Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Live Broadcast of the Trial!

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He abruptly turned his head around.

However, all he could see was that his antique phonograph was turning.

Soon, it started to play. Bowen froze as he listened to what was playing.

“Today, we are going to broadcast a vicious serial rape and murder case. Before the execution, the judge will first comb through the Class A criminal cases that have not been solved in the past ten years. In September 2010, a male high school student in Queens disappeared near the art museum. At that time, everyone thought that he had run away from home, but in fact, he was raped and killed by you. His body was buried near the museum. In April 2012, another female college student at Columbia University disappeared. Her whereabouts are still unknown. After she was imprisoned by you for three months, she was cut into pieces, cooked, and then mixed into street food to be sold. In November 2013, a 22-year-old sex worker walked into your seaside villa and never came out again. After she was tortured by you for a month, she was minced into meat paste and fed to your own wolf-dog. In 2015—”

“Stop talking!” Bowen shrieked.

At that moment, Bowen’s eyes were wide open. People thought they would fall out of their sockets in the next second. He roared like he was going crazy.

“Who are you? How do you know? Even the FBI couldn’t find me! How did you find out? What do you want? Just tell me how much money you want!” he roared angrily.

Bowen’s face was red, and the blood vessels on his neck were bulging. He didn’t look aristocratic at all. Instead, he looked like a wild beast!

However, the more intense his reaction was, the more convinced the viewers were that he was indeed guilty of these vicious acts. More than two million viewers in the live broadcast room were in an uproar.

They had only clicked on it because the title of the video on the homepage piqued their curiosity. They did not expect that things would turn out that way! It was such a sensational revelation!

Immediately, they were all in an uproar.

“D*mn this bastard. Could he really have done it?”

“Look at him. If he didn’t do it, why would he be so agitated?”

“He admitted it himself. The FBI couldn’t solve those crimes, but the host figured it out.”

“I didn’t expect this to be a beast in a suit! Go to hell, you bastard!”

“Please, host, kill him! I’ll give you a reward!”

There were so many comments on the bullet screen.

Meanwhile, the voice on the phonograph continued.

“In July 2015, a homeless man in Brooklyn went missing. Of course, no one cared about his sudden disappearance. Just because you heard that a person’s kidneys can increase your erection time, you tied the man up and threw him into boiling water to be scalded to death. The case is over. Let me introduce today’s torturer, Philemon Bowen. He is a major shareholder of Bowen Petroleum and is one of the most powerful people in America.”

Around this time, people were flooding the bullet screen with vicious comments.

“Go to hell, you bastard!”

“Hurry up and go to hell!”

“Is this true? It’s not a publicity stunt, right?”

“He admitted it himself. If this was an act, his acting skills would be comparable to Lewis’s!”

Bowen listened to Jack’s story and opened a bottle of mineral water to take a big gulp. He forced himself to calm down. His eyes were filled with ferocity. He was so angry. He was thinking of punishing whoever was behind this stunt. He was determined to make them regret coming to this world!

“Torturer, my trial is a game. If you win, you can survive,” the Death Judge said.

“I won’t play any games with you. Just tell me what you want. I can give you everything you want!” Bowen roared.

Hearing this, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn’t take it anymore. They were enraged again.

“How can you still drink water! Why don’t you choke to death!”

“Please don’t agree to this, host. You must kill him!”

“Didn’t the host call himself ‘The Judge’? Since he called himself that, then let’s have a fair trial. Don’t accept his bribes!”

“Right! Judge, you must judge him. You must not let such a devil go!”

“You have already given him a reward, judge. Such a beast must not be allowed to live!”

The comments section was flooded with such messages.

“My game is not something you can reject just because you want to. You cannot bribe me,” Jack said.

After a short pause, he continued, “The water you drank just now was laced with poison. If you don’t seek medical treatment in time, your muscles will dissolve, causing your heart to stop working, and you will die from cardiac arrest. Before you die, your muscles will slowly dissolve. It will cause you to be in so much pain that you would rather die. However, the antidote to this poison is very common. Any hospital can save your life. Now, the entire building has been sealed off. There is no one here except you and your son, Little Bowen. When you committed these crimes, Little Bowen helped you a lot. He is now in the room next door. There is an iron box in the room, and there is a knife in the iron box. The key to the main door of the building is in Little Bowen’s intestines. By the way, based on how much you drank just now, you still have thirty minutes left.”

Originally, Bowen thought that what was playing on the phonograph and the stereo was a recording, but now that Jack had rejected his bribe, it was obvious that he was talking to him. He did not know how the judge did it, but all these strange and illogical events convinced him that it was not a game. He had to take it seriously.

Bowen trembled as he pushed open the door of the next room. Sure enough, Little Bowen was lying on the carpet. Beside him was a shoebox-sized iron box with a hole through which his hand could fit.

“Well done, Judge!”

“This bastard father-and-son duo should go to hell!”

“How did the judge calculate that Bowen would drink water? This is too amazing!”

The audience in the live broadcast room erupted in cheers again as they listened to Jack’s “game.”

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