Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Internal Strife

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The outside world was in chaos, and the news media rushed into the New York police station as fast as they could.

After all, the press conference had only been held for two days, and the investigation had revealed that Linda had committed suicide. Now, it had turned into a murder. The amount of information was too much, and no media would let go of this big news.

“Officer, can you answer a question?”

“For now, I won’t answer any questions. For those who ask questions, wait until the death broadcast is over! Right now, we’re all busy looking for the Death Judge!”

“Why did the press conference say that Linda had committed suicide? What do the police think about the judge’s revelation today?”

“For now, I won’t answer any questions! Please leave and don’t disrupt our investigation!”

After the reporters were chased out of the police station, no one left. All of them stood guard at the entrance of the police station and watched the death broadcast. When the broadcast ended, they would receive the information as soon as possible.

While the outside world went crazy, the anger in the live broadcast room was somewhat suppressed. The four of them looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

“What do we do now? Say something! I don’t want to die.” Chris started crying again.

Chapman’s face was full of fear. He swallowed hard and looked at the pedestal not far away. There was a transparent glass box on it, and the key was placed inside. As long as he walked up, he could get it easily.

“I don’t know if you will die today, but I won’t die!” Chapman said. He was determined to get the key.

“Chapman, don’t move yet. Didn’t he say not to trust your instincts? Didn’t he mean not to get the key?” Bronte said as he thought of something.

Grant said, “Are you f*cking stupid? If you don’t get the key, are you waiting to die here? Maybe you want to die, but I don’t! There are a lot of things that I haven’t done yet! My family is so rich, and I haven’t even enjoyed life yet! I can’t die!”

“Look at this! Maybe we can try to turn off this machine!” Bronte said.

The three of them looked over and saw that the harvester was more than ten centimeters above the ground. There were four very small and exquisite steel devices under it. There was a steel pen knife inside. The steel ring outside continued to rotate, and they noticed that the speed was not very fast. However, the blades looked unusually sharp.

At the other end of the device, there were blood grooves, which led to a circular plastic bowl. At the bottom of the plastic bowl was a horizontal rod. The horizontal rod was near the small bowl that was fixed on a bracket, like a scale. At the other end of the horizontal rod was a thick circular iron device. At this moment, the circular iron piece, because of its weight, fell on the bottom plate, connecting two wires that have previously been disconnected.

“If that round piece of iron can be lifted up, the circuit might be broken,” said Chris.

“So what if it’s broken? Then what? Can you take the chain off?”

“This device is very obvious. If you want the round piece of iron to be lifted up, you have to fill the small bowl at the other end with something. What do you think it is?” Chapman snorted.

“F*ck! He designed it this way. Don’t tell me he wants us to put our fingers in and then peel off the flesh on our fingers to fill the small bowl?”

Chapman seemed to be a little impatient. “No matter what you think, I won’t put my fingers in! If any of you are willing to sacrifice a finger for me, I won’t object!”

Chris, Bronte, and Grant all stopped talking. Their hands hurt just looking at the contraption. If they were to put their finger in there, it would hurt like hell.

Two minutes had passed like lightning. Chapman could not wait any longer. He did not want to sit there and wait for death. Among the four of them, he was the leader. Moreover, he was stronger than everyone else. He could easily get the key. Since that was the case, why not take it? What did it have to do with him whether the three of them ended up alive or dead?

As Chapman was thinking, Grant took the initiative to act.

He walked forward. Just as he stepped out, he tripped on a steel wire. The 60-second timer immediately started ticking.

Like a death clock, the nerves of the other three instantly tensed up.

“F*ck your mother!”

Chapman’s eyes were red. He did not make a move, but Grant actually made a move first. As he took a step forward, he took a step back. The cold wind from the harvester blew on his body. With a tremble, Chapman was so scared that he even peed himself.

Chapman then charged forward. Grant, who was behind him, was yanked and fell down with a thud.

Seeing that both of them were charging forward, Clarice and Bronte also ran towards their respective glass boxes.

For a moment, Grant’s rope became the shortest one, and the harvester behind him spun with a rumble.

“F*ck! Damn it!”

Grant quickly got up and charged forward again.

The four of them started to compete in strength in four different directions.

Chapman was the strongest, moving forward little by little. “F*ck you! You want to kill me? Let’s see who dies first!”

“Ah! I’ll fight it out with you!” Bronte shouted and rushed forward with all his might. However, the pulling force behind him was too great, and he could not move at all.

Chapman was the first to rush to the glass box on the table. Looking at the key that was about to be in his hands, a kind of victory and a kind of joy flashed across his face.

“You sons of b*tches, you still want to snatch it from me?”

Chapman immediately reached his hand into the glass box, but the moment his hand reached for the key, his fingers went numb, and he felt as if he was electrocuted. Then, a large iron claw that looked like a doll-grabbing machine suddenly popped out from the bottom of the glass box. It was covered with sharp barbs. The iron claw directly grabbed Chapman’s hand, and those barbs instantly pierced into his flesh.


Chapman let out a blood-curdling scream. It was already impossible for him to retract his hand. The barbs bit down hard on his flesh. If he were to use force, a layer of his flesh would probably be torn off!

“F*ck you! Ahhh! My hand!”

In the live broadcast room, Chapman cried out in pain.

Seeing this, the viewers in front of the screen were all happy.

“Hahaha! As expected, there’s hidden danger again. I’m relieved now!”

“This bastard’s cry is really unpleasant. There’s still 50 seconds left. The most exciting part is coming! Why am I suddenly so excited?”

“Who says so? I just opened a bottle of beer and am ready to drink! Anyone want to join me?”

“Hey, friends, let’s drink together!”

“What’s the rush? We can celebrate when they’re dead!”

“If you guys drink now, won’t you all vomit later?”

“If you didn’t mention it, I would have forgotten. I just ate. Do you still want to watch?”

“I want to watch anyway. After I watch, I can have another meal. If I don’t watch the live broadcast, it’ll be over before we know it!”

“Me too! isn’t it just vomiting? What’s there to be afraid of? It’s not like I’ve never vomited while drinking!”

“I’m done watching. I don’t believe that you guys can still eat! Look at the equipment today. In the end, it will definitely be a pile of minced meat again!”

The bullet comments were boiling. All of them supported the judge.

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