Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: They Met Again

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At the same time, the media reports and headlines were going wild.

“The Death Judge made another move. Two people died on the spot. Their deaths were tragic!”

“The Whole Process Was a Bloody Live Broadcast. It Was Abnormally Horrifying. Some of the Audience Were Scared To Tears on the Spot.”

“Was It a Serial Killer or a Bloodthirsty Judge? What Is Waiting for the Death Judge? Is It a Trial by Law or the Protection of the People?”

“The Death Judge Has Once Again Set up a Trap and Fooled Everyone!”

“He Has Left a Huge Loophole Three Times. Is the Judge Too Confident or Is It To Humiliate the Victim?”

Even some experts and professors started speaking up and expressing their opinions.

Expert Noel: Who does he think he is? The Death Judge? A death game expert? A psychologist? Neither. He is a murderer, an executioner, and a cold-blooded killer! He is brutal, cruel, and extremely dangerous. We must capture him as soon as possible and ensure the safety and stability of our society! Otherwise, society will not be stable, and the people will not be safe!

As soon as Noel posted this on Twitter, a heated discussion among the netizens started.

“I think that society is very safe. I think you are the one who isn’t safe. You have done a lot of bad things, haven’t you?”

“Your express delivery has arrived. Please sign for the death notice!”

“The Death Inquisitor kills people who deserve to be killed. Don’t tell me you deserve to die too?”

“These so-called experts are talking about things they don’t know anything about. They insist on posting about things that they don’t understand.”

“He’s just a clown who wants to ride on the heat.”

Noel had no idea how many netizens called him out. He ended up deleting his Twitter account in less than half an hour.

People were really hot-headed about the matter, and they weren’t afraid to express their opinions about it.

It was April, and the temperature in New York was already more than ten degrees Celsius. Many vain girls had already put on their short skirts, shorts, and stockings, which were very pleasing to the eyes.

Jack finished his supper and looked at his phone. It was filled with news about his live broadcast. The comments under the news were the same as before. Many people in the comments section were still supportive of him.

Jack certainly didn’t want to become the public’s enemy. It would be hard to move around a city filled with people who loathe and hate you.

Fortunately, everything was under control so far.

He paid the bill and left. Walking alone on the streets with the evening wind blowing, it felt a little different.

As he continued walking, he saw someone familiar up ahead.

It was Kelly! She was the young girl who had a surprisingly high sin value.

When he first saw her, it was very high, though it was not high enough for her to merit execution. She had been marked by Jack.

She was leading a few girls as she pushed another girl into an alley.

“Huh?” Jack frowned and quickly followed behind her.

“I told you to come in. Did you not hear me? Are you not listening to me now, or are you deaf?” Kelly said as she slapped the girl’s face.

The girl in front of Kelly was very beautiful, and she was even taller than Kelly. However, when Kelly slapped her, she did not even resist. She just instinctively dodged it.

“F*ck you, b *tch. I hit you. Why did you dodge?”

Kelly was instantly enraged. She rushed in front of her and slapped her again.


A red handprint was imprinted on the beautiful girl’s fair face.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Kelly slapped the girl again and again. More than ten slaps landed on the girl’s face.

Another girl with Kelly laughed and said, “Take a break. Let me do it!”

“I’ll beat you to death, you little bitch!” another girl said.

“Take off her clothes and take a few photos to send to the school discussion group. Let everyone see how cheap she is. I’ve already thought of the title. ‘This prostitute costs fifty dollars a night,’” Kelly instructed them.

The girl did not resist, but when they were about to take off her clothes, she resisted and grabbed her clothes tightly.

“I’m sorry. Please let me go,” she asked pitifully.

Kelly and the other girls simply laughed.

“Kneel down and kowtow. Lick my feet clean, and I’ll let you go!” Kelly said proudly.

The girl looked helpless and desperate. She did not want to cause trouble. She did not want her family to get into trouble because of her. She had given up her dignity, but did she have to give up her last bit of integrity?

“Little b*tch, you still want to get slapped, right? Kneel down! Do you hear me? !” Kelly scolded her fiercely.

The girl’s tears flowed down.

At this moment, they heard the sound of footsteps coming from the alley.

In the dark alley, there was only a faint light, which made Jack’s face very blurry.

Kelly looked back. This person didn’t say a word and just leaned against the corner of the wall. However, Kelly vaguely felt that this person’s eyes were staring at her in the dark, as if a very cold gaze was fixed on her.

“I said, what are you looking at? This has nothing to do with you. Get lost!” Kelly said.

Kelly saw that the man did not look old. She basically knew all the older people in the vicinity. She had never seen this man before, so she wasn’t afraid of talking back to him.

What she did not know was that she was in big trouble because it was Jack.

He was very unhappy about what he was seeing!

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. How could she be so bold and scold a fellow high school student in front of a grown-up? Other murderous maniacs would only kneel down and beg for mercy when they met him. This girl, however, was proud and bold enough to scold him. Were all high school students nowadays so bold?

Jack didn’t show any emotion at all. He coldly said, “It was none of my business just now, but after you scolded me, it is now my business. Now apologize to me and be more sincere. If you kneel down and lick my shoes clean, I might forgive you!”

Kelly’s other companions were furious and wanted to beat Jack to death!

Kelly was also furious. She actually repeated what he had just said!

“Apologize? F*ck! Who do you think you are? Do you know who I am? Are you f*cking blind? Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. I will find someone to beat you up tonight. Do you believe it?”

The other girl turned to Kelly and said, “Don’t waste your breath on him. Call Ralph and tell him to bring people over!”

Kelly scoffed as she glared at Jack and said, “Kid, if you really have the guts, don’t leave. If you can still stand up later, I’ll kowtow and apologize to you!”

Hearing these high school girls talk, Jack wanted to laugh. If they knew who he was, they would probably be so scared that they would wet their pants.

“I’ll wait,” Jack said coldly.

After saying that, a virtual interface appeared in front of him.


Sin value: 50 (maximum value of 52)

Strength value: 20 (maximum value of 25)


Sin value: 40 (maximum value of 45)

Strength value: 15 (maximum value of 15)


Sin value: 40 (maximum value of 40)

Strength value: 15 (maximum value of 17)


Sin value: 35 (maximum value of 40)

Strength value: 14 (maximum value of 15)


Sin value: 8 (maximum value of 10)

Strength value: 25 (maximum value of 27)

The little girl they were bullying was called Bella. Her strength value was actually the highest among them.

She was the kind who was meek and would allow herself to be bullied.

Jack was a little disappointed about this. He hoped she would resist and fight back somehow. Her combat power was actually the highest. Even if she wasn’t being bullied that way, she had to learn how to demand respect. She could not just let others bully her like that.

However, something strange puzzled Jack. That morning, Kelly’s sin value reached up to 65, but it had already reached the standard of the game. That night, it actually decreased and returned to within 60.

“Interesting,” Jack muttered to himself.

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