Last Wish System

Chapter 618 Critical Information

The room was in silence after Yale killed someone without batting an eye in a place where that was forbidden.

Among those who have seen it, there was a mix of impressions. Some thought that Yale did wrong because the rules should never be broken, while others felt that someone who used the friends of someone as a threat was better dead even if it meant breaking some rules.

However, no matter their opinions, they didn’t dare to speak recklessly. The rules of the Council of Gods had been broken, but the one who broke them wasn’t someone they wanted to offend.

Since they didn’t want to oppose the Council of Gods nor Yale, everyone was hesitating about speaking.

Having internal strife just before a war would be a problem, and they knew that the Time Faction with its allies was enough to provoke it.

It was obvious that all the members besides Yale at that moment would support him unconditionally. The never harmed Kroh, and the miraculous Alrein were already two persons that the others didn’t want to face because they didn’t even know how to hit them. Basically, even if they manage to avoid losing the battle, there was no way they could win against them without being even able to touch them.

They didn’t fear yale as much as the other two since his defenses were comparably easier to understand and, thus, break. Still, they never expected that Yale’s destructive power would be that quick to execute, and with such a devastating might.

They believed that Yale needed to concentrate for a while before crushing dimensions like that, so they considered him the weakest of the Time Faction, but that was all their misconception.

They had only seen Yale use it just after obtaining it, and there was no way they knew how much time he needed since they couldn’t verify at what moment he obtained it.

However, common sense told them that such a powerful attack would need some time to charge, and then it would explode suddenly.

Although the attack Yale had used wasn’t unstoppable as long as one was on guard since it was quite a simple application of the Dimensional Divinity, being on guard was the important part. If one wasn’t on guard, it could kill any of them, and they couldn’t be permanently on guard.

Given Yale’s ability to move through universes as he wished, there was no way they could rest at peace at any place if they offended Yale. He just needed to appear where they were the moment, they were off-guard, and it would be their end.

It would be a different matter if they had confidence in killing him immediately, but there was no way Kroh and Alrein would allow it even if they managed to deal with Yale somehow.

Moreover, Yale just needed an instant to flee, and they didn’t expect to be able to attack that quickly in that situation.

There wasn’t any benefit for them if they attacked Yale, but a lot of downsides. Unless they had some kind of honor that they must protect even if they died, they wouldn’t offend him for someone who was already dead and wasn’t even closely related to them.

“Yale, it isn’t that I don’t understand why you lost your patience with your friends threatened. He acted as the rebels, so he deserved some kind of punishment, but wasn’t killing him right away a bit too much?”

The man who broke the silence was the same who had been organizing the whole meeting. He was usually the one in charge of doing it since he seemed to have a talent for those things, and everyone voted in the past that he acted as the moderator.

Obviously, he used that position for his own profit a lot of times, but he never forgot the rules, he just used some loopholes.

Those rules were the ones making him speak like that. In that room, killing was the most significant taboo, so he couldn’t ignore it, or he would be breaking the oath he had taken when accepting the position.

“Even if he hadn’t tried to do this petty trick, I would have killed him anyway. Do you seriously think that the Multiverse Trading Association can be surrounded in a few seconds? They were there before this meeting started. As I told, I already knew they were there before coming. That bastard was targeting my friends from the start, and for the intel I obtained, he was a spy from the rebels, so I was planning to kill him before the specifics of the competition were told. Fortunately, only the fact that we have a competition among disciples has been leaked to the rebels. You should be thanking me for cleaning the room.”

Yale had an incarnation, and a disciple infiltrated on the other side, so he had known about the spy from long ago, as well as his plans. From the start, he was planning to kill him in front of others to show his strength because he was conscious that others didn’t consider him as strong as Kroh and Alrein.

The Multiverse Trading Association was never in danger. Yale had discovered everyone and set a trap for them. At the moment they left their hideouts, they were crushed in a similar way as their leader. That group was formed by Gods and Minor Gods, so even a remote trick like that was more than enough to deal with them.

The others were surprised at first, but after thinking it well, there was no way the Multiverse Trading Association could have been surrounded without prior planning, so the ill intentions existed from the start.

The fact that the man was a spy of the rebels seemed logical when they thought about it.

“It makes sense. Sure, only one of the rebel members would use someone’s friends to make threats. Killing a spy that would have leaked our plans is a great merit, so there is no way the place where you killed him matters.”

That was just bending the rules to his convenience, but there wasn’t any specification for what to do in that case, so it was alright. He could have done the opposite, but he didn’t have plans to openly antagonize Yale and the Time Faction.

He really wanted to make everyone swear an oath to ensure that they were all loyal, but there were many problems involves.

A mere slip in words, and if in the future, they had problems with the Council of Gods, they might die for breaking the oath, and no one was willing to take the risk.

Anyway, Yale was confident in his intel, so he didn’t think that there was a second spy.

After that, the groups were confirmed, and rules of the competition were explained to everyone.

Those who didn’t know about it beforehand were quite surprised by the peculiar type of competition, but it was certainly more pragmatic than having their disciples battle against each other.

“The groups will obtain points for the information obtained from their disciples inside the Sealed Universe. Now, Yale, can you please help us to open a passageway there? It shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

Yale already knew about it, so he wasn’t surprised. It was quite obvious that he obtained the rules leaked from others, but there was nothing to do about that.

“Sure, but I want my disciple to tell you some information about the Sealed Universe he had just obtained, and it is of utmost relevance to everyone before sending your disciples there. The rules were already spoken, so I think it counts for the competition, right? if not, I guess that he will need to shut his mouth, or it will be unfair for us.”

Yale was the one who obtained the information, but Shiba obtained the Great Dimensional Divinity, so there was no way for the others to know if it was Yale or Shiba.


He was in a conflicting situation. It was true that the rules could be interpreted as Yale said, but it was obvious that they had the information from far before the rules of the competition were told.

However, if it was information that could affect the lives and death of the disciples, refusing to hear it for being stingy would just make him the focus of hate if something were to happen.

“Alright. You will be awarded points for this. Go ahead.”

Although others were a bit conflicted with that decision, they wanted to know that information.

“Some strange methods have been applied to the Sealed Universe, provoking diverse effects like the mortals having enormous talent and dying due to its side effects. That doesn’t have an effect on immortals and Gods. The problem is that there is something else that affects everyone. The people that die there can’t be resurrected. Not even my master can do it, so keep it in mind if you are going to participate.”

No one was expecting to hear something like that, but seeing Yale’s serious face while Shiba spoke, they knew that it wasn’t a lie.

“Really critical information. Thank you for sharing it with us. You will receive points equivalent to the information that could change the course of the war, the maximum possible.”

It wasn’t a joke. If they sent their disciples without knowing it and decided to let them risk even if they needed to beg Yale later, they could have repeated the situation of the first calamity after learning the truth.

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