Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 475 - Are you so eager to kill me?

Chapter 475 Are you so eager to kill me?

“A Junior Emperor has passed away!”

The gray-robed elder looked at the pile of golden pieces of meat on the ground, and the fear that had been dormant in his heart for many years suddenly awakened. His mind was a mess, and he couldn’t think for a while.

Even he was in a bad mood, let alone others. They suffered more and were absent-minded, standing like sculptures.

As soon as the Great Elder of Han Sect died, the little white fox immediately regained his silence. It rushed to Su Li’s shoulder quickly and looked around with shining eyes.

Su Li glanced at the Black Lotus who had taken away the Great Elder of Han Sect’s Soul, and then turned to leave.

Suddenly, she stopped.

There was an additional figure in front of her, and his thin figure was shrouded in a wide robe for casual practitioner, looking extremely impoverished.

Under the jade-colored bone mask, the man with sunken eye sockets stared at Su Li’s face, with the intent of killing.

Su Li smiled, but Ling Li was completely at a loss.

She had imagined many scenes of meeting Ling Li again in Qingshui Circle, but she didn’t expect… it would be this moment.

“Do you want to kill me?”

Su Li’s voice was flat, and a pair of clear eyes seemed to penetrate Ling Li’s body, “With the sword in your body?”

Ling Li’s pupils shrank suddenly, and he stepped back subconsciously. Could she sense the Lihen Sword?

This was impossible. He was the Tablet Keeper!

“I heard that you have a son, who is about a thousand years old now.”

Su Li said casually but observed Ling Li’s reaction carefully.

Ling Li felt surprised, and he immediately thought of a lot of things. Su Buwang’s existence only was known to the trusted followers of the Great Lord of the Shengtian Palace. Was this woman also from the Shengtian Palace?

No. She just killed the person belonging to Fate Ancestor, so she shouldn’t be.

His mind was a mess for a while, and he recalled carefully the plan he had implemented in those days. There were no loopholes. Who had leaked the news?

No matter who she was, this woman was linked with the Great Lord of Shengtian Palace!

The less people knew about Buwang’s existence, the safer he was!

Ling Li made the decision, and his eyes were firm. According to his thoughts, the Lihen Sword trembled and made a sound from his body. Then it began to appear in his hand.

But halfway through this process, it was interrupted abruptly.

Su Li’s pretty face was slightly serious. After she hooked her finger, the remaining 30% of the small mysterious realm instantly collapsed into countless fragments, covering Ling Li.

The power of the shattered world was pulled, and the Qingshui Circle’s rules were instantly covered up. Ling Li groaned slightly, and the half of the sword that appeared in his hand turned into powders.

At this moment, Su Li’s gaze suddenly focused, and a red line appeared in front of her. After the sword returned to Ling Li’s body, the end of the red line was immediately missing.

Looking at Ling Li, who was shrouded in fragments of the small mysterious realm and could not breathe like drowning, Su Li was suddenly angry. Although she had warned herself that Su Li was dead long ago, at this moment, the anger in her heart was hard to resist like a volcanic eruption!

She stepped forward, appeared in front of Ling Li in a flash and grabbed Ling Li’s collar. Her eyes were cold, and words of resentment seemed to be squeezed out of her teeth.

“Ling… Li! Are you so eager to kill me? You want to send me to hell at the expense of the reduction of your life expectancy?!”

Ling Li felt shocked, and his scattered pupils reunited. He gritted his teeth and couldn’t say anything, but he just mouthed the words he wanted to say.

“Even if I am stabbed thousands of times, I will never let anyone hurt… my son!”

Su Li was suddenly stunned, letting go of Ling Li’s collar. Most of fragments of the small mysterious realm were gathered, floating on Su Li’s side, like a castle in the sky.

Ling Li only felt his body loose. Seeing that Su Li was in a daze, he turned into a stream of light and disappeared into the sky without saying a word.

Even though he had many doubts about the identity of this mysterious woman in his heart.

For the sake of Buwang, he couldn’t take risks.

Su Li watched Ling Li leave without stopping. Her calm eyes were faintly added warmth and surprise.

At least, he didn’t seem to be as cold-blooded as rumor.

At least, she knew that her son was still alive, instead of being killed by Ling Li himself as rumor went.

“Master, there is more than one Grand Elder in Han Sect. Let’s run quickly!”

Black Lotus trembled with the soul of the Grand Elder of Han Sect. Even if he only swallowed a part of the memory of the soul, he understood that the strength of the Han Sect was much more terrifying than he expected.

Behind the holy sect, there were more than Junior Emperor…

Su Li nodded. She glanced at the people behind her in horror and then turned to fly away.

The little white fox looked at the ice and snow, opened its mouth and took a breath. The snow and ice in the sky was like a bottomless pit, all pouring into its stomach.

Yin Xuetong and the others immediately felt that the biting chill began to subside, and the temperature began to warm up. But those who had been frozen to death could no longer be resurrected.

Fang Mu glanced at the unconscious Qu Qingning lying in the arms of the Third Elder of Ankui Valley, and then looked at the sky gradually clearing.

Was the great change a natural disaster or a man-made disaster? Who could tell?

Suddenly, he inadvertently saw a familiar back, but the back left very quickly, disappearing into the sky in a flash.

“Eldest Brother!”

Fang Mu yelled, and chased after him. Although Tianhe Sect and others hadn’t seen it, as soon as they heard the news about the Elder Young Lord, they couldn’t sit still and followed them.

