Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 39: Scheming Grandmother

Chapter 39: Scheming Grandmother

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Xiao FengHan became startled as he exclaimed, “Sister-in-law, I wouldn’t dare to gamble like that.”

Old madam only replied calmly with a smile, “Little Han, sister-in-law only made this decision after careful thought! If Tian’er is going to carry on like that, then the more wealth my Ling family leaves for him, the more it will harm him. If that’s the case, then why not I give half of the wealth to the Xiao family? It can also be considered as a little gift from your big brother and sister-in-law!” As she said the last few words, she purposefully emphasized on them.

However, everyone was all puzzled as they did not understand what she meant.

LingTian laughed to himself. So it seems that this grandmother of mine is really a smart person!

Old madam Ling’s action were as good as telling the Xiao family: I know what the Xiao family has been planning all this while. But even if your Xiao family is going to do anything, we will not do anything to help you in the open. Although the marriage has been rejected, I can still use this gamble to give you half of my wealth. This can also be said to help you on behalf of our past relationship. Of course, all of this are on the basis that you win the bet! If you lose the bet, then my grandson will be your grandson-in-law! If that’s the case, no matter how big your Xiao family becomes, even if you unite the continent, half of that would still belong to my grandson!”

Xiao FengHan naturally understood what old madam meant. These words of hers had already showed that the Ling family was not going to help with the Xiao family’s big plans and will only help in secret. Of course, whether or not that was the plan of old madam Ling, Xiao FengHan would not know. But that was the way he understood old madam Ling’s words. From the way Xiao FengHan saw it, the domineering and incorrigible Ling Tian in front of him will never hold a candle to his granddaughter. He believes that no woman would ever like a child who is horrible as such, especially the smart granddaughter of his.

Ling Tian was immediately awed by his grandmother’s wits! From the way the Xiao family’s ambitions and power was growing, it was extremely likely that they were planning something. While old madam Ling seemed to have made a great risk in this gamble, it was actually a flawless method to protect the Ling family!

If the Xiao family were to fail, the Ling family will be able to separate itself from that matter. If the Xiao family were to succeed, the Ling family would grow to even greater heights. In other words, the Ling family would be assured of another 10 years of prosperity and safety whether or not the Xiao family succeeds! Just from this alone, that is a great benefit to the Ling family! Especially how she was able to unknowingly drag the Xiao family’s wealth into this whole situation even when the Ling family was already at the longer end of the stick. At the same time, she made Xiao FengHan owe the Ling family a huge favor! Ling Tian was completely awed! Fantastic means she had! It seems that the most cunning person in the Ling family isn’t I, Ling Tian! Instead, it is my grandmother!

Indeed, Xiao FengHan was not able to read old madam Ling’s move completely and only thought that old madam Ling was helping the Xiao family in their future uprising. He could not help but feel warm in his heart as he replied with gratitude, “Alright, then this little brother shall not stand on ceremony. I will accept this gamble!” As he said that, he called his granddaughter to his side and said, “Now that the marriage is no longer, this lass cannot take away this Blood Phoenix Jade Bangle which is the heirloom of the Ling family.”

Old madam Ling then grunted with pride, “So what if it is a family heirloom? It is just a bangle. This old lady will not take back anything I have given.” At the same time, she snickered in her heart: This old lady just likes this lass. Even if I have to force my grandson to the corner, I will make sure he kidnaps this lass back for me! If that’s the case, then wouldn’t my family heirloom return? What is wrong with giving the family heirloom to my daughter-in-law?

Xiao FengHan then broke out in a laugh, “If that’s the case, then this little brother will not say anything else.”

Ling Zhan was listening to the conversation and was indifferent towards giving out half of his family wealth. In the eyes of this straightforward old man, wealth was nothing more than physical possessions. Even if he were to give it to the Xiao family, it is at least still in the hands of his own brother.

However, he was puzzled about the attitude old madam Ling had towards the rejection of the marriage. His wife had always been extremely concerned about this marriage. Why does it seem that she was so indifferent towards the rejection of the marriage today? He could not help but look at his wife with doubt, thinking, Don’t tell me that old lady is angered to the point she can no longer think straight? However, he could not find anything wrong with her and did not bother thinking about the matter any further. With a wave of his hands, he commanded, “Little ones, serve a table of good food and wine. This old man will have a good drink my brother today!”

As old madam Ling saw the questioning look on Ling Zhan’s face, she was also extremely depressed as she thought to herself: It doesn’t matter if that old man is foolish. But with my wit, I was also fooled by this little one! If not for the fact that I was so angered today, forcing him to save me, I will probably be unable to find out his little secret!

At the same time, she was extremely doubtful in her heart. Not only have I never seen that warm Qi from Ling Tian before, but also I have not even heard about something as mystical as that before! I wonder which expert he learnt that from. Why has he never shown it before? Just who was the one who planned the affairs that happened today? What’s the meaning behind that? Tian’er has never gone out far before ever since he was young and grew up under our eyes. When did he meet such a mysterious expert? He should not be able to hide all of these from me, but I am actually clueless about all of these! Not even a single clue about this matter! This is just too strange.

Although old madam Ling knew that Ling Tian was not how he appeared to be, she did not believe that all of these were planned, directed and acted out by him alone! No matter how much of a genius Ling Tian was, he was only a five-year-old child in her eyes!

Thus, old madam Ling had immediately assumed that there must definitely be a mysterious expert behind Ling Tian! Furthermore, this expert does not have any malicious intent towards the Ling family!

It must be said, old madam Ling’s deductions were all extremely logical. Of course, if Ling Tian was not a weirdo who reincarnated with his memories, old madam Ling’s deductions would not just be a deduction but the truth! But now, old madam Ling was completely wrong!

Seeing that the atmosphere had changed, Ling Xiao could finally relax. Seeing Ling Tian in the bosom of old madam Ling, Ling Xiao could not help but scold, “Little beast, get your ass here now!”

Before Ling Tian had a chance to react, old madam Ling had already glared at him, “What do you want to do? Do you really think that your wings are now strong? Without the permission of this old lady, just go ahead and try to touch Tian’er! This old lady will definitely break your legs!”

Ling Xiao was completely helpless as his eyes turned red from anger, “Mother, Tian’er is so mischievous. If he is not taught a lesson, he may…”

Before Ling Xiao finished what he had to say, old madam Ling had already roared at him, “He may what? Do I still need you to teach me how to discipline a child? Scram to one side!” As she said that, she held Ling Tian with one hand and Xiao YanXue with the other, walking out of the hall in front of everyone. Before she disappeared, she looked towards Ling Zhan and warned, “If you dare to get drunk, you will be asking for trouble.” Only then did she really walk away.

All of the men in the hall stared at one another, dumbfounded, for a moment. Only after a while did Xiao FengHan burst out into laughter. After 30 years, my big brother is still so scared of her. It seems that it is impossible for him to make his wife submit in this lifetime. Ling Zhan’s face turned red as he felt that he lost all face in front of his sworn brother.

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