Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Removing the Tongue

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“That prop is too powerful. Just looking at it scares me already!”

“The judge really knows how to play! Putting a juicer in his mouth. I can’t even imagine this scene!”

“Just by looking at it, I can tell it’s painful. How much more painful can it get, especially when it’s activated? Will he spurt blood and flesh once it’s activated? Just thinking about it scares me!”

“The judge is really a genius! He can think of so many terrifying mechanisms!”

“Cutting out the tongue? That’s very scary. Even if he survived, he wouldn’t be able to speak!”

“To be honest, if it were me, I wouldn’t even have the courage to take out the scissors from the stove.”

The viewers were so busy expressing their opinions on the bullet screen.

Ross had been staring at the live broadcast.

After a simple analysis, he came to a few conclusions.

“Judy, track Alice and Morrison’s cell phones. Hart, Bowman, you guys are in charge of contacting the people from the City Planning Bureau. Identify the location in the video and focus on the suburbs. He deliberately set a sound restriction. He must be afraid of being exposed! Monica and Willie, take some people to the Wednesday Bar. Check the last time Alice appeared. Find out what time she went missing!”

“Yes, sir!”

His staff immediately went busy as soon as he gave the order.

Ross had taken charge of the command center. He stared at the scene in the live broadcast room with a solemn expression.

Morrison and Alice had already loosened their hands. The two of them tried to untie the rope around their ankles. The rope was not tied tightly and was immediately untied.

After her hands and feet were free, Alice covered her face with her hands and cried, “What should I do? I don’t want to die!” It could be seen that she was sobbing, but it was clear she was doing her best to stay quiet.

Morrison ignored her and immediately inserted his finger into his mouth to see if there was a blade.

However, as soon as his finger reached his throat, he felt a cutting pain. He pulled his finger back and saw that there were already two wounds on it.

“Damn it!”


Morrison suddenly kicked at the stove, trying to knock the stove over and trying to get the key quickly. However, the stove did not shake at all. Instead, Morrison’s right foot made a cracking sound.


Morrison cried out in pain and immediately covered his mouth.

The timer was also reduced by ten seconds because of Morrison’s cry.

There were only 40 seconds left in the countdown.

Morrison looked at the burning stove. If he put his hand in, he didn’t know if he could stay silent. He was sure he would be yelling out in pain.

Thinking of this, Morrison looked at Alice who was still sobbing.

Alice immediately panicked when she saw Morrison looking at her. “I can’t! I won’t dare to take the scissors! I’m afraid of the pain. I’ll definitely scream!”

“Bitch, shut up. Don’t make a sound. If you dare to make a sound again, I’ll kill you right now!” Morrison cursed in a low voice then glanced at the timer.

Fortunately, it didn’t decrease by ten seconds.

Seeing Alice’s reaction, Morrison also dismissed the idea. If he forced Alice to take out the scissors, the countdown would have ended quickly.

Morrison swallowed his saliva and seemed to have made up his mind. He didn’t want to die!

Closing his eyes, he suddenly reached his left hand into the burning stove.


Accompanied by the sizzling sound of burning flesh, Morrison’s throat let out a low growl.

The moment he reached his hand in, he could smell the smell of burning hair.

“D*MN! This person is really ruthless. He reached his hand out just like that!”

“Is this for real? Or is he just acting?”

“Is he really killing people live? Where are the police? Aren’t they going to arrest him?”

“Did you guys just get online at home? Don’t you know about the Death Inquisitor’s live broadcast?”

“I have to say, this Morrison is really a tough guy. This is not something an ordinary person can do. Of course, this person is definitely an animal. The Death Inquisitor must kill him!”

“This person is so decisive. The Death Judge won’t let him live, will he?”

“How cruel. How can you watch a live broadcast like this?”

“How can there be such a thing? Will you be able to say that if he had raped and killed one of your sisters or cousins?”

“This kind of animal should be sentenced to death!”

“Who would sympathize with this kind of scum? Are you like him? Why would you defend the likes of that man?”

“I think he might be. He’s afraid that he’ll be sentenced by the judge too!”

“Don’t say anything more. This is too exciting. I’ll reward him first.”

For a moment, the atmosphere on the bullet screen was very heated. All kinds of gifts and rewards were sent out.

Morrison was still fumbling around in the furnace. There were a lot of burning ashes left in the furnace. The scissors were buried in it. Morrison could not find them at the moment.

A sharp pain came from his arm, and the expression on Morrison’s face become more and more distorted. He was clenching his jaws so hard that his teeth were almost crushed.

At this moment, Morrison suddenly smiled, and the smile on his distorted face was very strange.

The next second, he took out a pair of burning red scissors from the furnace.

In the picture, the skin of Morrison’s left hand and left arm was completely charred, looking like a piece of burnt black charcoal.

The audience in the live broadcast room seemed to have smelled the burning smell coming from Morrison’s arm.

Morrison looked at the time. There were still twenty seconds left. It was already at this stage. He could not turn back. Without thinking, he pulled out his tongue with his right hand.

Even the device attached to the tongue was pulled. The blade was pulled in the throat, and a stream of blood mixed with a bit of minced meat sprayed out of his mouth.

The device was attached to the tongue, so it could only be cut off from the base of the tongue. Morrison pulled hard, trying to elongate the tongue. His charred left hand trembled as he leaned down and bent.

Sizzling sounds could be heard as the scorching scissors touched his mouth. Before he even got to cut his tongue off, he felt a sharp pain from the burning of his tongue!

His tongue had been cut off!

Bright-red blood spurted out, dyeing Morrison’s twisted face red. He looked like a living dead who had crawled out of a pile of corpses, adding to the strange atmosphere.

But what was unexpected was that the tongue was not completely cut off!

Because his left hand was already burnt and very painful, Morrison could no longer use his strength. The remaining half of the tongue was still hanging in his mouth.

“I’m going to have a nightmare tonight!”

“It’s too disgusting! The scissors only cut his tongue in half. It looks even more disgusting than if he had been able to cut the whole thing off!”

“Speaking of nightmares, will you still be able to sleep tonight?”

Morrison paused for a moment due to the sharp pain in his tongue, and then he cut it off again!

It was still not completely cut off, and his tongue was still hanging by a short uncut part!

Morrison was worried that there was not enough time, so he hardened his right hand and pulled the tongue off from the base of the tongue!

The blade in his throat was also pulled out, and blood flew out along with the pieces of his flesh and the tongue!

“F*ck! He’s really ruthless. He directly pulled out his tongue!”

“He can’t be allowed to live, right? Don’t let him live!”

“I beg the judge to quickly kill him!”

“Is he going to be the first person to win the death game? Will he be able to escape the judge’s punishment?”

“If this kind of beast survives, I’ll be angered to death!”

“If he wins the game, he can survive. The judge had already said that if this person wins, there’s nothing he can do.”

“Although the judge said so, who can watch this scumbag live on?!”

While the bullet comments were flying and flashing on the screen, Morrison was already walking towards Alice with scissors in his hand.

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