After Su Li left everyone’s sight, the little white fox spent several minutes collecting the chill of the whole Ghost Region in its body. Then it fell into a deep sleep.

Su Li took it into the Cang Lei’s Cave. Then she changed into casual practitioner clothes and changed her face. Next, she quietly mixed into the casual practitioner team and went into the entrance of the small mysterious realm of Han Sect.

Although the casual practitioners around were unfamiliar with Su Li, no one caused any trouble because they all came to gather originally and just wanted to leave this place sooner.

One Grand Elder of Han Sect was dead. It was hard to guarantee that Han Sect would not take it out on them.

Su Li landed on a hill. After she communicated with Black Lotus for a while, she grabbed a female disciple of Han Sect to replace her and headed towards the treasury of Han Sect.

Holding the soul of Great Elder of Han Sect, she knew everything about Han Sect.

Halfway through, Su Li passed by the mountain range that guided the visitors, and suddenly stopped. Her eyes fixed on a flushed face.

“I told you! I didn’t steal from you. Don’t bully me too much!”

Su Buwang was angry, and his face blushed when he explained. But the two disciples of Han Sect in front of him didn’t let him off at all.

“An ant in Jindan Realm, how dare you quibble? We have observed you for several days. The blood-colored treasure is clearly the Red Soul Treasure that was stolen a few days from my peak!”

“Yes! Little thief, how dare you go up the mountain to steal while the door of my sect is open!”

“I heard Master said that the ice demon has fallen into the hands of our grandmaster. Your elder has not yet returned. Maybe he is dead outside, right?”

Su Buwang’s face changed slightly, and he couldn’t help cursing, “You are talking nonsense! Uncle Fang is so powerful. How could he die?!”

As soon as this remark came out, the older disciple of the Han Sect sneered.

“Hahaha… you are so naive. Junior fellow apprentice, pull his belly open. I saw the bloodstone hidden in his body two days ago.”

Su Buwang was horrified and immediately retreated. However, his strength was limited. He was caught in the hands of two opponents in Yuanying Realm in an instant.

Before the sword with cold light pierced his abdomen, he closed his eyes tightly with horror.


Su Buwang didn’t feel the imaginary pain, and his mind was blank for a moment. Suddenly, he felt his face wet, and then he remembered to open his eyes.

With this force, the two headless corpses fell backwards.


Su Buwang yelled in fright. Then he shivered and went back. He muttered, “Did…I kill them?”

Thud. The corpses fell to the ground. Then Su Buwang saw that there was a girl who looked younger than him standing behind the corpses. She was looking at him with a strange look.

“Master, the breath of this kid and your previous life…seem to have a very deep connection.”

Black Lotus gnawed the soul of Great Elder of Han Sect, and didn’t forget to come out to remind Su Li.

Su Li pushed him back into the ring space. When she looked at the facial features of Su Buwang that were 60% similar to her in her previous life, the corners of her lips couldn’t stop being hooked.

He grew so tall.

“What’s your name?”

Su Li suddenly asked. Her voice was fair-sounding, like bubbling spring. But there were two headless corpses behind her, so Su Buwang didn’t have interest in appreciation.

This woman…had great intention of killing. She was not a kind person!


When Su Buwang was racking his brains to deal with it, Su Li suddenly looked serious and took off the clothes of one corpse. She forced Su Buwang to change it. Then she put the two corpses away and took him away quickly.

“You… Where are you taking me? I’m still waiting for my elder to come back. If he can’t find me, he will definitely be angry!”

Su Buwang’s nape was held by a pair of invisible hands. No matter how hard he was under his feet, he could not stop his progress.

Su Li frowned when she looked at Su Buwang’s actions.

What exactly had Ling Li taught him over the years? How could he not be alert and resourceful when facing danger?

When she thought of this, a red light suddenly magnified in front of her eyes. She narrowed her eyes and stretched out her hand to catch it. When she opened her hand, she saw a round blood-colored stone.

It was this thing!

Su Li’s memory drifted far away. She instantly thought of the origin of it.

In the Reincarnation Mirror, she killed Lin Yanxing and obtained this bloodstone from him. But she did not expect it to be inherited by her son.

“It seems that you have learned something in recent years. At least, you can deal with such a sneak attack.”

Su Li chuckled lightly. Su Buwang’s eyes widened, and his disguised face disappeared. He was really panicked.

This stone had been in his body since he was born, and he barely pulled it out of his body when he was eighteen years old. Although he could not see the secret in it, … Except for him, no matter which cultivation level he or she was, once he or she held it, he or she would be absorbed by it instantly.

This stone had always been used as his ace in the hole, but now there was an enemy who could be completely immune!

Su Li finally could stay alone with his son for a while, so she couldn’t bear to continue to scare him. After leaving a mark on the bloodstone, she sent it back into his body, and said casually,

“Don’t show others the thing at will. If the owner of the Shengtian Shrine knows it, it will inevitably be snatched.”

Su Buwang carefully sensed the bloodstone returning to his body. When he found that there was no discomfort, he breathed a sigh of relief. Hearing the second sentence of Su Li’s words, he was scared.

Fortunately, he was in a low position in the Shengtian Shrine, and he had no chance to see the Great Lord of Shengtian Palace.

Feeling Su Li’s kindness, Su Buwang felt at ease and blinked. Just like the scene that he had met Fang Yuan for the first time, he cautiously asked,

“I’m…Su Buwang! Senior, where are we going?”

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