Lazy Dungeon Master

Chapter 34

Difference Between Postwar Treatment and Words

“It was my complete defeat.”

To deal with the postwar affairs, Haku-san visited the [Ordinary Cave] again.

Chloe was wearing the same butler clothing as usual.

“I may have lost, but I learned many wonderful things through the battle. I surely didn’t think that rats would go that far. To turn your scouts into warriors…”

Although she was certain that the rats were scouts, she didn’t think they would be able to defeat the boss even if they got that far.

In truth, she had thought that a second group of golems would gain control of map pioneered by the rats.

He was struck with the idea of having a midget strategy when he saw the Minotaur. Since he had nothing to lose, he decided to use fifty of the remaining rats to kill Mino-san with a suicide attack.

By the way, since the rats were ordered to limit their living space to the forest to survive, he would probably use them again sooner or later.

“I didn’t think I wouldn’t be able to find even one of the Dummy Cores. Where did you put the dungeon core in the end? If you don’t mind, could you tell me?”

“Give me an additional 50,000 DP and I’ll tell you.”

“Oh me, is something so small fine? Then please tell me. If I don’t know, I might not be able to sleep tonight.”

Crap, I said it as a joke but she said she’d pay it.

… No helping it, I’ll answer her. I don’t need to say where the Dummy Cores were though.

However, since the real core was set up in a place that was a huge joke, she might get a bit angry from the answer.

“… To tell the truth, this dungeon continues… around one kilometer away, there’s a small room. I put it there.”

The direction I pointed to? The goblin room.

… I thought about bringing it back at first, but wound up leaving it there in the end.

As I thought, Haku-san was speechless… Though, it didn’t feel like she was angry. It was more like admiration.

“… Really, looking closely I do see mana connecting… not just in front of this cave, but extending outside of the dungeon… I didn’t notice.”

“Installing the dungeon core outside of the first floor… such a bold move, surprising isn’t it, Ojou-sama.”

“No. 89 Ane-sama’s teachings were right after all!”

Yep, she doesn’t understand why, but Rokuko found the idea amusing.

You just disregarded everything but a single room and made nothing else.

“Haah, the labyrinth was splendid, it was my first time seeing that usage… ah, those pitfall traps were a big gamble. Though I used Minotaurs as primary war potential this time, I could have had my forces comprise of something weightless like Wraiths. The best thing that I saw was installing two floors above and below.”

Definitely, the pitfall traps wouldn’t have activated if that were the case. Well, they also wouldn’t have found the hidden passages inside the pitfalls.

… Ah, the homemade pitfall traps didn’t cost DP, but that might have been impossible to tell just from looking.

Since she especially advised me, I didn’t do something as boorish as correct her. It was better to keep quiet on that.

“Also… gu—, that [Gate of Wisdom]… was that a riddle from your world?

“Yeah. Weeell, it was hard to come up with. There weren’t many riddles I could’ve use there.”

“Is that so… it’s fine already, so please let me hit you once.”

“Hahaha, I’ll decline.”

It was probably very vexing. I didn’t tell her that Rokuko solved it in three seconds.

“… I’m not very interested in riddles so I don’t use them.”

“What, so you used wordplay. Somehow, it seems it’s translating on it’s own…”

Right, for instance, I had told Rokuko, “The futon blew up.”

She heard something like, “The futon burst.” That kind of thing. The traditional Japanese gag didn’t go along with it.

Therefore, for instance [What is the doctor that can only break cars?] [Answer: Dentists (Kanji for dentist reads the same as out-of-service vehicle)], the wordplay solution for the riddle didn’t go through.

Furthermore, riddles that relied on the shapes of words were out. To begin with, the characters were different.

Since there’s no problem if there’s an image, I plan on using that next time.

Together with remembering how amazing magic is over and over, I should give up on memorizing this world’s language. It translates itself too much, I can’t study. I could probably do it if I did my best, but I don’t feel like doing that.

“Right, Ane-sama, get this! My name is Rokuko now. It comes from 695 in another world’s language! ‘Ro’ is 6, ‘ku’ is 9, and ‘ko’ is 5!”

Rokuko didn’t even know the origin of her own name.

When I noticed that and told her, she was really happy for some reason. I thought that she’d be angry that her name came from a number since it was a serious thing, but it looked like she was really happy about it. I don’t get dungeon cores’ tastes.

Other than the digits was [No.], it might be a unique rule.

“! That’s amazing, such a wonderful name… ahh, I’m envious.”

“So, call me Rokuko from now on, No. 89 Ane-sama.”

“Yes, I understand. Rokuko-chan… Haah, so good. I’m Haku since my hair is white, you know? Really, Master has the worst taste…”

“… Huh? Haku-san, isn’t it Haku since that’s number eight and nine?”

When I unintentionally cut in, Haku-san suddenly stopped.

“Why would No. 89 turn into white? … Wait, by some chance, is that how it is in the other world?”

“Well there’s a few meanings to it really, but… well, it can be read as Haku. White too, same with No. 89.”

Haku-san closed her eyes for a moment, pressing down on her temple.

… It seems she’s thinking about something.

After a while, she opened her mouth.

“… Rokuko-chan. From now on, could you call me Haku? If that’s how it is, it matches another world’s numbers.”

“Yes, Haku Ane-sama!”

I wonder if she still feels some complicated things about it? Haku-san pat Rokuko’s head while smiling.

“Right, the story drifted off course for a moment. I really did want to review some more, but even if it doesn’t look like it, I am very busy… Because a new dungeon has now been made, I need to process it… Ah, I’ve been wondering what that last thing was, but it would be inelegant to ask about a dungeon’s trump card, wouldn’t it?”

That last thing… meaning the [Hidden Gems].

I feel it’d be fine to tell her, but she might have fun trying to figure it out herself.

“Well then, Rokuko-chan. How about… I transfer the DP now?”


Taking Rokuko’s hand with a smile, Haku smiled gladly.

It was 150,000 DP with the information fee included.

Though she said she was busy, she took her time deliberately transferring it mouth-to-mouth with her.

Thanks for the treat.

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