Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Human Barbeque

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After hanging up the phone, Judy tilted her head.

“Captain, have you found any clues concerning the Death Inquisitor?”

Ross nodded slightly. “How’s the situation on your side? Have you locked on to the other party’s IP?”

Judy frowned, shook her head, and said, “I’ve never seen such a strange program. He hid his IP very well, and he even generated some sort of super virus. Whenever someone tries to crack it or if it detects that it is being traced, the virus will take the initiative to counterattack. If it wasn’t for my quick reaction just now, all the computers in the police station would have been paralyzed!”

Ross gritted his teeth. His face looked gloomy.

“But I’ve already gathered other experts. I don’t believe that ten super hackers can’t take down an IP!” Judy said.

Hearing her say this, Ross’s confidence returned.

With both methods, tonight might be the last night of the Death Inquisitor!

Judy opened a discussion group called the X Alliance. There were a total of ten people in the discussion group, including her.

“We have work to do.” Judy sent this message to her team, and she was surprised when the messages of the other members quickly popped up on her screen.

“Wait a moment, Miss. I’m watching a live broadcast—a live broadcast of death!”

“What a coincidence! I’m watching it too. I’ll contact you after that Morrison dies!”

“So everyone is watching this live broadcast. The streamer really knows how to play. She can play people to death!”

“Can everyone stop talking? Didi, didi, didi! it’s so annoying. Why don’t I just block you all? Everyone wants to watch the live broadcast!”

Judy didn’t know what to say. She didn’t think that everyone would be watching the live broadcast.

“What are you watching? Stop watching! Don’t you have any professionalism? You’re all hackers. Didn’t you think about why this live broadcast room wasn’t blocked?”

“That’s right. Why?”

“The police must have gotten addicted to it and forgot to block it, right?”

Judy fell silent again, wondering if she had entered the wrong discussion group. Were these super hackers? She couldn’t believe they weren’t as smart as she had believed.

“The Death Inquisitor is a super hacker. I tried to hack his livestream room, but I failed. Why don’t we all hack his livestream room together and find out the IP address? Act now and stop talking nonsense!”

“Yes! We’ll do it now!”

The other nine people read Judy’s message. Judy always came across as fierce. They didn’t delay any longer and immediately got to it.

In the live broadcast room, Morrison also began to make his move.

He took off his coat and tried to put out the fire with it. However, when his coat touched the fire column, it immediately burned, scaring Morrison so much that he immediately threw his coat out.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…” Morrison wanted to roar but could only make such a strange sound. Saliva mixed with blood splattered out of his mouth.

Looking at the furious look on his face as he waved his hands, Jack smiled coldly.

In the entire room, other than the ticking of the timer and the burning sound of the flames, only Morrison’s voice could be heard. Seeing that the judge did not respond, Morrison was pulled back to reality.

‘Through the corridor of flames. Complete the task,’ he thought.

Then he could leave alive.

Morrison hammered the wall with his hands and tried to prop himself up against the wall with his hands and legs. However, one of his hands was burnt, and the other leg was broken. It was very difficult for him to do it.

Morrison knew that it was impossible to get out in one piece.

Since things had come to that point, he could only risk it.

Morrison took off his shirt and pants. He used his hands and feet to support himself against the wall and slowly moved to the other side.

Seeing this, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn’t sit still.

“This guy took off his clothes and pants. Isn’t he afraid of being burned?”

“He took off his clothes because he was afraid of being burned. It would be unfortunate if his clothes caught on fire!”

“This scumbag seems to have suddenly become smarter.”

“He is indeed a beast. His physical fitness is not bad. His hands are burnt and his feet are fractured. He can still support himself against the wall just like that.”

“Don’t be anxious. Can’t you see that his body is red? Even if he is fine now, he won’t be able to hold on for long. Also, don’t forget that even if he gets to the door, we can’t really tell when the police will find him. He might not be able to hold on for long!”

“Look! He’s already starting to tremble. He definitely won’t be able to hold on for long!”

“The judge is too good at this game. He’s really roasting the guy. I’m giving him gifts!”

“I’ve never given him gifts before. This is the first time I’ve given one to the judge today!”

All sorts of gifts were being sent over to the judge. Soon, hundreds of thousands of dollars were sent to his account.

Jack nodded indifferently. This time, he estimated that there would be a few thousand dollars in his account.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

Morrison’s strange scream interrupted Jack’s thoughts.

He was facing the side of the flame’s stomach. Although he did not directly come into contact with the flame, the high temperature began to make crackling sounds. His skin gradually began to shrink and crack, rolling to both sides.

Because of the high temperature on his face, his eyebrows and hair began to curl and shorten, and the ends of his hairs began to burn with sparks.

Thirty seconds had passed. In another thirty seconds, his oxygen would be exhausted, and it would be difficult for him to support himself against the wall. So far, he had only moved more than three meters.

Morrison turned to look at the door, which represented his hope of survival.

He did not have much time left. Morrison made up his mind!

He immediately put down his right foot, which was still intact, and stepped on the burning ground!

In an instant, Morrison’s eyes widened due to the pain. His eyes widened so much that people thought his eyes would pop out of their sockets.

He even let out a terrifying and strange cry. Morrison gritted his teeth and crushed them!

The half-meter-high flame burned his calf until it was smoking. His skin was scorched and cracked, and the blood had been burned dry before it could flow out!

Morrison used one of his legs to support himself against the wall. He jumped forward, and every step he took brought excruciating pain to his leg!

“This guy is really ruthless! He just gave up one of his legs!”

“It looks like he doesn’t care about giving up one of his legs. Burning one leg alive is much more terrifying than cutting off one leg!”

“He is indeed a homicidal maniac! He is so ruthless to himself!”

“The judge’s method is still strange. He’s directly barbecuing a human body!”

“Hey, how could you possibly think of barbecuing at this time?”

Meanwhile, in the meeting room of the New York Police Department…

“This guy is so ruthless! How long can he last?”Judy asked in puzzlement.

“Not long. He can collapse at any time. Once he falls, he won’t be able to stand up again!” Ross replied matter-of-factly. He had already encountered a few cases where the victim had been doused in gasoline and burned to death.

“Contact the people outside and tell them to speed up. If they can’t save him now, they can at least catch him as soon as he comes out and send him to the hospital before he dies!” Ross ordered.

“Then he has to be able to come out, “Judy said softly.

Hearing this, Ross glared at Judy fiercely.

“Remember that you are a police officer!”

Judy immediately covered her mouth and didn’t dare to speak anymore. She contacted the team members outside and passed on Ross’s orders.

Then, she and her other nine hacker friends continued to try to hack the judge’s live broadcast room to get the IP address.

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