Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Juicer in the Mouth

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Alice and Morrison panicked when they heard someone with a cold and hoarse voice speak.

They were already mentally weak because they had just experienced a series of strange events. This eerie voice shook them even more.

“Don’t kill me! I’ve never killed anyone! I’m a good person! Don’t kill me!” Alice wailed and shouted.

Morrison had an ugly expression on his face. Fear and suffering lingered in his heart, but he knew at that point that no matter how much he begged for mercy, it would be useless.

Looking at Alice’s superb acting skills, those who did not know better would probably believe that she was completely innocent. Jack sneered. Some people were just lucky. Alice was such a person.

However, no matter how much she tried to defend herself, she would not be able to escape judgment that day.

If Jack had his eyes on a criminal, nothing would save him.

This time, Jack spent 100 judgment points to use the crematorium’s scary scene. He also used a soundproof card and two stun needles. In total, he spent 130 judgment points.

That night, he was going to have an even more exciting and scarier live broadcast of the execution.

Jack sneered eerily as he watched Alice and Morrison.

“Alice, have you killed many people? Sarah, Nori, Melissa, and Kelly—do you still remember these names? You imprisoned all those young girls who had not yet fully enjoyed their youth. You kept them locked behind closed doors in bars, and they were toyed with and eventually died tragically. There was also Elisa, whom you sacrificed to Bowen. In the end, her organs were removed and thrown into the wild,” Jack said.

Alice suddenly fell silent. She felt a chill all over her body.

She did not expect the Death Inquisitor to investigate her so thoroughly. A wave of fear swept through her heart.

“I confess! I surrender! I am willing to accept the punishment of the law. Let the police come and arrest me! I will say anything! Please don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!” Alice wailed and sobbed even more.

This woman disgusted Jack. She must have known that she was going to die soon after being tortured. If she hadn’t been caught, she wouldn’t have admitted anything. Why didn’t she admit to the crimes in the past? Jack couldn’t be bothered to think about the conscience of this disgusting woman.

For a moment, cries, wails, and screams filled the entire dark room. The aura inside the room was especially strange and morbid.

“F*ck! She’s another scum! A beast!”

“Now she’s willing to turn herself in! Why didn’t you turn yourself in earlier! Now you know fear! The judge must kill her!”

“If you don’t want to die, what did you think your victims wanted? Did you think they also wanted to die? You’ve killed so many people! Now it’s your turn!”

“I didn’t expect it to be so dark. These people are even scarier than the devil!”

“I beg the judge to punish them quickly. If such people don’t die, I won’t be able to sleep well at night!”

“I used to go to her bar to drink, but now I feel so disgusted!”

“I can’t believe that she’s so dirty despite her beautiful appearance!”

At this moment, the members of Task Force Zero also looked serious. They would never be soft-hearted when dealing with criminals. They couldn’t wait to execute such a person immediately! However, the problem was that the death judge was having his way and executing these criminals the way he wanted to. He didn’t represent the law. To the police, it was a crime to execute someone without permission.

“This woman is really a femme fatale. After killing so many people, how does she even live? Doesn’t she have nightmares at night?” Judy said.

Bowman snorted and said, “She will belong to me very soon. When the time comes, I will dig out her heart and see what color it is.”

Ross coldly said, “What? Don’t forget your identities. That Death Inquisitor committed a crime again. He is an executioner, not a hero!”

A few of them did not pay any attention to what Ross said. Some of them even rolled their eyes. To be honest, they were all people of high rank. For them, a sheriff was not supposed to lecture them on such matters. They had always disobeyed Ross. If it wasn’t for the orders of their superiors, they would not have come.

Of course, no matter what, they would never resort to coming into conflict with their colleagues, which would ultimately cause internal strife. Capturing the Death Inquisitor was their common goal.

At that point, Monica smiled coldly and said, “See? This is the brilliance of the Death Inquisitor. He is deliberately guiding us and making us his followers. Even you guys have been affected. If I’m not wrong, he is prepared to continue this forever!”

Ross gritted his teeth and did not speak.

“When I catch him, I will beat him until he can no longer stand up!” Fu Qiang said as he cracked his knuckles.

Meanwhile, Jack read the comments on the bullet screen and realized that the viewers were practically begging him to kill the captives. Jack nodded in satisfaction and then looked at Morrison.

“Morrison, all those girls who were imprisoned by Alice…You raped them all,” he said in a cold tone.

“Shut up! I killed them. Do you want to play the game of death? I’ll play with you to the end today! It’s fine if I die, but if I get out of here alive, no matter who you are, I’ll definitely kill you!” Morrison roared angrily. His words angered the viewers and ignited the bullet screen.

“He’s still acting tough? But he has to pay the price for killing someone. Judge, be careful. Don’t let him get out alive!”

“You’ve already been captured, Why are you being so pretentious? You’ll have time to cry later!”

“He’s going to die soon, but he still has the nerve to talk so much.”

“Before he dies, let him act bold and brave. He won’t have a chance to do that again in the future.”

Jack was a little surprised. The system detected that Morrison’s combat strength had reached 60. It was turning out to be quite interesting.

In a grave tone, Jack spoke. “Today’s case is over. Let me introduce today’s torturer, Alice. She is the owner of the Wednesday Bar. She was also Bowen’s lover. We also have Morrison, the security director of the Wednesday Bar. He is also Alice’s booty buddy.”

He paused and continued after a while. “Torturers, my execution is a game. If you win, you can live. If you lose, the price is death. You should feel the thing in your mouth. There is a string of blades embedded in your tongue. You can think of it as a juicer that works in your throat. When the game starts, you will have sixty seconds to take out the scissors from the burning stove in front of you. Then, you will cut off your tongue and pull out the blades. If you fail, the blade will start to spin when the 60 seconds are up, crushing your vocal cords, esophagus, and windpipe. I’ll remind you that there is a decibel meter in the room. If the sound in the room exceeds 60 decibels, your time will be shortened by 10 seconds. You will do anything for money, but what about your own lives? Now, your lives and whether you live or die are up to you. Now the game begins.”

As Jack’s cold and hoarse voice rang in the captives’ ears, the lights on the ceiling lit up one by one.

Morrison and Alice subconsciously squinted their eyes as they looked up at the dazzling lights, but the ticking timer woke them up in an instant.

The rope that was used to tie their wrists had been loosened.

Alice looked at Morrison. His mouth was full of dark-red dried blood, and a knife was wound at the corner of his mouth. At first glance, he looked like a ghost from a horror movie.

It was very scary.

Seeing Morrison’s appearance, Alice thought that she looked the same. There were two cuts on her beautiful face, just by the corner of her mouth. When she realized this, she felt that would rather just die soon!

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