Last Wish System

Chapter 620 The Objectives of the Rebels

“Alright, the information will give points, so please speak. We need to know as much a possible before the war starts.”

No one would complain at that point. As long as they could win the war, they didn’t mind if Yale’s group got more points since everyone believed that they would win anyway.

“The Sealed Universe is referred by them as the Experiment Universe. There several members of the rebels are investigating how to apply the problems of True Gods to everyone as well as how to increase the potential of mortals to make an army of Great Gods with low effort. Those can be considered the main two objectives of the Experiment Universe and the reason for the war still being delayed.”

If it weren’t by how important they considered those experiments, especially the one blocking the resurrection, they would have started the war before the Council of Gods had time to prepare.

“An army of Great Gods…”

The moderators gulped down after hearing that part. Both sides could be considered similar in strength, but if the rebels were to create a new army of Great Gods, they would hold a huge advantage.

Although it was possible to boost the strength of mortals artificially, the limit was ninth level immortal, and the fact that had increased their power in that way wouldn’t help them to advance further, it would instead become a burden.

Thus, creating an army could only be done by gathering existing Great Gods, and those who reached that level wouldn’t obey others easily, especially if they were ordered to do something with a lot of chances of death.

However, picking mortals with extremely high talent and make them become Great Gods in mass would make them far easier to manipulate. Of course, there was no way such talented mortals could exist in huge quantities naturally. Usually, those talented mortals were scarce and related to powerful Great Gods or True Gods. Obviously, they only remained as mortals in their childhood.

Thus, what yale said was enough to make everyone worry because if each mortal of a universe became a Great God, the strength they would have would be enormous.

“There is no need to worry about this army. They succeeded in increasing the talent of each mortal in the Experiment Universe, but at the same time, it provoked that most of them were unable to use it and died quite young even for mortals. Of course, there is a small number that succeeded and became Great Gods very quickly. One example is Lesta’s disciple, Pavel. He was born in the Experiment Universe, but he survived and became Lesta’s disciple. Pavel has the highest position among all the natives of the Experiment Universe due to the position of his master, so he is the most well-known as well as the easiest to gather information about, but even if the others can’t form an army with the outrageous numbers the rebels wanted, there are still some hundreds of them.”

Some hundreds of Great Gods were a problem, but compared with that they wanted at the start, it was a small number.

They could be an additional strength that the rebels could use, but it wasn’t enough to change the course of the war.

“Some hundreds may become a boost in strength for them, but knowing it, is still in a manageable range.”

Although some hundreds weren’t a small number when it came to great Gods, it was quite obvious that those Great Gods lacked experience compared to those of the Council of Gods, so they couldn’t be considered to be at the same. Someone like Yale could kill a lot of people at that level without problems, but even others with less massive destructive powers could still deal with them without too much issue.

To use people of that level effectively, they would need countless of them, some hundreds weren’t enough.

If they didn’t know and thought that they were at the same level as other rebels, they might have wasted strength due to the mistake, but knowing it from the start, they could focus on others and deal quickly with those.

“Now that you are relieved, I need to say that the part of provoking the same effects as killing True Gods is almost completed. At this point, there is no way to stop it even if we destroy the Experiment Universe. From the start, they could have done it at any other universe, so even having attacked them before would have been useless, it would have just hastened the war. Well, if certain people hadn’t delayed this competition on purpose, maybe we could have been organized and started the war before they finished, but it is a good thing we managed to increase the strength of our disciples. You all know that they like to target those related to us rather than ourselves.”

Although Yale could have stopped the experiment when he discovered its existence by erasing the universe in one go, he didn’t do it.

He didn’t plan to force all the hostility on himself and became the number one target, but that wasn’t his only reason.

He was also interested in that experiment, and although he didn’t plan to say it, he already learned how to create a permanent death area at any place he was.

The rebels were only missing polishing a method to provoke it at the whole universe in a short time, but even if they failed in polishing it, in the end, they would execute it anyway.

The war might start at any moment, and some of the rebels were already trying to make the first move following the orders of their superiors. If they hadn’t succeeded immediately was because Yale made it difficult for them.

Their first target and the trigger of the war had already been decided by the rebels, Tofesh.

The rumors about him and his connection with Yale made him win the first place in the list of people that could trigger the war and provoke huge benefits at the same time.

Before the experiment was ready, the rumors weren’t important, but once they reached the polishing state, the rebels decided that since some of them were already pursuing Tofesh, they might as well go all out to chase him and turn that matter into the trigger.

However, Yale had already sheltered Tofesh from before he turned into the main target, so even with the higher-ups of the rebels sending orders to catch him, they hadn’t succeeded immediately. Of course, since those orders were given almost at the same time Yale reached the Council of Gods, it hadn’t been a long time since then.

At that moment, except those working in the Experiment Universe and higher-ups, all the rebels had the orders to find and capture Tofesh. Fortunately, most of them were proceeding carefully at the start because they didn’t want to be the first to die. Discovering and capturing Tofesh would be a huge merit, but they would also become targets of Yale’s anger, which was the same as being doomed. Of course, they didn’t know that Yale already knew everything, and they would be killed at the moment they discovered Tofesh, not after they captured him or killed him if he refused to cooperate like they thought.

Thus, despite those orders, the number of people actively pursuing Tofesh didn’t differ too much from before, but with the pass of time, the numbers would increase.

If it weren’t because Yale created that dimension personally, Tofesh would have been discovered almost immediately. The information network of the rebels was extremely huge, so once it turned into an official mission, he would have been discovered.

The rebels already didn’t care about beginning immediately or a bit after that since they knew that the Council of Gods had a meeting with a competition, so no one felt that they were in time to prevent that a hierarchy was created. If they knew the format of the competition, they might have destroyed the whole Experiment Universe with all the disciples inside and start the war with the Council of Gods in disarray.

Although the moderator didn’t have such detailed information, he knew that the rebels were almost ready to start and that some members had started to move, so he decided to hasten the competition. Those members had been looking for Tofesh unofficially, but they made the moderator of the Council of Gods think they were starting to move to initiate the war immediately.

“Why so much silence? The war will start soon. After the competition finished, the war will start. That is already a fact. Whether they make the first move, or our disciples do it, this can’t be delayed any further.”

That was the hard truth. A war that could rather be called the second calamity was about to happen, and it was impossible to stop it. There were many interests behind the scenes. Even Yale needed that war for his plans, so he wouldn’t stop it even if he could.

No one knew what to say. The situation was far worse than they expected, but at the same time, Yale’s tone of voice was relaxed, as if the war didn’t mean any danger to him, which provoked that they unconsciously increased how much they respected Yale.

“Let’s watch our disciples a bit. The battles that will happen there can be considered as a prologue for the war. A war in which our disciples and ourselves will have to participate soon.”

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