Lazy Dungeon Master

Chapter 2

Death by Working…!?

“Menu! Wait!? Not now! Cancel! Undo!”

Opening a semitransparent window in the air, the blonde-haired loli… Rokuko yells at it, but there doesn’t seem to be any particular response. Ah, she’s already annoying to my ears. This is why kids are…

“Oi, quiet down a bit since you’re being noisy. Rather, shut up.”

“W-what, ordering… –…”


Yeah, I see, I’m the dungeon master. And what the master says is absolute huh. Fufufu.

Though I didn’t plan for it, perhaps the elegant life of [Not having to work] has fallen upon me?

Right, I don’t especially have to work. I’ll let this blonde loli girl do the work and I’ll spend my life sleeping freely away from worldly cares!

… Yeah, although it was incredible to imagine it was a waste.

“… All the same, it’s like this little girl said. Thinking with common sense…”

Fully enjoying life by sleeping as much as I want is what I desire from the bottom of my heart, but I feel that depending on a woman that wasn’t my senior and was the same age as me at most is… it’s dubious if her age is even two digits, this girl.

“Leeets see, menu? Oh, it seriously came out. Leeets see, what’re these…”

A semitransparent window came out in response to my words… okay, it’s a menu window. Ordering it like this is easy to understand. It was divided into three things.




It was in a polite speech… no, could I just understand the words like that thanks to God? It’s probably like that.

“… —! … —!”

Oh, Rokuko is glaring at me with a somewhat amazing glare. Hahah, even if a little girl glares at me, it’s just too cute! I pat her head. Oh, she’s even more angry now. She shouted something silently.

“If you have something to say, speak.”

“Trash! Stupid! I-I finally have my voice back, you idiot! What did you do!”

“Yeah, Rokuko is an idiot, you idiot. Apparently I’m your master, in other words it looks I’m the dungeon master now.”

“Cancel it!”


“I-I-I’m the greatest! So—! Obey me!”

The blonde-haired little girl looked this way with teary eyes while her face became deep red in anger… this is becoming a problem.

I get it, she’s an idiot.

“Who’s an idiot!”

“Oops, I said that out loud. But thinking about it… why did you summon me?”

“That’s… to make you a dungeon monster.”

“In other words, if I obey you I’ll have to fight as a dungeon monster, and die if I fail. Rather, I would probably die without failing too. Though I like to sleep, I’d like to avoid entering an eternal sleep at my age.”

“W-well that’s how it is for dungeon monsters… and moreover you are weak…”

“Calling me Keima is fine.”

“Nn, understood Kehma… gu—, I can’t oppose…!”

“For now, I’ll check out the dungeon. Looking for a bed would be good.”

I chose [Labyrinth] from the menu. Though I moved it like a touch panel, I guess it works with voice recognition too.

Well, the state of the dungeon displayed before me, and I froze.

“… Oi, why is there nothing but one entrance, passage, and room?”

“The plan was to get a monster first! I heard that was the strongest way.”

“O-oh, inside this dungeon is… are bandits different from monsters?”

“Ah, those are intruders!”

That’s right, even if I looked at the dungeon map there was an indicator for something enemy-ish on it.

“Where is this place! Aren’t we in the dungeon!?”

“This is the master room inside the dungeon core. Well, a different dimension? Kind of?”

“Well… in other words, inside Rokuko?”

“Ah, yeah. I feel it’s inside my main body… wait, what’s with that, that obscene expression… pervert.”

Rokuko’s cheeks blushed slightly while she looked at me with disgusted eyes. That’s a terrible false accusation. I want to demand an apology and compensation. But I’ll confirm the important thing first.

“From what I see, the dungeon core in the room where the bandits are gathering?”

“Even if I looked, that’s how it is.”

“… Why?”

“Eh, the dungeon core is ineffective if it isn’t installed in the dungeon you know? That’s common sense.”

I have a headache.

When the dungeon core isn’t set up in the dungeon, it’s ineffective.

The dungeon only has one room.

Therefore, the dungeon core is installed in that room.

And there are about eight bandits inside the dungeon core’s room.

