Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: There Was Still the Second Age

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Morrison looked at the timer. There were only 15 seconds left.

Without his tongue, Morrison would not be able to speak. He gestured to Alice to pull out his tongue.

“I’m scared!” Alice wailed as she sobbed pathetically.

Morrison threw the scissors down. He did not want to care about Alice anymore. He turned around and left.

“Don’t go. I want to live! You cut It!”Alice said while holding back her tears.

Morrison turned around when he heard the response.

Because his left hand could no longer exert strength, Morrison used his right hand to pick up the scissors. Alice also pulled out her tongue with force.

Because the blade scraped her throat, the minced flesh and blood flowed out of her mouth. Alice choked and coughed, but she did not dare to let go.

The countdown was still going on.

Morrison cut off Alice’s tongue!

“Ah!” Alice shouted. Because she was missing her tongue, the sound she made was extremely strange.

The countdown also came to an end because of this shout.

The blade rotated instantly!

Morrison widened his eyes!

Before he could pull out the blade, Alice’s throat and mouth were instantly crushed by the rapidly rotating blade!

Fresh blood and minced flesh spurted out of her mouth, forming a fountain of blood.

Her neck and throat were also pierced by the blade, and meat paste slowly flowed out.

At this time, the camera in the live broadcast room also showed a large close-up of her death. Alice’s mouth, nostrils, eyes, and ears were all bleeding. Her eyes were still wide open, almost protruding out of her sockets, and her mouth was wide open. What was happening inside her mouth was visible to everyone watching the livestream. Her tongue-less mouth looked abnormally strange. It was filled with a pile of minced meat and terrifying knife wounds. One wound after another turned up, and a few of her teeth were shattered by the blade. The scene was extremely disgusting and terrifying!

“F*ck! That was scary!”

“This woman’s death was too horrible. It’s almost comparable to Bowen’s death!”

“I’m going to throw up from watching!”

“Fortunately, I hadn’t eaten anything! This is too disgusting!”

“This is much scarier than those horror movies! After watching the live broadcast of the judge, I’m no longer afraid of horror movies!”

“This scumbag died so well! All she does is cry, and it’s annoying to listen to!”

“Does no one care about this Morrison anymore? He won the game, so he’s going to survive!”

The viewers in the live broadcast room were in a frenzy. They hastily sent bullet comments, covering the live broadcast screen. Some timid people were scared out of the live broadcast room, and the popularity of the live broadcast room instantly dropped by a large margin, but it could not compare to the rise of the livestream’s viewership count.

Morrison looked at Alice, who had died a horrible death, and swallowed his saliva. He was so scared that he broke out in cold sweat. He looked at the blade on the ground, which was still spinning crazily on the ground. If he had not made up his mind, he would have ended up like Alice!

At the same time, he felt relieved. Fortunately, he had decisively taken out the scissors and cut off his tongue at the first opportunity. Now he could live again. He did not want to die. So what if he became a mute? He was not a rich man. However, his wealth was not something that ordinary people could compare to. He could still live a happy and comfortable life. As for the police, he wasn’t really worried about them. He could just flee to a foreign country. What could they do to him?

“Uh uh uh uh uh uh.” Thinking of this, Morrison waved his hand and let out strange sounds.

He couldn’t say out loud what he was thinking about. He wanted to ask the judge how he could get out.

It wasn’t so easy to do so without a tongue!

Jack, who was in the dark, revealed a cold smile. Morrison heard his low, cold voice again. “Torturer, congratulations on winning the first round of the game.”

The first round?

How many rounds were left?

Morrison, who was waving and shouting, was instantly stunned.

The audience in the live broadcast room was also stunned. Just now, they were still arguing about Morrison’s survival. Because of the influence of the live broadcast yesterday, they subconsciously thought that there was only one round left in the death game, no one expected the judge to play such a trick!

“Hahahaha! I thought the judge had failed this time, but it turns out that it’s not over yet!”

“This idiot Morrison is still pretending to be a tough guy. He played half to death in one level, and then he was played to death in another level!”

“The judge is really a genius! Who would have thought that there was another level!”

“I knew it! How could the judge make such a serious mistake! The judge is a super-genius!”

The stunned Morrison dipped his hand into the blood and wrote on the ground: “You lied to me?”

“When did I lie to you? I never said there was only one game. And you are much more stupid than I thought. Why did you try to short-circuit the device?” Jack asked.

Morrison frowned and looked at the device with the blade still rotating. He had a bad feeling about what was going to happen next.

He picked up the device and used the scissors to pry open the metal shell. The wires were scattered inside. Morrison cut the wires with trembling hands. The blade slowly stopped with the sound of the motor.

Then, he looked at Alice. The device in her mouth had already been short-circuited because it had been filled with too much blood.

A sense of shame washed over Morris.

“Ah ah ah ah aha ah ah ah ah ah…” Morrison was making strange sounds.

Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was also stunned.

“I feel like my IQ has been crushed by the judge!”

“F*ck. How did it end up like this? I didn’t expect it at all!”

“Just like last time, who would have thought that this device could be so easily destroyed!”

“It can only be said that the judge is too talented and too confident. He dared to deliberately leave such a big loophole!”

“As expected of the judge. His IQ is too high. He has a thorough understanding of people’s psychology!”

“It’s another thought trap. Under such a crisis, the huge loophole in front of us is easy to ignore!”

It wasn’t only the viewers in the live broadcast room who were stunned. Even Ross, who was in front of the screen, could not help but feel terrified.

It was another thought trap!

It was another joke to humiliate the torturer!

This confidence, this understanding of the psychology of the torturer, was simply a level higher than that of a psychology professor!

Who was this person?

A psychologist?

A criminologist?

Or was it just some psychopath with a high IQ?

One time might be a coincidence, but how could he have done such things twice? He couldn’t have succeeded both times just by coincidence!

Ross deeply felt the strength of his opponent and his own powerlessness. He had been a police officer for so many years and had encountered countless strange or intelligent criminals, but there had never been anyone like this Death Judge!

At that moment, he felt a power that completely suppressed him!

He felt that he had to change his train of thought. This was definitely not someone he could defeat easily. His past experience wasn’t enough!

Judy, who had been unable to track the locations of Alice and Morrison’s mobile phones, was also deeply shocked by what the Death inquisitor had just said. It was just completely unexpected.

“This guy is so arrogant. After teasing him, he said it out loud and humiliated him. It’s really a double blow to his body and spirit!”

“Showing off!”

“This is a kind of showing off, and also a kind of strategy. If Morris didn’t look like a tough guy, he might not have said those. He had just crushed Morris’s fighting spirit!”

Viewers were still not done expressing what they thought about the whole thing.

Ross looked at the big screen coldly and muttered, “Death Inquisitor, who are you?”

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