Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Suicide by Jumping off a Building

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It was late at night, but in the darkness, in “the city that never sleeps,” all sorts of voices mixed together to cultivate evil.

Early that morning, as the sun rose, a scream shattered this beautiful and harmonious scene.

It all happened at Winston High School.

Linda, now 15, had jumped off a building and killed herself, right above the school’s teaching building.

What had been an originally peaceful campus suddenly became an eerie and haunting place.

Following that, the media started the first round of reports.

“Winston High School Student Committed Suicide by Jumping off a Building!”

“The School Said That They Are Willing To Actively Cooperate With the Family Members To Handle the Funeral!”

“The Family Members Said That the Student Could Not Have Committed Suicide. The Child Had Always Been Very Obedient!”

“According To Rumors, There Has Always Been a School Violence Incident at Winston High School!”

“According To the Investigation, This Is Not the First Student Suicide Incident at Winston High School!”

“What on Earth Is the Management of Winston High School Doing? Why Can’t They Protect the Children?”

The headlines were filled with articles discussing this piece of alarming news. Seeing a young and lively student leave just like that, the netizens commented one after another, offering all sorts of regrets and blessings.

However, at noon that same day, the matter suddenly took a turn. The media’s second round of reports came out.

“According To Classmates of the Deceased, She Had Been Humiliated and Beaten by Several Students in the School Before Her Death!”

“The Hidden Story Behind the Suicide—How Many Lives Have Already Been Destroyed by Such Violent Cases?”

“Why Has Winston High School’s Teacher Been Ignoring This Case?”

“Exclusive! Parents of the Students Who Insulted and Beat up the Deceased Are All Connected To the Government!”

After this round of reports was published, the netizens were immediately infuriated. In recent years, there had been many popular cases of school violence. This is an issue that has been infuriating citizens for a long time already. They wanted nothing more than to sentence these little bullies to death. After all, many netizens had also experienced being bullied when they themselves were in school.

Many netizens also discovered that their comments in these posts had been deleted. There was also an article that had been deleted after it became very controversial. This made many netizens even angrier.

“F*ck! Investigate! We must investigate!”

“It’s the same thing again. I’m so angry. If it was my daughter, I would have killed them all!”

“Me too. These children are too crazy. The law needs to be changed. If it’s not changed, it’s like we are allowing these scumbags to continue their crimes!”

“You know too much!”

“I’m from Winston High School. The students who bully her have backgrounds, okay? The worst are the teachers’ children!”

“Is what the poster said true? What’s the specific situation? Why did the poster delete the comments?”

“It’s over, it’s over! The person who commented just now was silenced!”

“There’s a news article that also said that the parents of the students who bullied Linda have government backgrounds. I was just about to click on it to take a look when I realized that the news article had been deleted!”

“I saw that news article! I even took a screenshot of it and sent it out for you to see. You can also save it!”

“Where are the two comments above? How did they disappear so quickly? I haven’t even seen the pictures yet!”

In an instant, the news spread very widely on the Internet. Twitter, Facebook, and even ProHub, directly overshadowed the “Live Broadcast of Death.”

Very soon, Anthony from the Special Operations Bureau brought people to the school to collect evidence and to obtain surveillance footage. After some investigation, they left Winston High School.

It was close to evening. The New York Police Department held a press conference and reported in detail whether Linda had been bullied by her classmates and whether she had been beaten and humiliated prior to her death. The report said that after Linda’s classmates were interrogated, it was found that Linda had not been bullied.

It was also said that they had not heard of Linda being charged protection fees.

Just like that, with the release of the press release, the emotions of the netizens were also somewhat appeased.

However, it was still quite suspicious.

What is the probability of a student going to school early in the morning to just jump off the building?

Psychologically speaking, people who commit suicide choose to do so at night, because the darkness is a kind of protection for them. They are most unlikely to do so in broad daylight because the human mind is relatively most sober in the morning.

Of course, this was only a probability and could not be used as a basis for a direct judgment.

After completing the handover at the same time, Jack directly chose to walk home. The residential area he rented was only five to six kilometers away from the Empire State Building. This distance was not very far for him, so he usually walked home directly.

“Hey, handsome!”

Jack turned around and saw that it was Aisha again. She was staring at him with her big eyes.

“Here’s your fifty yuan. Someone jumped off a building in our school today. Mom told me to go back early and not talk to you anymore,” Aisha said.

‘She is also from Winston High School? She looks like a primary school student,’ Jack thought. Jack suddenly thought of something. He put his hands in his pockets and did not take the money.

Calmly, he said, “It is very unlikely that a primary school student would jump off a building because of heartbreak or a psychological problem. She must have known the consequences of her doing so. Who knows how many people were hurt by what she did?”

Aisha rolled her eyes and said, “What primary school student? She’s a high school student!”! Besides, who knows if she committed suicide? Her parents are workers from other countries. She was often bullied in school. Once, she was surrounded by a few school thugs, and I was the one who saved her.”

“You?” Jack asked.

“It wasn’t me. Could it have been you?” Aisha pouted.

Jack smiled and said, “You’re just a little high school student. How old are you? You can’t possibly be a gangster. Don’t you all listen to your mother and just focus on studying hard?”

“Handsome, you’re too outdated. We high school students are very unique. Kelly from last night was actually nothing compared to the real gangsters in our school. They are worse. There’s the daughter of the principal, the son of the district head, and lastly, the son of a teacher. Whoever provoked them would have a very difficult time in school. Do you find that hard to believe?”

“They are so powerful, you say? Why do you still go around saving those they bully? Aren’t you afraid of provoking them?”

“Hmph. I’m not afraid of them!” Aisha scoffed.

“All right. Stop bragging and go home quickly.” After Jack said that, he left with a cold expression.

Looking at his handsome and cool back, Aisha waved her small hand and said, “Hey, your money! What’s your name?”

Jack had gotten everything he wanted to know, and he couldn’t be bothered with her anymore.

After making sure Aisha didn’t follow him, Jack took out his phone and searched for these keywords: Winston High School gangsters. He really found a lot of them.

He found a few articles and found that Linda didn’t commit suicide. in fact, she was pushed by someone else.

But when Jack opened the link to read the rest of the article, the post had already been deleted.

After searching and checking, Jack put down his phone, his eyes showing some coldness and cruelty.

He had already heard of the child protection law.

However, in Jack’s live broadcast room, there was no age limit!

“Winston High School hooligans, will you be the next batch to join me in the live broadcast room?” Jack revealed a faint sneer. In the crowded crowd, he was like a bloodthirsty hunter. He was already starting to get excited.

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