“… Well? Isn’t this checkmate? Am I starting second right off the bat?”

“That’s why I used the last of the DP to summon a monster and kick out the bandits. Then Kehma appeared. A weakling appearing was a mistake, but it can’t be returned now…”

“Yeah, so though I want to go back to my original world it’s useless?”

“Impossible. No, since you were summoned it’s not absolutely unreasonable, but the DP is probably overwhelmingly insufficient?”

DP stands for dungeon points, [It’s possible!] is what I was told.

Well then it’s good for now.

Though I’m the dungeon master, what happens if the dungeon core is destroyed?

“Well, you’ll die you know? Since the master and core are two as one, you’ll be in the same boat.”

“Dying would be bad…”

“It’s alright, since if the master dies the core will be fine.”

“Then isn’t that ‘two as one’ thing just a one way road!?”

“Ah, yeah, though well it’s okay, I won’t die yet. Yeah.”


“These bandits, though it’s been ten days since they made this cave their base, they haven’t come to destroy the dungeon core.”

“… Eh?”

By the way, the dungeon core is about the size of a basketball. The walls and floor of this room also appear to be glowing. Furthermore the dungeon in contrast wasn’t lit well, that is to say it’s rare it wasn’t found. Or perhaps I should say it’s amazing it was put like that to stand out.

“… So, it’s alright. Besides, though the current intruders aren’t giving much DP, some is coming in.”

Will it really be okay?

No, it probably won’t be okay. Since she tried to summon a monster by using DP.

“… Got it. By the way, how does DP increase?”


Gathering it all up,

1. Natural recovery from the land (This is the basic 10 DP per day)

2. Maintaining the state of an intruder in the dungeon (Depends on the strength of intruder)

3. Killing an intruder (Depends on the strength of the intruder)

4. Offering a corpse (Depends on the original strength of the corpse)

5. Offering treasure (Depends on the treasure)

That’s how it is.

By the way, it seems to take 20 DP to summon a goblin.

If it was like normal you could summon one every other day, but with the eight bandits lodging in the dungeon for the past ten days, that was apparently +80 DP more per day.

Well, with the 900 DP gained during these ten days that the bandits have controlled the cave and putting it together with the other 100 DP, becoming 1000 DP, she played monster gachapon.

I see, if it cost fifty times more than a goblin she thought it would be stronger than fifty goblins huh. But you can lose in gachapon. Or maybe you could call me the grand prize? Well, even though she called it gachapon it was probably just the automatic translation… I have mixed feelings about this. Rare.

Additionally, there are several ranks of gachapon: 100, 1000, 10000… it goes up by a factor of ten each time, with no upper limit. The 1000 DP gachapon that I came from was second from the bottom.

Rumors say goblins can come from 10000 DP gachapon and a dragon from 1000 DP. The probability increase with the price, a basic luck game huh?

“Why not a dragon!”

“No, it wouldn’t be off even if a goblin appeared, aren’t you just aiming too high?”

This blonde-haired loli’s ego was next level stuff. Not even I’m the center of the world you know? Something so convenient doesn’t actually happen. Though I just want to sleep, I was summoned into another world to work.

“… Well, the remaining DP is… 9?”

Just when she’d reached 1000 DP she pulled the lever. Now we’re flat-out broke.

Looking at the catalog from the DP on the menu, I can’t even summon a goblin with 9 DP.

Dragons? Even the weakest version starts at 100000 DP, madam. Haha, someone that thought they could get one with 1000 DP is just too much of an idiot.

Looking at the everyday items page, there were a few that could appear with 9 DP.

“Alright, I’ve decided.”

“What is it, Kehma?”

Using up 5 DP, I summoned a [Buckwheat Pillow].

“I’m going to sleep.”

“Eh, wai-!?”

“While I sleep, please be quiet. Good night.”

Yeah, this is very convenient. Next thing I summon will be a [Futon].

10000 DP for a [Heavenly Pillow] and 100000 DP for a [Top Quality Futon].

While I laid down closing my eyes, the yapping voice slowly faded out.

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