong were not reconciled herself to such a result. She had worked so hard to divine for a long time, but the ice demon was snatched by a girl who had no background. If this thing was known by everyone, she would be ashamed.

Yin Xuetong stopped the Fourth Elder from speaking. She looked at Su Li who had risen into the sky, and her beautiful eyes were gleaming with surprise and bewilderment.

Was it her?

It couldn’t be her!

Fang Mu pursed his lips and stared blankly at Su Li’s back that was leaving. Even if they entered the Reincarnation Mirror for various reasons, the error… was an error.

Did they still have a chance to atone for their sins?

“Tsk-tsk, just a female practitioner who is deliberately mystifying even scared you.”

Qu Qingning sneered suddenly. It was harsh and unpleasant. Yin Xuetong and Fang Mu came back to earth at the same time. Fang Mu’s eyes were filled with gloominess, and he said coldly,

“If you want that ice demon, fight for it yourself. My Tianhe Sect will not wade into the muddy water.”

Regardless of the origin of the mysterious woman, the ice demon was very close to her. That was enough to show that she had no malice. Since the ice demon did not be fallen into the hands of the other three sects, his mission could be considered as completion.

“Hehe, the Fang Family is as timid as ever.”

While Qu Qingning said that, he looked at Yin Xuetong. But Yin Xuetong looked away and said faintly, “Young Lord Qu, if you can really grab it, we Huangxing Hall will never interfere.”

She didn’t have Fang Mu’s detachment, but she still had a brain.

This barren small mysterious realm was just under the lair where the ice demon was born. The mysterious woman seemed to be here from the beginning, and she did not look like an ancient person according to her costume. So, it was likely that she had entered the small mysterious realm alone before them.

Even… this shocking movement was caused by her!

Yin Xuetong felt terrified when she just thought about it. That woman’s strength was definitely not just as simple as that in the nature’s test. If she acted impulsively, it was likely to cause big trouble for Huangxing Hall.

A black light flashed over Qu Qingning’s eyes. He smiled coldly and said, “Holy Girl Yin, you must keep your word. Otherwise, even if I dilapidate the Dark Codex, I will definitely kill you!”

Yin Xuetong frowned uncomfortably. Before she spoke, she saw that Qu Qingning’s legs touched the ground and then he instantly turned into a black light to shoot Su Li’s back.

Su Li sensed it. She turned around and raised her hand calmly. A transparent barrier appeared out of nowhere.

Qu Qingning grinned. Black lights flashed on his arms, and two huge sickles slashed towards Su Li.


In an instant, a thick echo sounded all over the world.

Qu Qingning’s look suddenly changed.

“Qu Qingning, how dare you to fight against me?”

Su Li looked at him calmly. Qu Qingning felt chilling, and his pupils shrunk. The sea-like pressure of Su Li made him tremble. He even had an illusion that he would be crushed into pieces in an instant.


He had no time to care about others’ thoughts and was about to retreat without saying a word. At that moment, he saw that Su Li broke the barrier herself and pinched his sickle blade lightly with her fingertips. Her speed was clearly slow, but he… just couldn’t avoid her!

“Are you ready to run away before answering my question?”

Su Li’s pure black eyes flashed with profound light, which could make people unconsciously sink into it.

Qu Qingning felt Su Li’s horror gradually and barely said, “Senior…”

Before he finished speaking, Su Li’s sight suddenly focused, and the huge sickle shattered as soon as her fingertips pressed hard.

The blood color on Qu Qingning’s face instantly faded away. He vomited blood and flew down.

The people of Ankui Valley thought that their Young Lord was in a stalemate with Su Li, but they didn’t expect that Su Li would win in the blink of an eye. All their looks changed, and they were about to catch Qu Qingning.

But there was a shadow faster than them. Everyone only saw a gray shadow flash in front of them, and that Qu Qingning’s upside-down body fell into the arms of a gray-robed old man.

“It’s Third Elder!”

“Third Elder comes personally. The demon girl will definitely not escape!”

The gray-robed old man first stabilized Qu Qingning’s injury temporarily. Then he vigilantly looked up at Su Li and then bowed to her amidst the amazement of the elders of the Ankui Valley.

“My Young Lord has no intention to offend you. He has only recently practiced a strange martial art and can’t control it now.”

After saying that, he retreated with Qu Qingning in panic.

Su Li’s eyes flashed, and she immediately thought of a practice method.

Qiyu Xuangong !

Qu Qingning was not a member of the Yinmo Cult. Where did he get this practice method?

Or were there high-level people of Yinmo Cult in the Ankui Valley?


Su Li lost her mind for a moment. The little white fox in her arms suddenly screamed, and every hair on its body was sticking straight. A thin layer of ice immediately covered around Su Li.

In the next instant, a large white silk burst out from the casual practitioner team of Ankui Valley. In the blink of an eye, Su Li was buried by it.

After the white light disappeared, there was no Su Li’s voice. Only the little white fox fell in the air while it was howling.

“The female practitioner… is dead?!”

Such a shocking change was unexpected to everyone.


