Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: A Call From a High-Ranking Official

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“I’m not playing any games with you. I want to go home.”

“Release me quickly, or I’ll call the police!”

“My father knows the police chief. Release me. Release me now! Otherwise, you’re dead!”

“I’m really a good student. I’ve never bullied anyone before. Please release me!”

“How about this? If you release us, you can pick any little girls in school. I guarantee they’ll all be virgins!”

The cold smile on Jack’s face suddenly disappeared. His expression became even more terrifying, especially his eyes. They were so gloomy that they were like two sharp knives.

‘Hmph! Childish brats! Do you think this is a playground?’ Jack thought.

Jack realized that these four guys were indeed very immature. Even when they were on the edge of death, they were still trying to negotiate by offering to do the very thing that brought them there in the first place! But this time, they were wrong. There was no law protecting minors there. There were only games, executions, fresh blood, and death. And now, he was already very eager to see fresh blood!

“When you bully others, you are more perverted than anyone else. When you are childish, you are more childish than anyone else. Ever since you were born, you have been more noble than others. Youdon’t really care about other people. You don’t even care about the law. You are despicable and shameless. You bully your classmates so you have a psychological leverage. But today, you will be tested by death. “Now, the four of you have the same goal—to live. However, there is a miniature bomb placed in the collar around your neck. There is a password made up of four numbers on the collar. Every time you pass a level, you will be given a number. Enter the number from left to right. If all four numbers are correct, the circuit will be disconnected, and you will be able to live. Otherwise, the circuit and the time will be up, and your entire head will explode. Not even a pile of meat paste will be left. The entire game time limit is thirty minutes. In this classroom, you will need to find two numbers and fill them in according to the correct game steps. Now, as you can see, a steel rope has passed through the collar device on your neck. If one side is stretched, the other three will be shortened. If the rope is completely pulled tight, you will be sucked into the harvester behind you. You will become a pile of minced meat and bones, like a pig in a slaughterhouse. The only way to remove the rope is to use the key in the glass box. They are placed on the pedestal in front of you. However, if one of you moves to retrieve the key, all of your 60-second timers will be activated. When the time is up, the rope will be retrieved. In this situation, your instincts will drive you to take action. However, I hope that you will take the opposite action. Now, let the game begin!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the huge harvester started to spin with a rumble. Because it was too fast, the rows of steel knives on it could no longer be seen clearly by the naked eye. However, the wind brought by the high-speed rotation of the harvester blew in all directions, causing the suspects to tremble continuously, and they subconsciously retreated.

At this moment, a small red light on the collars around their necks started to flash non-stop. In addition, a timer sounded above their heads. The countdown was ten minutes. Beside the timer was a homemade bomb. The bottle was filled with steel nails. It was easy to imagine that once the bomb exploded, the steel nails would shoot out at high speed. They could even pierce through a human body.

If they were hit by such an explosion, no one would be able to survive!

Seeing this, the netizens could not help but start discussing.

“F*ck! When that harvester turned, it gave me a fright. It was too scary. However, I really want to see what it would be like if those guys were dragged up. It must be very exciting!”

“I really don’t understand what the judge is thinking. Anyway, I just feel that there’s a hidden danger in here!”

“Don’t think about it. With our IQ, we can only watch. I don’t care about anything else. Anyway, I’ll be happy as long as the judge kills those little bastards!”

“I feel like the judge is reminding them not to take the key, but how are they going to survive if they don’t take the key? That’s strange.”

“Me too. I can’t figure it out. With the judge’s IQ, it would be a waste not to do this!”

“I feel that this will be more exciting than before. This time, the device is very direct. It directly shatters people into pieces!”

While the netizens were discussing on the bullet screen, all the members of Task Force Zero were also staring at the big screen. After waiting for a few days for the live broadcast, it finally came.

“As expected, the live broadcast has started again. This guy is really confident!”

“I have to say it. These little bastards really deserve to die! They actually harmed so many people! So many families!” Willy sighed and said what he was thinking.

Judy also said, “Yeah, these students are abnormal. They are simply crazy. I’m so angry! They really deserve to be killed!”

Ross glanced at the two of them and said, “Don’t forget your identities. Are you supposed to say such things? Even if they deserve to be killed, it’s not the Death Inquisitor’s right to kill them!”

“Okay. Is it useful to say these things now? This time, the live broadcast location is in a classroom. It’s more targeted. Let’s hurry up and find the live broadcast location!” Monica said.

Ross nodded in agreement and then distributed the tasks.

At this moment, Chief Superintendent Terrence’s heart was also breaking down. His phone was already ringing off the hook.

“Chief Superintendent Terrence, I beg you. Please save my daughter, Chris. I only have one daughter. Ever since she was a child, she has been obedient. She has been an adorable daughter. How could she do such a thing? This Death Inquisitor is a perverted murderer. He must be lying. You must save my daughter.”

“Don’t worry, Principal. We have already set up a special task force and are doing our best to rescue…”

Terrence comforted him for a while. Just as he hung up, another call came in.

“Chief Inspector Terrence, I am Chapman’s father, Donald. My son is the best student in the school. He is the best person. He wouldn’t even dare to step on an ant. Now, he is actually captured by that damn Death Inquisitor. He is a perverted murderer. I beg you to please save my son. I am counting on him to inherit my political legacy.”

“Mayor Donald, don’t worry. We will do our best to organize the rescue. Your son will be fine!”

After that, there was another one. The director, teachers, and even the governor and the senator all called. Terrence felt that the pressure was too great.

He had no idea who was telling the truth.

However, Linda’s case had been investigated by Anthony, and the conclusion was suicide.

If what the Death Inquisitor had said was true, then they would be held responsible, and the national press, and the eyes of the American people, would be on them, and those children would lose their dignity.

‘Anthony, you bastard! You’re going to get me killed!’ Terrence thought as he pondered on the possible consequences.

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