Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Corridor of Flames

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Looking at Alice’s miserable and disgusting corpse and the blade that had stopped spinning, Morrison’s heart was on the verge of breaking down. It was as if someone was strangling his neck. Whether he lived or died depended on the Death Judge’s mood. A sense of powerlessness rose from his entire body. He felt a sense of humiliation, as if he was a chess piece on someone else’s chessboard.

Morrison suddenly began to laugh loudly.

“Crazy! This guy has been driven crazy!”

“It’s normal for him to break down easily when he’s being played with and on the verge of dying at any time.”

“His hands have been burnt, his tongue has been cut off, and his lover has died. In the end, he found that all of this could have been easily avoided. If it were me, I would have broken down as well.”

“This guy is still laughing? I didn’t dare to look at him at first, but now that I’m not watching him die, I’m not leaving!”

While the bullet screen was filling up with comments from the viewers, Morrison suddenly laughed until he trembled. His smile was very strange, and yet he was very nervous. It gave people an eerie feeling.

“So be it. Anyway, you don’t want us to leave alive. It’s good that she’s dead since no one can distract me anymore. We can play slowly. Just you wait. I’ll get out of here alive.” Morrison licked his lips and showed a strange smile. He had a fanatical and excited look on his face.

Judy was surprised by this scene. She said, “This guy is not afraid, but he’s still so excited. The Death Inquisitor seems to have aroused his fighting spirit.”

Ross shook his head when he heard that. He had been working at the front line for many years, so he was more experienced in dealing with such people.

“He’s trying to hold on. Actually, his spirit has completely collapsed. Look at his eyes. They’re already broken and shattered. There’s no hope. He won’t be able to get through the game later. He’s finished.”

Seeing Morrison’s appearance, Jack spoke with an indifferent tone. “You’re wrong. Although I’m a judge and my mission is to punish you scumbags, my goal isn’t to kill people. I just want to play a game with you. If you can cooperate with each other and sacrifice each other, there will definitely be people who will make it out alive. If you’re lucky, all of you would make it out alive.”

“F*ck! Stop pretending to be a good person here! Just you wait. If I get out of here alive, I’ll definitely kill your whole family! I’ll let you have a taste of what I’m feeling now!”

Looking at Morrison’s furious look, Jack was still calm. He said coldly, “I didn’t expect you guys to be so useless. One of you died in the first round. It seems that you’re the only one who can think of a way to complete the second round. After ten seconds, this room will be filled with poisonous gas. You need to enter the next room to avoid the poison gas and complete the mission. If you succeed, you’ll live, but if you fail, you’ll die. By the way, there is no third level.”

With that, the alarm in the room sounded.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Ten seconds later, yellow gas started to seep into the ceiling and spread into the entire room at a rapid speed.

At the same time, the tightly shut door in the room suddenly creaked open. It was pitch black behind the door and it was hard to see what it looked like.

Morrison did not hesitate at all. He walked straight to the door and entered the second room.


The door was locked, and the dark room was instantly lit up, illuminating the entire room.

The room was narrow and very long. It was more like a corridor, and at the end of the corridor was a door.

Suddenly, blue flames began to burn on the ground at the end of the corridor. It was not a flame that burned naturally, but a flame that was straight up, like a flamethrower. The flame quickly spread to two meters in front of Morrison and stopped. Morrison could already feel the high-temperature gas blowing on his face. The strange thing was that the flame did not ignite the wall, and it was only half a meter high and did not reach the ceiling.

Morrison heard Jack’s voice again.

“Welcome to the flame corridor. The corridor in front of you is 10 meters long and only 2.3 meters wide. The temperature of the flame burning on the ground has reached 1,500 degrees Celsius. Although it won’t burn people into ashes in a few seconds, it can still burn people to death. If there were two of you, then you can use your legs to support the wall back to back. At most, you will be able to pass through with minor burns. But it’s a pity that you’re alone. You will barely be able to hold on to the wall. Be careful not to fall, and don’t try to rush over. The flames will burn you to death in a few seconds. Don’t even think about waiting for the police to come and save you. In one minute, the flames will deplete the oxygen in the room. In the absence of oxygen, the difficulty of the test will increase greatly. There is a door across the corridor. If you go through it and open it, you can leave this place alive.”

Just as Jack finished his last sentence, the timer in the room started counting down to one minute.

“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Let me out now!” Morrison roared crazily and cursed angrily.

He knew very well that one of his feet had been fractured and his left arm had been burnt. It would not be so easy to push himself against the wall. Was there a need to rush over? Feeling the heatwave blowing on his face, he knew that he would definitely be burned alive if he rushed over. He thought that he might as well have died with Alice. At least he wouldn’t be in such excruciating pain at that moment.

Hearing Jack’s explanation, the audience in the live broadcast room also understood what the second round was about.

“This level is too exquisitely done. If both of them were here, he would have easily passed the level. Unfortunately, one of them died.”

“He would definitely regret going through this round alone! Hahahahaha!”

“The judge is a genius! You might not have noticed, but there is no fire under Morrison’s feet. It would be better for him if he waited there until he suffocated to death rather than being burned to death.”

“But no one can do it. It’s not a hopeless case. He can survive if he reaches that door in front. Waiting there, he is doomed to die. Even if Morrison knows that he might die in pain, he has no choice but to go!”

“All of Morrison’s escape routes have been cut off. He can’t even wait for death. He can only rush into the fire!”

Seeing this, Ross was also amazed by the judge’s mental control.

At the same time, he immediately contacted the team members who were searching outside.

“Hart, how are things on your side? Do you have any clues?”

“The people from the City Planning Bureau are still searching for possible locations, but they have already sent people to investigate a few suspicious factories. If I hear any news, I will immediately inform you!”

“Hart, did you see the live broadcast? Ask the people from the City Planning Bureau where such flames can be found.”

“They’re already investigating. It might be an abandoned crematorium.”

Ross sighed and asked, “Willie, is there progress on your side?”

“I was just about to call you. Alice and Morrison were kidnapped at the Gold Coast Villa on Long Island. The surveillance camera captured the back view of the Death Inquisitor. We’re going to investigate the vehicle now. As long as we find the suspect vehicle, we’ll be able to find the Death Inquisitor!”

This was the most valuable clue at that moment, which excited Ross again.

“Be careful. We must catch the Death Inquisitor!” Roos cautioned Willie.

“Yes, sir!”

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