A white-haired old man dressed in casual practitioner clothes walked out slowly. Every time he took a step, the surrounding practitioners retreated a few steps. The atmosphere of horror was spreading.

Everyone saw that he had just killed the invincible mysterious woman with one move.

“Great Elder of Han Sect!”

The gray-robed old man of Ankui Valley recognized this person at a glance. He was shocked. Although he had a cultivation in the late stage of the nature’s test, a person who served as the great elder in a holy sect was at least in the early stage of Dacheng Realm, equivalently a Junior Emperor in the Human Clan!

To break through Huashen Realm from the nature’s test, practitioners must need to experience the thunder for testing, and many of them died because of that. He could not resist a move of the Great Elder of Han Sect!

The deterrence brought by such a strong man was almost devastating. A large area around the old man was vacated in the blink of an eye.

No one thought that an ice demon would attract the powerhouse of this level.

Yin Xuetong and Fang Mu stared at the sky in a daze. Did the female practitioner, whose temperament was extremely similar to Su Li, just die like this?

“Hehe, I right need an ice demon as medicine. This little thing comes at the right time.”

The white-haired old man reached out to grab the falling little white fox. The eyes of the little white fox were full of fierceness, even with hatred. It screamed at the white-haired old man.

Fang Mu couldn’t bear that and subconsciously moved forward. But he was dragged by the elder behind him.

“Young Lord, calm down! This matter is beyond our control. Even if we show our hole cards, we are definitely not the opponent of the Great Elder of Han Sect.”

Just as the white-haired old man was about to grab the little white fox’s fur, the smile on his face suddenly stagnated.

A white bare hand appeared at some point and pressed against the dry bark-like hand. The little white fox returned to the soft embrace.

The white-haired old man stared slightly and wanted to withdraw his hand. But the young girl opposite seemed to have turned into a world, which was so heavy that he couldn’t even pull his hand away.

“Who are you, your excellency? Don’t you know this land belongs to me? Aren’t you afraid of punishment from Fate Ancestor if you cross the border willfully?”

The white-haired old man made his face cold and didn’t mention the robbing of the ice demon.

Su Li calmly pacified the little white fox that was still exploding with rage. Her expression was as usual, and her chuckle was heard by everyone, “Hehe… old bastard, you are a Junior Emperor in Human Clan anyway, but you hid in the dark and attacked me secretly. Are you so proud of that?”

After speaking, Su Li narrowed her eyes slightly, and the murderous intention appeared!

The white-haired old man’s expression remained unchanged. He made up an ice flower with one hand and threw it at Su Li’s face. When the ice flower was released from the old man’s hand, it instantly turned into a burning ice flame. Even the air was burned and made a sound.

The gray-robed old man’s eyes widened. It was the most powerful secret method of Han Sect!

Ice Flower Flame!

The Great Elder of Han Sect actually used a killing move at the beginning. Su Li held the little white fox with one hand and held his hand with the other. How could she resist it?

Sensing the danger of the ice flower, Su Li finally looked a little serious, and her hair flew automatically without wind.

In an instant, the sky in the shattered small mysterious realm changed. She didn’t do anything, but the Ice Flower Flame went out!

Seeing this scene, the Great Elder of Han Sect understood instantly, and his complexion changed drastically.

“You are a ghost…”

Su Li didn’t give him a chance to speak. With a thought, countless fragments of the small mysterious realm gathered and turned into a tornado that swept across the Great Elder of Han Sect.

The golden body in the early stage of Dacheng Realm was blown to pieces, revealing its golden bones.


The screams reverberated around the world. There was a dead silence around. Seeing the Great Elder of Han Sect was put to death by dismembering the body, everyone looked pale and blood froze.

“Stop it! If you kill me, the Han Sect will absolutely be irreconcilable with you, and will chase you to the end of the world!”

The face of the Great Elder of Han Sect was full of pain. The skin and flesh on his face disappeared halfway, and the silvery white hair was shaved off. But he still said malicious words.

Su Li turned and looked at the Great Elder of Han Sect struggling deep in the vortex of fragments. She smiled and said deliberately, “It turns out that you are the Great Elder of Han Sect. That’s really great. I’m worried about how to find the Han Sect to collect interest. But you bring yourself to me and save me a trip.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the strength of the small mysterious realm was enhanced, and the fragments suddenly became fiercer, leaving traces on the golden bones.

The Great Elder of Han Sect was popeyed. Fear gushed from the bottom of his heart. He no longer cared about his face and cried, “Don’t kill me! I wish to be your servant forever!”


Su Li tilted her head. Just as a hope arose in the heart of the Great Elder of Han Sect, he saw the woman suddenly shook her head and sighed, “Forget it. I’m too tired. You’d better go to die.”


A corner of the small mysterious realm rushed straight to the Great Elder of Han Sect, and directly smashed him into meat paste, leaving nothing behind.

“Demon. You are a demon…”

The last scream of the Great Elder of Han Sect resounded between heaven and earth.

The piercing chill filled everyone’s heart.

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