Lady Su’s Revenge

Chapter 9 - The Dictionary of Dahan

Chapter 9 The Dictionary of Dahan

“Miss, why are you back so early today?”

When Mammy Li heard the footsteps outside, she immediately came out of the kitchen of the yard and asked with surprise on her face.

Su Li smiled sheepishly and explained, “Nothing, the Second Mother came to see eldest brother. It was not good to stay there. So, I came back first. Nanny Mammy, is there anything good for lunch today?”

The Second Madam came?

Mammy Li was surprised at the words. She wiped her hands, took off her apron, hurried over and grabbed Su Li’s hands, looked at her and asked nervously, “Second Madam didn’t make trouble for you, did she?”

“No, eldest brother was there.” Su Li was giggling foolishly.


Mammy Li sighed slightly. No matter how good the young master was, he was the son of the Second Madam. When the young master understood the wisdom of the world, he might not care so much about Second Miss.

These thoughts had long hovered in the heart of Mammy Li. It was just that Su Li was so happy now that she didn’t want to say a word.

After lunch, Su Li picked up branches in the yard to practice writing. Mammy Li thought she was playing, shaking her head and smiling. Until the evening, Su Li hanged her sour arm off and breathed a sigh of relief.

After a month of hard work, she had fully recognized Xuangong’s first key words. Coupled with her previous life experience, she had understood 80% of the Xuangong. And there was no problem to start practicing now.

But just to be on the safe side, she wanted to wait until she understood it all.

“Second sister, I’m coming to see you!”

Suddenly, the gate of the courtyard was knocked, and the voice of Su Qingtan came from outside the door. Su Li immediately threw off the branch to open the door.

Su Qingtan, seeing a bright face of Su Li, unconsciously smiled. He touched Su Li’s forehead and said, “You’re not angry, sister? My mother, she just cared about me. She didn’t mean to blame you.”

Su Li waved her head, “I’m fine. Second mother did it for you.”

“You are so considerate.”

Su Qingtan praised her. Then he suddenly took out the hand behind him, and said, “Look at what I’ve brought you.”

Su Qingtan was holding a thick copybook of basic words in his hand. The cover of it was much more exquisite than what Su Li read at in the study before.

The Dictionary of Dahan!

Su Li was stunned. She had seen this book, which was exactly the same as the one in her previous life. Her disabled husband used it to teach her.

“This is a dictionary issued by Dahan government, and it covers the most words and interpretations. There is a special institution of learning in the provincial office where I will go. This dictionary is no longer useful. I give it to you today. My mother won’t let you go to the study, so you have to learn by yourself.”

“Thank you! Eldest brother!”

Su Li took the dictionary carefully, as if it was a precious treasure. The last eight parts of Xuangong were full of new characters. It was difficult to understand. This book was exactly what she needed most now.

“It’s just a post. Do you need to be so happy?”

Seeing the eyes of the second sister shining, Su Qingtan could not help laughing.

“This is the first gift from my eldest brother. I’m really very happy.”

Su Li smiled happily. Su Qingtan was stunned. His heart became warm. She was really a silly girl.

Time was flying. Su Qingtan had been studying poetry and practicing martial arts every day for two months. It was less than a month before the county nomination was announced. Su Huanli specially rushed to the Eastern Courtyard to supervise his son to review his lessons. But he was still very nervous.

Last year, he had lost almost half of the family fortune. The county magistrate Li Shanbao was insatiably greedy, and even if he knew it was a misunderstanding, he would never say it clearly. If the prices offered by other families were higher, the quota for Tan would be at stake.

“Don’t worry too much, master. The young master is versed in both polite letters and martial arts, which can be compared with those young men in the County. If Li Shanbao goes too far, let the young master go directly to the province city to take part in the martial arts competition! ”

The old housekeeper comforted, Su Huanli snorted coldly, “What do you know? It’s much more difficult in the County. And the sword is dangerous. Many people had left their hands and feet there over the years. Tan is the eldest son of Su family. I will not allow him to take risks!”

“But Lord Li…” The old housekeeper looked worried and sighed, “What can we do about this?”

Su Huanli was very angry. The Su family wouldn’t have been in such an awkward position without the thing that Su Zipei had done last year.

Knock, knock.

At that time, there were some gentle knocks outside the courtyard gate. “Father, this is Erya. I’m coming to send you snacks.” A gentle voice came in.


Su Huanli frowned, and the housekeeper immediately explained, “The First Madam and the Third Miss…The Second Miss was seriously injured and has been recuperating in the eastern courtyard.”

“Hmm! What bullshit!”

Su Huanli was angry before, and when he heard the housekeeper mentioning his third daughter, Su Zipei, he was even angrier.

Then, Su Li pushed the door and came in with a tray. She put the tray on the tea table next to Su Huanli.

“Are…are you Second Miss?”

The old housekeeper opened his eyes wide in shock as if he had seen Su Li for the first time.

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